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  1. Yep it's a laptop! Funnily enough I had the same thought just after I posted, and you are absolutely right, it was using the integrated GPU. I forced it to use the 1060 through Windows, and FPS on the opening shot of The Given has increased to about 52 fps. It's odd, according to the Task Manager it is using the GTX 1060, but maximum load was about 7%. CPU max load was about 40%. Something seems to be bottlenecking performance, but I'm not sure what. I checked the power saving settings (which can be notorious on laptops) and there's nothing going on there, so I'm a bit stumped. Edit: Also discovered a lighting bug. If you look straight upwards, you can see that everything behind the player isn't having any lighting applied to it.
  2. Did a re-test on the very opening shot of Sunder Map15, deleting Helion's config.ini first to ensure true defaults. GZDoom (before the enemies wake up) averages 78-79fps, dropping to 49-50fps once after shooting the pistol to wake everything up. By comparison, Helion (which deleting the config seems to have solved the vsync issue) averages 78-79 for "fps", 95 for "max fps" and 45 for "min fps" (not sure exactly what those are measuring). The bigger difference is on waking the monsters up, Helion averages around 60-65fps. I also restested The Given's opening shot. GZDoom averages around 26fps while Helion settles to 41fps. So Helion is definitely better, but it's not orders of magnitude better. For reference my specs are: Intel Core i5-7300HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz 16.0 GB RAM GTX 1060 Max-Q 6Gb VRAM
  3. Ah, my apologies, I think I was conflating your OP with the first reply from Redneckers, which does focus primarily on the performance benefits of the port. I tried out the new build, and performance is indeed much quicker! It seems to perform about 50%-75% quicker than GZDoom in a couple of test maps (Sunder Map15 and The Given). Although I could never get FPS higher than 60, even with vsync disabled through the console. Is there something else I need to do to unlock the framerate? I also tried it with two proper UDMF performance challenges (the type GZDoom more commonly struggles with), Lullaby and Bastion of Chaos. Lullaby loaded, but showed Entryway instead of the map. Bastion of Chaos crashed on startup. Should I presume this is only compatible with essentially Boom maps at present?
  4. Bauul

    IWAD Saving Error

    Please don't do this, aside from any legal issues of using commercial assets it's just terrible practice from a technical point of view. Just create a new WAD archive using the file menu in Slade, exactly how you would create a new file using almost any program. If you're editing IWAD assets (which you probably shouldn't do, but we'll ignore that for a second) you'd copy the assets out of the IWAD into your new WAD and edit them there. But, again, better to make your own assets really.
  5. I'm curious what exactly you mean by "look like toys". What constitutes a "toy look" in your mind? Toys tend to be characterized by being colorful, either wooden or plastic, light and robust and lacking sharp edges or heavy parts. I'm curious how you equate those characteristics to Quake's weapons, which don't seem to apply to any of them.
  6. I'm a psychopath who tends to run everything through Slade or UDB.
  7. My memory was that Halo was considered a successful console FPS - very much geared towards the stereotypical console experience (streamlined and presentation-heavy). And that was fine, consoles didn't have much of a history of FPS games at that time beyond a couple of breakout hits (e.g. Goldeneye), so as a primarily PC player at the time I had no issue with it - it did what it set out to do rather well. I never really played it (I tried the PC port and found it lacking) but I didn't have beef with the game. Now, Call of Duty 2, which took many of the "streamlined" innovations Halo introduced and applied them to a PC game, now that I remember people have issues with. Things like recharging shields being applied to health itself (they even dropped the GUI) felt like an intrusion of console sensibilities into the PC space. That is really what felt the beginning of the end of AAA arcade-shooters.
  8. Bauul

    How do I make a boom map GZDoom incompatible?

    Arguably that's within the standard scope of GZDoom. Even GZDoom-targted maps require additional coding to reliably work the same way for everyone because of the sheer variety of different user-settings available (set your MAPINFO compat-settings people!)
  9. Knowing Doomworld, there probably is someone here with a vast arcane knowledge of historical cinema color systems who can give a legitimate answer.
  10. I tried this the other day on Sunder Map15 as a bit of a stress test, and was slightly surprised to see it ran significantly worse than GZDoom 4.9.0 - 45fps for Helion versus 115fps for GZDoom. The impression I got from the OP was that Helion should be quicker than GZDoom, so I'm trying to understand what might be causing the slow-down. One thought I had - is Helion a software rendering engine? It could be the GPU is doing the heavy lifting for GZDoom.
  11. Bauul

    Question about Darkening 2 textures

    Paging @ukiro, who I believe made the majority of the new textures
  12. Bauul

    Why do you like software rendering?

    Two main reasons for me: 1. Artistic preference 2. Nostalgia I like 1440p true-color hardware rendering as much as the next person, but sometimes there's just something cozy about settling down to grainy, dark, bandy software rendering.
  13. As someone who is too indoctrinated with GZDoom's specific mouse-support implementation to find it easy to swap to another source port, I want to extent a genuine heartfelt thank you for taking the time to get a GZDoom version working. I know it's not your preferred source port, and that a huge point of this project is to utilize edge case features of the vanilla renderer and engine that simply don't exist in modern GZDoom anymore. So it is sincerely appreciated that you went out of your way to make it happen (and huge shout-out to everyone who helped), despite it being neither relevant to you or to the project. Thank you very much!
  14. Looks like 50 Shades of Graytall features eight main winners: Jimmy, mouldy, Joshy, Mechadon, Ribbiks, Dobu Gabu Maru, Xaser, and Marcaek (who won their Cacoward for this project). I had a look at the last few. #13 features eleven: Xaser, Snakes, Mechadon, RottKing, Jimmy, Tarnsman, Marcaek, 40oz, Tango, esselfortium, and pcorf #14 features eleven: MTrop, Obsidian, Jimmy, Marcaek, Tango, Skillsaw, esselfortium, franckFRAG, RottKing, Xaser, and Mechadon #15 features nine: Mechadon, Marcaek, Xaser, Jimmy, esselfortium, RottKing, Obsidian, Tarnsman, and MTrop #16 features seven: Jimmy, Mechadon, 40oz, Scotty, esselfortium, RottKing and Xaser. #17 features five: Mechadon, Xaser, Marcaek, Joshy and Shaikoten (I think - it's hard to work out which 32in24s they actually ran) So the current first place (once I'd gone back and actually counted things properly) is The Joy of Mapping 6, which sits at twelve winners. It's definitely proving tricky to work out definitively though. Most people have their Cacoward wins listed in their Doomwiki entry, but not all of them. This is also just looking at the main mapping awards - if you factor in adjacent awards like Most Promising Newcomer, Runners Up, Most Memorable Maps, Codeawards etc. it becomes even more complex. Edit: Missed checking CC4. It features eight: Skillsaw, Dutch Devil, Joshy, Jimmy, Mechadon, Joshy, Nebula, and pcorf.
  15. A spiritual tribute to one of the most famous ZDoom wads of all time specifically not working in ZDoom is pretty deliciously ironic! Congrats on the release! I look forward to discovering what shenanigans you've managed to eek out of the vanilla engine.