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  1. Glad to hear you got it sorted! GZDB is based on DB2, so whatever problem it was presumably it was fixed in the continued development of GZDB. It's why most people here would recommend GZDB anyway: it's still in active development, so bugs have a chance of being fixed. DB2 is a closed piece of software.
  2. I think the argument on saves vs. resurrection comes down to whether the viewer is there to see a player use skill to beat a map, or whether they're there to see what the map is like. If the player is recording to show off how to beat a map, saves all the way. If they're there just to give a demonstration of the map, resurrections work nicely.
  3. This exactly. If she's showcasing maps then I'd far rather she uses resurrect like and champ and we actually get to see the map than watching her die on repeat a hundred times. I've watched people play my maps who don't save enough, inevitably die, and then quit because they can't be bothered to replay. I'd far rather they just hit resurrect and carried on than quit altogether.
  4. Have you set them up with tags properly? If you aren't using tags ZDoom will "guess" you mean the effect the sector the line backs onto, but vanilla Doom doesn't do that for anything other than Door actions. You need to give everything a tag.
  5. @Phade102The original question wasn't why mappers avoid it, but why other source ports like PRBoom+ avoid it. Although with a bit of luck, hopefully they won't for much longer.
  6. Windows 7 for me. It just feels nice to use - all the modern features I've come to rely on (Windows Snap is a personal favorite) but isn't bogged down by extra gumf. I'm no power-user though, that's for sure. Absolutely hated Windows 8/8.1 though, what a pile of garbage that was. I don't mind Windows 10, I've got one of those Start Menu programs that changes the Start Menu back to the Windows 7 design and that's kind of enough for me. I find its slightly schizophrenic personality between the old design and the new rather grating (who needs two Control Panels?) and the endless updates piss me off, but generally it seems to work ok, and it's damn fast to boot up. Completely agree. I had Windows Me on a PC around 2000 or so for a few years, and it ran fine. In fact it introduced some good features, like System Restore. It wasn't until a few years ago that I discovered everyone else disliked it.
  7. I'm in the Pro-Baron camp, but only when used well. A Baron in an empty room is always a waste of time, but I've always liked the fact that if you encounter a horde of mid and low tier enemies with one Baron at the back, the Baron always tends to be the last monster standing. It gives it a real sense of strength. On topic: Levels where it's unclear where you need to go next I hate. They can still be sprawling and non-linear, but you should always be able to look at a map and go "oh, I've not been there yet!" see where to go next. If the entire map is filled in and there aren't any obvious switches you haven't flicked or doors you haven't opened, then that's a problem. I got completely stuck on Sunday map 7 the other week for exactly this reason. Ended up quitting the wad completely I was so annoyed with it.
  8. I like all the parts of mapping, but I do tend to get caught up on finalizing one bit of the map before I've got the overall layout down. I know I should get the general layout done first and then go back and do detailing, but I just don't want to, I enjoy finalizing rooms too much! I really like the detailing part of a map. I have a habit of undercooking the overall layout because I get caught up on the details (I know, it's the cardinal sin of Doom mapping). I'd happily detail someone else's layout. The trick there is to make small maps. I mean you successfully made a map for Confinement 256, so it can be done! :)
  9. Well not all ports feature jumping, so it wouldn't be a feature of UMAPINFO. For now this just covers things present in the original Doom. Force Pistol start might be useful, although there'd need to be some discussion about the best way to implement it (either one method for all ports, or perhaps ports could implement their own method if the end result is the same). Again, probably not for version 1.
  10. What is with modern games and their loading times? I've started playing a bit of Battlefront recently (it was $9.99 on sale, don't judge me) and simply changing a level is a three minute wait. It's like we're slowly returning to the old Commodore 64 tape loading days.
  11. @SOSULooks nice! A bit different to the usual Doom map. It could definitely benefit from some light variation though. Perhaps light streaming in through the central skylight or the window at the side.
  12. That looks excellent! What textures are you using? I'd love to borrow them if they're free to use... :)
  13. At least those briefs are unique. This is more like John selling some other briefs he bought a couple of years later that just look like the ones he wore in 1993.
  14. Messing around with a jungle type theme. It's surprising how you can get something half decent by just spamming sprites everywhere. :)
  15. You can. Hit Tab to disable advanced effects when in Visual Mode. It turns off all advanced special effects and just leaves the basic vanilla geometry behind.