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  1. Xyzzy01

    Which game's soundtrack is your favorite?

  2. ROFL nice santa hat! :D

    1. antares031


      Hehe, thanks. :blue_heart:

    2. Xyzzy01
  3. Ambience, Caught in The Shadows, Evil Incarcerated in D2INO, Vinefort and his MIDI rendition of "Crush" by Pendulum for me.
  4. Every map I've done has been with a touchpad. I think about the only thing I changed from the default control setup in DB2 and GZDB was the button to go into 3D mode, unless it was always W.
  5. Xyzzy01

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Taking a trip down memory lane looking at photos of myself as a kid triggered a couple memories from the inner recesses of my mind that I thought I'd share here :D I used to draw loads of these "doom mazes" as I now call them in elementary school. Like these weren't standard labyrinths in paper; they almost looked like they could be legit map layouts in doom, complete with colored keys and lines for locked doors. I even made par times for these mazes WTF. I managed to get my friends to go through some of them lol. I remember at one point I even had nukage cover parts of some mazes that "damage" players of they run into them and drew little medikits and stimpacks in places to recover health. I'm not kidding. Worse part, poor little me was so influenced by Doom and Wolfenstein 3D that I also recall gratuitously drawing pentagrams and swastikas, to represent teleporters or the start or end of the "doom mazes". I didn't know any better! Thank goodness one of my friends pointed out what was wrong, and I stopped doing that before any teachers saw. XD The other childhood memory of mine (also happened while I was in grade school) isn't as elaborate as above, but I once drew the ending scene of Doom on paper, in the classroom where everyone can see! After what I think was months of being haunted by that image of the bunny's head on a spike in front of a burning city after beating Doom for the first time, I... guess I tried to get it out of my head by drawing it from memory in class? It was probably a pretty damn accurate/detailed drawing, since the only time I looked up from the paper was when I was done, and when I did I saw all the classmates that sat immediately around me had looks that seem to be of shock and awe. Now I was the type of kid to be scared shitless of even thinking about getting into trouble, so upon realising what I had just done, I panicked, crumpled up my paper and threw it away immediately, never to be seen by anybody again. Ah, good times... jeez, to think that a game that bearly scarred me is still one of my all time favorites.
  6. Xyzzy01

    Seeing Blue - Single Map! v1B

    I approve of this as well.
  7. Xyzzy01

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Payback Time MAP07 UV-Max in 2:19 pbtime7-UV-219.zip
  8. Session 37 MAP03 UV-Max in 0:43 aby3703-043.zip
  9. Sometime ago I stumbled across a thread with a few colored testing textures I liked, including a SUPPORT3-styled one. It wasn't BLANK-TX nor the development texture pack on Realm667; the textures I'm looking for had the size of each one displayed on them e.g. 64x128. I for the life of me can't find them anymore. Can anyone else get them for me? It would be much appreciated!
  10. Xyzzy01


  11. I still enjoy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! <3

    1. YukiRaven
    2. Delete


      It’s always a good time for peanut butter jelly time.

    3. Xyzzy01
  12. Xyzzy01

    Getting Lost in Doom

    EDIT: Nevermind, you already do that :P how about "show trigger lines" (am_showtriggerlines 1 or 2 in the console) in gzdoom?
  13. Xyzzy01

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Enemy pigs can't telefrag you in Hexen.
  14. Heh, that also explains why I'm crying in my portrait in the credits map; I made this nice puzzle to get what used to be a BFG where the chainsaw is in MAP05 only to find out later that it is useless due to the death exits rule :P
  15. I don't really know if any of these can be considered "beautiful" to me but there's definitely some notable and interesting ones for me. Welp, here goes nothin'! Here's my most recent map; I put the rest of the layouts I wanna show in the spoiler but this right here seems to be my most "conventional" map for Doom so far:
  16. Xyzzy01

    Favorite thing about the Doom games?

    Welcome to Doomworld! My favorite thing about Doom? Monster infighting. Watching the enemies tear into each other and blow each other apart is always so entertaining...