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About Me

A hollow voice says, "Ah ah ah, you didn't say the magic word!"


In Somnium Stella Progress:


DEMO?: |████░| Mostly done, I suppose.


MAP01: |█████| Done!

MAP02: |░░░░░| Needs resources made.

MAP03: |█████| Done!

MAP04: |█░░░░| Started!

MAP05: |░░░░░| Needs resources made.

MAP06: |░░░░░| Just needs to be planned out?

MAP07: |░░░░░| Needs to be planned out and some textures need to be made.

MAP08: |░░░░░| Needs to be planned out, textures gathered and have the boss sprites and dehacked implemented.

MAP09: |███░░| Only the base room is done.

MAP__: |░░░░░| Needs to be planned out.

MAP░░: |█░░░░| More or less ready to start over.

MAP▒▒: |░░░░░| Needs to be planned out.

MAP▓▓: |░░░░░| Might be ready to start.

MAP██: |░░░░░| Needs its own resources.


Currently: Gone. Pursuing IRL career now.