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  1. Yeah ZDoom isn't being updated any more, so you might want to get GZDoom. It does everything ZDoom did (plus a load) and any technical errors are more likely to be fixed.
  2. I wonder if a lot of people don't so much deliberately keep it separate, as instead just not have anyone in the real world who particularly cares about Doom editing. I certainly don't act any differently on here than in real life, and would happily talk to anyone about all of this in real life if they asked.
  3. Good luck to everyone! Unfortunately I'm traveling that weekend so can't contribute, but I'll hang out in the Discord in case anyone needs any advice before or after, and no-one more qualified is awake. :)
  4. Your IWAD is the main game file, usually Doom2.wad, or Doom.wad. Don't ever edit that (unless you really know what you're doing). You'll break the game.
  5. @lupinx-Kassman Thanks for the suggestion! After spending a couple of hours getting my head around combining FOR loops, sin curves and floor raise commands, I managed to work out a pretty convincing bob effect, and you're right, it looks much better, much more part of the map. Of course then I discovered Floor_Waggle and realized my two hours could have taken five minutes! Ah well.
  6. Yeah that's true. If anyone can work out proper liquid displacement physics though I'm all ears!
  7. Experimenting with the WARP effect and texture scalers in GZDoom for liquids. Who fancies a bath?
  8. I didn't really follow much of what was in the opening post (never heard of Bombshell), but damn those weapon sprites are tasty!
  9. My memory kind of blurs together western animation and Anime, so while I'm not too sure, I think it was Fist of the North Star. Of course at the time I had no idea it was considered anything other than just a cartoon, albeit a rather gory one with a lot of exploding heads. It was only some time later I learned I was meant to make a distinction between western and eastern animations.
  10. The more I think about this, the more I realize the question is akin to asking on an artist's forum "Why do people still draw using pencil when they could just use Photoshop?" Doom mapping is a creative endevour, and therefore the choice of tool is entirely down to what the artist a: is most comfortable using or b: the artist feels most suits the desired result. There's no right or wrong way to map (although there are good and bad end results). It's entirely a subjective choice.
  11. That's a very useful tip! I'm guessing this works for Sectors and Things too?
  12. @Nine Inch Heels I've always wondered how people time stuff correctly using Boom conveyor belts. So am I right I in reading that if you draw a control linedef at a particular length, you can get a scrolling voodoo doll to move at exactly one tic per map unit? So say you want to delay something by a minute, you'd create a control linedef 32 units long and a conveyor corridor that's 2,100 units long? I don't tend to map in Boom (if I want the original Doom experience I'll target limit-removing, if I want to embrace modern features I'll go GZDoom/UDMF, I don't really get the whole halfway-house thing with Boom), but I've always thought the visual programing language of voodoo doll conveyor belts was pretty cool.
  13. I'm glad they're increasing it. Are there any source ports / platforms that still benefit from 8 character limits? I know it was for DOS reasons, but pure DOS in that form doesn't really exist any more, does it?
  14. @YukiRaven It's almost as if you have a penchant for Quake style levels... ;)
  15. @bioshockfan90 Going Down and Ancient Aliens get pretty tough pretty fast. Also +99 for Sunder. I'd probably rank it as among the very cream of the slaughter crop, but I'm just an absolute sucker for architecture as lovely as it has.