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  1. Now please spawn a single Former Human as the boss!
  2. And the banners flutter in the wind when idle? Awesome! I'm increasingly being interested in levels that have constant background movement of some kind, I feel they have a big effect on how impactful a level is to play. It could be as simple as an animated vanilla liquid FLAT, or as complex as something like this, but just having something that constantly moves leaves a big impression.
  3. Oh absolutely! SSG is about the only weapon I'd risk to try to interrupt a nearly finished AV attack for instance. Having 20 individual attacks also means it'll go through monsters the way a RL won't - an SSG can take out 5 imps in a line, but a RL will likely only hurt the front couple. Also, being a hitscanner makes it much more effective for fast moving monsters - I've a flying boss monster in an upcomming megawad that moves quickly in a circle around the player. Trying to hit that thing by leading RL shots is damn near impossible, so the SSG is far more use. So really the conclusion is yes, technically, at point blank range the SSG and the RL do similar damage to a non-boss singular monster, but beyond that they are wildly different weapons with wildly different uses.
  4. Depends on the game. I find it silly in open-world games - just have some areas be very high levels and some areas not! But more linear games like Diablo would be terrible without level scaling. One wrong RNG drop or you spend just too long/too little time in an area and the rest of the game would be either unbeatably hard or mind-numbingly easy.
  5. Re: the original OP, I think this is a genuinely great idea. I'd be happy to contribute, possibly around some of the more advanced UDMF/GZDoom features (as that's what I've been digging into a lot recently). Topics I'd be happy to cover: Inserting 3D models Linedef portals Dynamic lights Shadowmaps Moving actors on NURB splines
  6. The RL's DPS is much higher than the SSG thanks to its faster rate of fire. The splash damage doesn't diminish with multiple enemies too, so when faced with a hoard of imps for example, the RL can do 20 times the damage than the SSG.
  7. Given this was part of legal settlement with Getty Images, it's not that surprising we didn't hear about it in advance. Getty could have said "no we don't accept that" and the change never would have seen the light of day (although likely would have been replaced by something more severe). I highly doubt Google wanted to do this, but it was likely either this or Google start charging for using Google Images and paying Getty that way.
  8. You can create a single level of subfolder too this way, e.g.: //$Category Monsters/EvilMonsters If you use the names of the already existing folders in Doom Builder they'll show up in there too.
  9. I made this a few weeks back as a proof-of-concept for an upcoming map. I think it turned out quite nicely! Credit to @Remmirath for the cog models.
  10. Quick basic question: am I right in thinking the target IWAD will be Doom 2, the map format Boom, and the sourceport PRBoom+? Just want to make sure I have GZDB's game profiles set up right.
  11. I think instant switching would undermine the gameplay of Doom too much - the slow switching of weapons is an integral part of the experience. I was more meaning a way to quickly tell the game which weapon you want using the mousewheel. In Q3 for example, if you memory serves me correctly, when you roll the mouse this UI comes up: The yellow box scrolls left and right across the weapons as fast as you can scroll your mouse, and whichever you come to rest on the game selects for you. The actual animation of switching weapons remains, it's just the selecting of the weapons that's faster. I'd love to see something like this replicated in Doom.
  12. I'm slowly becoming annoyed at how, to my knowledge, no source-port has introduced a way to quickly scroll through weapons using the mouse wheel. I.e. if I'm using an SSG and want to get the BFG out, I'd love to be able to scroll quickly up four times and have the BFG pop up as soon as the SSG is finishing whatever animation it's doing. Kind of how Quake 3 does it. Instead really you're forced to use the number keys (which I always miss-hit in the middle of a fight) as scrolling ponderously up through the weapons using the mousewheel just takes so long.
  13. Is any software ever actually "officially" abandoned? I.e. legal copyright owner publicly states that they are no longer interested in maintaining its legal status as copyrighted product and henceforth gifts the product to the public for free. Because if they did that, surely it's freeware, not abandonware? Abanonware always struck me as a phrase people came up with to tell themselves them pirating software was ok because they weren't going to be chased for it.
  14. I'm pretty sure it's from the Doom 3 Texture Pack.
  15. In conversations like this I've always felt it's important to differentiate between premise and plot. Premise is the story that happens before the game. It's the reasons and the motivations for everything being where it is. It's the background of the world and the objectives of the characters at the start of the game. Almost every game ever made has a premise, Doom included. And Doom's premise (demons, Phobos, the UAC, the Doomguy, all that stuff) is pretty damn cool. Plot is what happens during the game. The narrative arcs, the character development, the twists and turns and surprises. This is what Carmack was talking about when he said games don't need plot. Doom is a great example: it doesn't have any plot and doesn't need it either. Everything you need is included in the premise. The only plot points you do get at the end of each episode are basically just the premise for the subsequent episode. A great many games have huge, fleshed out premises, and have absolutely no plot at all. Games like Mortal Kombat have tomes of premise and backstory, but the actual plot of the original games were non-existent. Arguably, if you have a good enough premise, you don't even need any plot at all.