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  1. Can you confirm what port and compatibility settings you're using? We UV-Maxed every level in RC5 to ensure no issues and didn't come across this, so I'm wondering if it's a specific setting causing the issue.
  2. Please note: Map36 is broken in RC3 (you think you've tested everything...!). We'll push out a hotfix, along with removing the duplicate sprite files, within the next day.
  3. In the current release there's a glitch in GZDoom that... The fix will be included in the next RC.
  4. You're not the first to comment on the strobing lights. We're looking at how to reduce their intensity (or even remove them altogether) for RC3
  5. We're looking at updating the typeface on those exit signs so they're more obvious, because a lot of people haven't spotted they say "Exit" despite being quite large banners.
  6. Dragonfly beat me to it, but I can confirm Map33 does have difficulty settings: And as it's a forced pistol start, you can start a new game at your desired difficulty and IDCLEV33 without losing anything. So you have plenty of options.
  7. For non-Decorate ports, in addition to MBF21 the source port also needs to support DSDHacked (unlimited Dehacked entries) which, according to Doomwiki, Doom Retro currently doesn't have.
  8. Because the pistol is the only weapon that has been changed from the vanilla version.
  9. Bauul

    Umapinfo or mapinfo?

    I believe ZMapinfo does supper an "Author" tag though, which achieves a similar thing. So if you write a ZMapinfo as well (depending on how much you care about using the built-in author variable) you'll be able to get it to show up in ZDoom family ports.
  10. This is normal, every time you point at a new side the editor has to load the info about that surface. If you press the Tilde key it will turn off the bottom frame (where all the info is displayed), and you won't get the micro-pausing any more.
  11. Bauul

    How do make the map appear while you play

    You mean display the automap? It's Tab, unless you remapped it.
  12. I love DT, but aside from A Dramatic Turn of Events I've not found any of the Mangini albums particularly attention-grabbing. The Astonishing I found to actively boring in fact. So I'm quietly optimistic this will trigger something of a return to form.
  13. Bauul

    Can You Set Default Texture Mode To None?

    I don't think you can force it on players, it's one of the reasons Texture Filtering being on by default is such a bone of contention for many people. Best you can do is state it should be turned off in the readme.
  14. Bauul

    Rendering issue with sloped floors and 3D sectors...

    I think the point is that UDB may display it more accurate to GZDoom than GZDB does (although I'm personally not sure it will).
  15. These looks like "invisible holes" - a rendering trick where if you leave the walls of a hole untextured, the floor/ceiling floodfill will cover it up. The likes of GZDoom had to implement specific coding to render them correctly (AFAIK)