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  1. Bauul

    "DOOM-ish" UDMF Map Recommendations

    It is definitely true that UDMF (especially when combined with a source port like GZDoom) can do so much that you have to impose some level of self control on what you want to achieve. It's the polar opposite of something like vanilla mapping where you're penned in by the innate limitations of the format, in UDMF when you can do basically anything it's important to have a strict vision of what you want to achieve, and be conscious not to drift beyond that just because you can. There's been a raft of "vanilla style" UDMF maps recently, but these are three I would personally recommend starting with, as they represent a good variety of approached to more "classic" UDMF mapping: Hurt by Elend: vanilla textures and relatively subtle UDMF usage for a large, atmospheric map. Lullaby by Danlex: A lot of very clever UDMF features (and an absolutely stunning map to boot), but the underlying gameplay is solidly classic. Bastion of Chaos by Bridgeburner: Good example of how to utilize UDMF's scale without leaning too much on GZDoom-specific features, resulting in a rather Boom-feeling slaughtermap. UDMF is a fantastic tool for going beyond the limits of the basic Doom map format, and doesn't always have to involve vast numbers of GZDoom specific features. Especially when combined with UDB's more recent additions (like visual sloping) you can use it to quite easily elevate the geometry of your maps without deviating too much (if at all) from classic Doom gameplay, if you so want.
  2. Bauul

    Stupid Linedef Limits

    I ran into the exact same issue a few years back with one of my first maps, so made this handy guide to the Linedef limits in Doom's map formats: Depending on exactly what Linedef counts you're running into, this should give you an idea of how far you can go before you need to change to UDMF.
  3. Bauul

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines 3

    The plasma trooper drops do give you cell ammo, it could be the corruption card mod you're using isn't playing well with the Dehacked. Might be worth checking the mapset without mods loaded - if it works properly, you may want to consider whether to continue playing with the mod. Edit: Turns out this might actually be a bug with the Decorate code in the latest RC. Stay tuned. We actually went backwards and forwards on this, even dropped in some new sounds to hear how they sounded in game. In the end Liberation decided he preferred the original plasma sounds, so we ended up keeping them. But it was a genuine consideration.
  4. @Noiser @magicsofa Honestly I think you guys are just arguing semantics at this point. You both know how Dehacked works, you both also agree with the general community terminology. You're not actually disagreeing with each other. You're just getting caught up in tiny technicalities in your posts. E.g.: Technically the patch works with dehacked.exe, and dehacked.exe works with the vanilla .exe. That's all magicsofa is trying to say. But this is a pointless technicality and not worth arguing over. Dehacked is "compatible" with Doom.exe in the sense it's designed to specifically work with the vanilla exe. If I got gzdoom.exe and renamed it to doom.exe, Dehacked wouldn't work with it. That's all Noiser is trying to say. Technically you could argue "compatible" isn't quite the right word, but again, this is a pointless technicality and not worth arguing over. Other than that, you guys are 99% barking up the same tree.
  5. Did you go through Step 1 that I outlined above too, i.e. adding in the Editor Numbers?
  6. Bauul

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines 3

    Originally this was exactly the plan. However, due to an oversight in the Dehacked at one point, the chaingun was also made 100% accurate for one of the internal beta builds. Even though it was an accident, we all loved it so much that Liberation decided to make the change permanent, and the new assault rifle was born. It does make the pistol a little superfluous again, but when it makes the chaingun so much more satisfying to use, it seemed a worthwhile trade-off.
  7. In most games, "vanilla" tends to mean "unmodded". However, for Doom it has the more specific definition of (as others have pointed out) "compatible with the original .exe". In that case, Dehacked is considered "vanilla" in the sense that it's compatible with the original .exe. Dehacked patches could in a sense be described as "vanilla mods". That's an oxymoron for some games, but makes sense in the context of Doom specifically. The problems start coming in when people unfamiliar with the accepted Doom lingo start applying it differently, so you get people talking about (for example) "vanilla GZDoom maps", which doesn't make sense in the context of Doom specifically.
  8. Bauul

    Pages or Infinite Scroll?

    When you say it "messes up the scroll position" do mean the position of the scroll bar at the side, and how it jumps about as you scroll up and down? If that is what you mean, I agree, Discord's scroll bar is basically useless.
  9. Bauul

    Pages or Infinite Scroll?

    I find it interesting the dislike for infinite scroll on Discord. I can't even picture what Discord with pages would be like - chat rooms and things like IRC have had infinite scroll since forever, and that's what Discord feels like to use. I do agree that the way some news sites have taken to loading the next article at the bottom of the one you're currently reading really disconcerting though.
  10. Bauul

    Ultimate Doom Builder loading GLDEFs

    Oh yeah, I forgot lights were defined in GLDEFS. 6-sided skyboxes too, which UDB also does read. I was thinking about stuff like Brightmaps, Flat Glow, and Shaders, which I don't believe it does support. I may have also been getting mixed up with ANIMDEFs too (oops). I might be misunderstanding you, but generally PNG textures aren't defined in GLDEFS. If you're GZDoom and are using a PK3 format , just put your PNGs in the /textures folder and they should appear in UDB no problem. For a .wad format you'll need to define them in TEXTURES or equivalent lump (IIRC). Either way, GLDEFS isn't necessary. GLDEFS is for controlling features that are only available on the hardware renderer, which doesn't include PNGs.
  11. Bauul

    "(ZDoom) 3D Floors Tutorial" question

    Another benefit of using Ultimate Doom Builder rather than DB2 is the automatic 3D floor mode. Just press "O" to enter 3D floor mode, right click on a sector you want to add a 3D floor to, hit "Add 3D Floor", and press OK. No worrying about manually messing around with control sectors. You can edit the floor and ceiling heights, textures, and 3D floor types right from within the 3D Floor Mode dialogue box.
  12. Bauul

    Ultimate Doom Builder loading GLDEFs

    I don't think UDB is set up to interpret a GLDEFs lump. What specific aspect of it were you wanting it to load?
  13. Bauul

    It's new name is..

    For those out of the loop, there's a new variety of Covid out of South Africa which has been dubbed the Omicron variant. It's heavily mutated, which has a lot of people concerned. However, it's not clear yet whether those mutations are especially dangerous yet.
  14. Bauul

    Common phrases that are nonsensical

    This has a proper source IIRC. It comes from an 18th century British law where groups of people could be considered a riot, and therefore forcibly dispersed by police, but only if the authorities audibly read them the "Riot Act" first. Basically a speech that says "disperse or we'll make you". So the phrase "read you the riot act" is a way of saying "I am preparing to tell you to do something different, and if you don't, I'm going to make you". @Doomkid I wonder if you're over-thinking this a bit. I always took it just mean "every sunrise is preceded by a night". Which is true. It's also worth pointing out that "dawn" does not mean the same as "sunrise". "Dawn" is the part of the night before sunrise where the sky starts to get lighter as the sun's rays light the atmosphere even when it's still beneath the horizon. So by that logic, even if you are focusing on very specific parts of a given night as you were in your original post, the phrase is still true. Because any light in the sky prior to sunrise can be technically considered dawn. So an absence of such light would be the darkest part of the night, and therefore does come "before dawn". (Incidentally having double checked myself on this I have learned there are in fact three phases to a dawn prior to a sunrise: astronomical twilight, nautical twilight, and civil twilight. Interesting stuff).
  15. As the proud owner of that Cyberdemon on Map 15, the only thing I will say is this: you don't have to stand around the lift waiting for him to shoot you. You can activate it, run away from it, and then run back onto it before it raises.