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  1. Xyzzy01


    casual uv-max, good map.
  2. Xyzzy01

    Somnia Super Stella: Mapping Once In A While

    Congrats on experiencing the first of several dreams I'm looking to recreate someday soon! From the looks of it, it seems you got through quite nicely, the map wasn't too cryptic and had some feeling of mystique to it which is good c: There are indeed five bullet clips. There is one that isn't in plain sight which I'm guess is the one you didn't find. It's
  3. Context. This was started seven years ago, before I even registered an account on this site... ...but totally forgotten until early 2019 or so, when I was fresh outta Refracted Reality and gained a newfound mapping prowess from it. Oh well. I guess WADs like Axolotl and Xerxesia had to crawl and walk, respectively, so this project could run. Somnia Super Stella is a work-in-progress set of MBF21 maps based on several dreams I've had while sleeping. There is only one map available so far, I plan on rereleasing this WAD with more levels, in order of map slot... Whenever I, y'know, actually get around to making them these days. Obligatory screenshots for pizzazz: ...Oh wait, I forgot to convert Real Life to Doom Format, here: Much better. This was tested only in DSDA-Doom. I'm willing to bet it works fine in other ports, maybe. Downlobe.
  4. Xyzzy01

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Thousand yard stare, this one.
  5. Xyzzy01

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    You're still a planet to me <3
  6. Xyzzy01

    RK Heretex, a small texture pack for Heretic

    At long last, CHAINMOO!
  7. Here's this ingenious modification by rd:
  8. Xyzzy01

    [Boom/Final]Disorder - A Challenging 10-Map Episode

    Probably this: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Hitscan_attacks_hit_invisible_barriers_in_large_open_areas
  9. Xyzzy01

    Somnia Super Stella: Mapping Once In A While

    It's really just MAP07 of Axolotl that has given a lot of people trouble, mainly for how close to you it spawns in revenants you can barely hear coming and how you're basically a one-hit-point wonder there because of its gimmick. The rest of that WAD is pretty easy and/or are earlier versions of what you've played in Xerxesia c:
  10. Really, it's hurting my soul that this isn't out faster both because of my procrastination and real life.
  11. Xyzzy01

    Somnia Super Stella: Mapping Once In A While

    To get to the end, you'll need at least three bullet clips, so once you have gotten one you're done with the wing it was in. In the case of that one wing, one of those switches simply I'm glad to hear you've been finding your way through this map and enjoyed its backstory! I was hoping to capture a more adventurous feel to this map (and future ones for this set) to the purely action-oriented maps found in my other set, Xerxesia.
  12. Holy shit. 10/10, gold star, every olympic medal!
  13. Xyzzy01

    Map freaking out in UDB

    Yeah, UDB seems to fuck up sectors in that specific situation. Here's a wad where I replicate this bug in a super-simplistic way. Try moving the isolated sector at the bottom left; the upper "building" gets joined with the larger sector surrounding it. Remove the connecting linedef first then move the sector and it works as normal. wtfsectorjoin.zip A solution if for some reason you want to keep that line without UBD faffing with sectors is to press the highlighted button, then move the sector.
  14. Xyzzy01

    The Power Rankings: TNT: Evilution

    This pleases the baron who owns the den.
  15. You can achieve rocket drops by swapping the initial frame and ID number of the bullet clip and rocket. The catch is that this will affect zombiemen. I'm not at my laptop right now so I can't test to see if you can do the same with an ID for a thing that doesn't exist (or rather, a thing whose initial frame is 0). Alternatively, swap the SS dude with either the chaingunner or shotgunner wholesale in the Things window so he technically drops a different thing from the zombieman. EDIT: This is all assuming vanilla DeHackEd of course, not extended.
  16. Xyzzy01


  17. Xyzzy01

    Which Doom creators do you appreciate this year?

    Huh, it still feels surreal getting mentioned in this kind of thread. I suppose it only makes sense to reciprocate the love! apologies in advance for the pings I'd like to thank demo creators: @Maribo@David Asaad@akolai@El juancho@General Roasterock@scuffed@4shockblast@Meowgi@Gosu_Noob@mhrz @Pseudonaut@Daerik@Vile@Kinetic@Lucky_Edie and all other peeps who have played my maps; it's always a morale booster seeing anything from a table filler to a new grinded out record on my work! Also shout outs to speedrunners in general, especially the ones that demo the maps that I wanted to "experience" in a reasonably short amount of time as I don't have all the time in the world to play through every WAD myself. I'd also like to thank peeps like the DWMegawad Club, streamers and youtubers writing reviews, recording playthroughs and giving feedback on my work, whether positive or negative. Either help me to see what sticks or went wrong and subsequently improve on for a possible future iteration. In addition to these peeps @Dragonfly@antares031@Nefelibeta@Redead-ITA@Bytefyre and the above mentioned people, I'd like to thank everyone else who produce good vibes; those who generally have been welcoming, kind and patient with me in this community, even when my banter isn't the best or taken as such. I'm still improving my communication skills and figuring out how to best express how I feel c: Looking back to when I started being a "Doom creator" myself, I recall never thinking I would be motivated and passionate enough to still be doing it today. If I've ever been a source of inspiration or fun goofy content that you really wish to see more of, then I've achieved all I ever could've hoped here. So, once more for all reading this:
  18. Name: I Dare You To Fuckin' Try Bitch! Music: D_RUSTED.mid by Xaser, The Conquerer Made in MBF21, tested in DSDA-Doom and GZDoom (sorry, 33% maximum!) IDAREYOU.zip Here's to another good year! c:
  19. Points for using emojis tbh.
  20. The intermission pic for the third comp is a PNG, causing DSDA-Doom to bomb out upon exiting any map. ...plus I think I should've edited my own map in the end if only because the nodebuilder that was used here messed up some of my poor platforms D: Here's an UnARSEtorized BUTTfix (TM) from me, heh: ASS69-3.zip
  21. Xerxesia has been described as "every single map is creative and unique"; I recommend playing it on skill 2 (HNTR). About a quarter of the maps have monster counts above 100, but they go by pretty quickly; only two maps in the entire set last longer than ten minutes IGT. The only caveat is that it is not very port-compatible, intended for DSDA-Doom versions 0.23.0 and 0.25 (which may come out very soon!) or the Eternity Engine. I have made a bugfixed version for DSDA-Doom 0.24.3 here. - Also, try UnAligned and UnNecessary for a similar deal.
  22. You have veen visited by the chill capybara.


    He grants you aeons free of stress!

  23. Xyzzy01

    Xerxesia Demos [-complevel 21]

    That infighting rocket KEKW Everyone has their own approach to this map I swear...