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  1. Bauul

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I think it's more the inside of the arches (the texture that runs along the ceiling of the arch sectors) is pretty nondescript, just plain brown from a distance. See if you can find a texture that has strong, bold seams and align those seams with the edge of the arch sectors. That way the arch will show up much stronger against the brick outside.
  2. I just think more people map for Doom because more people like Doom these days? Anyway, back on topic: this looks extremely interesting, especially for those of us who try to push the modern source ports hard. Although I'm now just hoping this hasn't outdated all my forthcoming UDMF maps by the time they get released! I'm particularly interested in the lightmap approach. I appreciate the example screenshots, but is there a chance you could quickly mock up say a light shining through horizontal bars to really give us a sense of how they look in practice?
  3. Bauul

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Model maestro Clay has been tinkering with getting some Doom 2016 gore models into GZDoom. Add in some specular and normal maps and a few attanuated lights, and I think they've come out rather well!
  4. Ambient sounds can be a little finicky to get right at first. Presumably you've familiarized yourself with the ZDoom Wiki page on the subject? I'm presuming you've set the SNDINFO lump up correctly and have defined the sounds as Point sounds already. The sounds aren't affected by walls, and simply extend in a sphere from the Sound Thing. Once you've picked your sound, the Sound Thing takes four arguments: Volume: leave this as 100 unless the sound is too loud, then reduce it accordingly Minimum Fading Distance: This is how far away from the Sound Thing the sound begins to get quieter as you move away, in map units. I tend to leave it as a relatively small number like 48. Max Distance: How far away you can hear the sound, in map units. The sound will gradually fall off between argument 3 and this argument. Using the sector draw tool, draw a line from the center of the Sound Thing to the maximum distance you want to be able to hear the sound. GZDB will tell you how long that line is. Cancel the drawing, and write that number in here. So a value of 256 can be heard 256 units away from the Sound Thing. Multiplier: Unless your using Hexen map format (which you shouldn't be these days), leave this as 0. Typing in any number will multiply the above arguments by 255, making them likely fill the entire map. So just leave it well enough alone. One final thing to note: the circle that indicates the size of the Sound Thing's hearing radius in GZDB seems to be broken. It never matches up to the reality in game, so I'd just turn them off if I were you.
  5. Bauul

    How to put music in a wad file?

    You need to use Slade or a similar Wad editor. In basic Doom source ports, you need to use a MIDI file (or .MUS file) and replace the music file that is automatically played depending on the map. For example, Doom 2 Map01 always plays the file D_RUNNIN, so you need to rename for Midi file D_RUNNIN to play. More advanced source ports support more extensive file formats, and the files can be named different things. You typically define them in MAPINFO lumps, or that source port's equivalent.
  6. Bauul

    Could Rage 2 be in trouble?

    The opening of this 30 minute gameplay video from a few months ago seems to show lots of different areas. If they can get away with showing off the game by only really focusing on one area, I appreciate the appeal. It means they don't have to worry about 100% finalizing the other areas ahead of release.
  7. Bauul

    Doom with PBR materials

    In GZDoom's implementation of Parallax Mapping nothing protrudes exactly, instead the effect makes some areas 'sink into' the texture. Nothing clips through floors or ceilings on a moving sector with it applied because nothing sticks further out than the original texture did.
  8. Is he still working on it? Last I saw he'd hit a road block and had moved on to other things
  9. Bauul

    something is very wrong with my GZDoom

    Perhaps try deleting the .ini file in your GZDoom folder. Something might have been added to that GZDoom isn't finding when it's trying to run.
  10. Bauul

    Removed Texture Still Showing up in Editor?

    I had a quick look in your wad and found the patch in your TEXTURE1 lump. The patch "TRUTWL04" is not present, but it's defined as a Textures twice: one using the missing TRUTWL04 patch and one using TRUTWL03, which is present. I removed both Texture entries and the texture disappeared from the GZDB texture browser window as expected. I think you'd just missed properly removing it from the TEXTURE1 lump.
  11. I thought that too, but "GZDooM: DooM (in *** Format)" isn't an option at all. I guess you just have to use Doom 2 but stick in the Doom IWAD instead.
  12. You really do have a thing about difficulty settings don't you?
  13. Bauul

    Classic doom twitch streamer

    The people who post in this thread would probably be what you're looking for.
  14. Bauul

    1000 Line Community Project - No map slots left

    Awesome screens Liberation, this looks like it'd be a fun challenge! Sign me up!
  15. Bauul

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    As GZDoom supports OBJ models now, you don't have to use Blender. You can actually build something in GZDoomBuilder out of sectors and then export it as a model. For example, this model used in D4 of Elementalism started life as sectors: