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  1. I always though GZDoom stood for OpenGL ZDoom. But I suddenly realized it could also stand for "Graf Zahl Doom" And now I don't know if I've been wrong all these years.
  2. Although on the other hand... is hilarious. I'm going to start using that insult literally whenever I can now!
  3. I start at UV and make it too hard for me (as I'm not a great player) and then remove monsters until it feels about right. That then becomes HMP. I'm not sure if it's the best way, but it seems to work ok.
  4. One of the weird things I discovered since moving to the Pacific Northwest is there are only two types of people here who wear suits: guys selling property, and guys selling religion. You can be in a room of 100 millionaire business people and not one of them will be in a suit.
  5. 1. You want to play it on easy, but the bastard mapper made this a secret ultra-hard mode because he's a git. 2. See 1. 3. Normal 4. No THIS is normal, until it's too hard and then "duh, you are playing on hard!" 5.
  6. How's the web uploader going for the files repository, if you don't mind me asking? Last I recall was you were waiting on some new themes before making any further large changes.
  7. There was me thinking there was some news on this mod, but no, it's just someone resurrecting a nearly four month old tiff. :(
  8. @StormCatcher.77 You really write everything through Google Translate? I'm genuinely impressed it's as legible as it is!
  9. Far too often. It's my most visited site according to Chrome's frequently-accessed-sites list.
  10. Hah, please do!
  11. @Nevander That worked! Thank you. The working code (for prosperity) is: script 1 ENTER { SetActorProperty(0, APROP_RenderStyle, STYLE_Translucent); SetActorProperty(0, APROP_Alpha, 0.0); } I did try RenderStyle "None" but that disables the weapon sprites too, which I didn't want. But the above works perfectly. Thank you!
  12. Thanks! I also see on that same wiki entry APROP_RenderStyle which you apparently can set to "None". I'll try both.
  13. Is there any way to use ACS to hide the player sprite in a specific map, and then reinstate it later? E.g. if the player looks in a mirror then nothing is shown.
  14. Isn't "not rendering the whole map at once" literally the whole point of the BSP?
  15. The texture disappears because when you delete the sector you've gone from showing the back of an upper texture (presuming you'd lowered the ceiling to the floor and the linedefs faced inwards) to the front of a middle texture. It doesn't mean the geometry is broken or anything, just that you need to put the texture back. Deleting sectors is better than 0 height sectors is simply down to making the map run more efficiently. 0 height sectors won't break anything, but they're just a much more inefficient way of having void space.