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  1. If you set a 3D floor to move (like as a lift), by default (G)ZDoom produces the sound of the movement from the control sector, not the target sector the player is actually on. Does anyone know what methods there are for projecting the sound from the 3D floor itself, in cases where the control sector must be a long way away? There's the ACS route of separately triggering an ambient sound, but I can't find any way of doing that without manually timing the lift movement and using heap of tedious trial-and-error Delay() functions to get the timing aligned. Any ideas would be super appreciated!
  2. Bauul

    Doom Community

    It looks like a new one. Only 1 member currently. What does this Doom Discord channel have that all the others doesn't OP? (Incidentally Dragonfly's Discord is my personal Discord of choice)
  3. Bauul

    How can the Imp's fire ball go up and down.

    Doom has a fully functional z-axis for certain things, but not for others. IIRC, collision detection for solid Things (the player, monsters, decorations etc.) doesn't have one. Explosions doesn't either (rocket blasts are infinite height). Everything else (the rendering of Things, the interaction of non-solid Things like fireballs) has a fully functional Z-Axis. That's why you can duck under fireballs. So it's more like Doom is 2.9D: it is 3D for most things.
  4. Bauul

    The logic of map flow

    Map flow is one of the things that Doom does particularly well. The reason many people dislike modern AAA shooters is because they merely bounce from set-piece to set-piece, and have little interest in creating a physical space for you to properly explore and exist in. All the best Doom maps, from the original E1 maps to the biggest slaughtermaps, are good because they understand good map flow. It's such a crucial part of Doom mapping I'd almost argue debating it is redundant, it's like asking "Are good enemy encounters important"?
  5. Bauul

    [WIP] Technopath: Dark Frontiers

    What you tested on and what you designed the map for are not necessarily the same thing. Just to explain, typically someone designs a map for a specific format (vanilla, limit-removing, Boom etc.). Everyone has their own preferred source port to play on though, so in addition to listing which source port they originally designed the map for, mappers also test other source ports to see if it works. GZDoom tends to play Zandronum SP maps, but Zandronum can't necessarily play GZDoom maps (if you utilized more of the advanced features). So it sounds like you either targeted Zandronum, or accidently made a GZDoom map that works on it. When you loaded up GZDoomBuilder, what format did you select? E.g. GZDoom (Doom) Doom 2, or Zandronum (Hexen) Doom. That's an easy way of knowing which source port you targeted.
  6. Bauul

    Which Doom monster do you dread the most?

    I don't like Revs. I'm just no good at dodging their homing missiles. I think I've evaded one, and then splat, it hits me in the back. And who doesn't love finishing a fight and realizing there's a giant homing ball of death of 200 Rev missiles following you about? Pain Elementals are a synch in comparison. I am surprised by the number of times I see people back away from them instead of rushing in to stop the LSs spawning (at least the three that spawn upon death).
  7. Bauul

    [WIP] Technopath: Dark Frontiers

    I'm guessing this is a map for GZDoom? You should always state the target source port, and in GZDoom's case the version number isn't a bad shout either.
  8. Bauul

    Doom lost popularity?

    That's unfortunately not a great comparison: vinyl sales are higher now than they have been at any point in the last 25 years, and sales have seen double digit growth every year for the last decade.
  9. Bauul

    Doom lost popularity?

    I agree with Solmyr. While BD and its derivatives are undoubtedly popular, they're not that popular here. Doomworld is evidence in itself that the Doom community is far more than a single mod. If we were having this discussion about Doom's popularity specifically on moddb, I'd be more inclined to agree.
  10. Bauul

    Doom lost popularity?

    I think it was actually more installed than Excel, but the point of the tale is still the same. I'm not sure if your comment is a joke or not, but either way I did enjoy how much you completely mixed up figures and comparisons into a totally meaningless collection of stats. To clarify though: Just because Doom was installed on more PCs than Excel means nothing when we don't know how many PCs Excel was installed on (hint, it wasn't 99.9%) Being "1% of all PC games" is lacking necessary clarity. 1% of game sales? Of games being played? Of games being talked about? Of games being modded? Doom 3 was never part of Steam originally, and the original Doom sure as hell wasn't, so as a tool for comparison doesn't tell us much Without defining the size of the universe, stating something goes from "99.9%" to "1%" does not necessarily infer a loss. 99.9% of a $100 million dollar industry is still less than 1% of a $10 billion dollar industry. So we need much, much more information to make conclusions from this!
  11. Bauul

    Doom lost popularity?

    I think it's way more recent than that. I believe the current download figures are from the site redesign, which was what, a year ago? The fact those big megawads are still getting that many downloads shows the endurance of the community. My most downloaded map is up to 8,600 downloads and only came out in 2016.
  12. Bauul

    Doom lost popularity?

    While I have no stats to hand, I actually think thanks to Doom 2016 the community has seen a big increase in new players. What makes you think the popularity of the game is falling?
  13. Bauul

    Good horror movies that don't suck?

    The Orphanage and The Descent are my personal favorites of the last couple of decades. The Orphanage especially is an absolutely outstanding old fashioned ghost story. I would actually argue that horror has had something of a renaissance after the lows of the 90s. I mean a horror film won the Oscar for best original screenplay this year. When was the last time that happened?
  14. Bauul

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    If you didn't make the wad, you should always list where it's from. It's just good etiquette on this thread. But really this isn't even the right place to ask advice. I'd suggest trying over on the Slaughterfest 3 thread itself.
  15. Bauul

    The proper way to create 3D floors?

    Well I'll be! I always presumed they were pretty intensive. I remember Dragonfly's map in Confinement 256, that fit about 60 3D floors into a single 256x256 space, and my god it ran awfully, like it dropped a typically 60fps rig down to 20fps. Certainly far worse than a single scene of 60 sectors. So while they're probably not as bad as I'm thinking, they do certainly have a tangible impact if overused.