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  1. Shortcut to atmosphere: crank up the fade!
  2. If you're using UDMF, triangular sectors can have their verticies easily dragged up and down to form natural sloped landscapes. At the edges of your cave, draw a border sector about 64 units wide, and criss cross it with zig-zag lines, creating a series of triangular sectors. Grab the floor verticies closest to the wall of each and roll them up a few notches, and the ceiling ones down. The map format will automatically slope the sectors to match. Do that all the way along and voila: natural walls.
  3. 20 minutes for the whole map? It takes me that long to pick what textures to use in the first room!
  4. Yeah, I was annoyed enough about this that I didn't watch the video yet!
  5. I personally use "Doom", which if I recall is a little darker and higher contrast than Standard. No idea what the consensus is though.
  6. I've always wondered what it'd be like to fight those enemies using that gun. Especially the one with the cyber arm.
  7. @KevvyLava PRBoom+ is the source port of choice for most "purist" players on the forums. It emulates the feel of vanilla Doom to a decent extent (while still adding a few improvements) and crucially supports strong demo compatibility. As such, lots of people here want to use it wherever they can, especially for a wad such as yours that doesn't seem to use many of GZDoom's advanced features. GZDoom isn't exactly looked down on, but it's moved so far on from the original engine some people just don't like it. So they can get a little unhappy if they see a wad that looks like it could be nearly PRBoom+ compatible but then isn't due to a few small things.
  8. That's impressive work! I'd love to see just how many 3D control sectors you needed to get it right.
  9. Can someone explain the whole waifu thing to me? Does it just mean "anime girl that I fancy"? I see it everywhere these days and have never really understood if it has any subtle connotations or not.
  10. If I remember correctly, there were a few Hell setpieces that were models you could slap into your map as creating them in the mapping tool would have taken far too long.
  11. There was a thread about this a while back. Basically here reason was simple: she's not a particularly amazing Doom player, and her objective is not to show you how to beat the wad, it's simply to give a quick demo of what the wad is like. She figured it was better to cheat and blast through it than upload an hour of her dying endlessly and not making any progress. Whether you agree with her or not is a totally different question of course!
  12. It'd be fun to play a ZDoom map using those skies with the outdoor light tinted blue/green (as it would be in real life).
  13. Blue is very underrepresented in the default Doom palette even more than the textures. I think it's why we are drawn to it so much because it was so rare in the original WADs.
  14. In the map I created for DWMP2017, there's a bit near the end where I teleport in a series of demons in front of the player in a wide corridor, one after another (about a second apart). Every single demon, upon teleporting in, turns to the player's left, marches about two meters to the side, before turning the face the player and advancing as per normal. Every time I've played the map, I've always wondered why they do that.
  15. Infernal Sky was the third of the 1990s books. I've not read it, but I understand it's... poor.