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  1. Something to bear in mind with the Doom Construction Kit is that it was written entirely by (as far as I can tell) someone who was just a student at the time with no official links to id Software at all. As such, there are a lot of technical inaccuracies in it. I would take any 'conclusions' about the nature of Doom in terms of something as nuanced as "Is it 3D?" from it with a pinch of salt. Unless you're simply using it to show what people thought Doom was back in the day. I did a small post on some of the more interesting level design guidelines it had here. It's fascinating how trends have changed over time.
  2. I think a lot of it is just down the longevity of the series. Quake was followed by three sequels, and id Software remains to this day a powerhouse of producing id Software-style FPS games. Quake is all tied into the same history that gave us Doom, Wolfenstein (and Rage to a lesser extent). Unreal was great, but it's not part of the same long-lasting series of games. The direct sequel left very little impression (even though personally I rather enjoyed it), and Unreal Tournament was seen more of a spin-off (while Quake 3 is interestingly seen more as a sequel). Epic themselves went on to be known more for a variety of genres and their engine hardware, and these days more people would associate Unreal with an engine name than a game series. To say "Epic made the arena shooter genre" isn't accurate at all. By today's standards, Doom was the first arena shooter through virtue of its deathmatch mode. If we're talking dedicate deathmatch games, UT and Quake 3 came out within 2 weeks of each other, so it's fair to say both id Software and Epic popularized the genre at that time. In terms of which was more popular, my impression is it's generally accepted that the pure second-by-second gunplay of Quake 3 was slightly better than UT's, but UT had a vastly wider array of game-modes, settings and mutators. It essentially invented things like Domination (the stable mode of modern FPSs like Battlefield and Overwatch) and asymmetrical objective based modes. But for the pure deathmatch side of things, Q3 was just that bit tighter and more balanced.
  3. As someone who does thoroughly use quick save and quick load for even remotely difficult sections, I agree a bit more guidance on this probably sensible. I agree that the idea of being allowed to save once at the beginning of a map (or the equivalent autosave if playing on ZDoom ports) seems a good balance. Or you could make it a tactical feature and say people are also allowed one additional save per map, but where they put that save is up to them.
  4. Bauul

    Ultraviolence = HARD

    This is definitely true: without adjusting actual monsters there is far less scope for tangible differences. However, I would point out that this is exactly how 99% of other games approach difficulty settings. Doom, having actual tangibly different combat encounters depending on the difficulty, is pretty unique compared to how developers have moved in the subsequent decades. Take something like Doom Eternal as a comparison point: the new DLC makes a big point of the two-Marauder fight. It would have been a very different reaction if it was one Marauder on ITYTD, two on HMP and four on UV. It probably would have caused all the same discussions around the "proper" experience as we are having today. It's for these reasons that I suspect developers many years ago decided that a single combat encounter, made either easier or harder through intangible buffs or nerfs for the player or enemy, was a more reliable approach than hand-crafting different combat encounters for each difficulty. It's not that Doom has no experience of this kind of difficulty. It's notable how ITYTD and HNTR are notably different experiences in terms of difficulty, but have the exact same Thing distribution. However, for vanilla mappers for mapping between HNTR, HMP and UV you have no choice but to use actual different Thing distributions, and you are absolutely right that some combat encounters can't be made easier by having more health items. A megasphere on the other side of the room isn't going to save you from a wall of AVs, where as those AVs doing half damage would do. So it's possible this is more a solution for advanced source ports than the vanilla engine, but I for one would be interested to see the reaction to modern source port maps that perhaps utilized more of this kind of difficulty approach than the classic version.
  5. Bauul

    Ultraviolence = HARD

    Aside from UV being the difficulty most people enjoy the IWADs on, I think for Doom specifically people gravitate towards UV because, unlike most games, Harder difficulties having physically more enemies makes people feel that anything less than UV means you're missing out on content (even though in reality more monsters doesn't automatically mean a more complete experience). I strongly suspect that if someone made a map that had the exact same number of enemies on all difficulties, but higher difficulties had less health (either through pickups, or something more programmatical like monsters do more damage on higher difficulties) then there wouldn't nearly be the same natural presumption that UV is the only 'proper' way to play the map.
  6. Bauul

    Your choice for GOTY

    That would be my choice too, but it came out in 2018 so can't really count. It does rather highlight the downside of award recognitions like this for smaller releases when a game might not hit its stride until two years after it came out.
  7. Bauul

    Tips on making a good skybox

    I'd actually be curious to know good programs for genuinely making 6-sided skyboxes.
  8. I'm surprised at how many people weren't following what Looper was saying. Anyone who has spent any time in the void will instantly know the level geometry extends out from the map itself. Your height bounces all over the place when running around out there. I guess the question is: how does the game decide how far the sectors "leak" into the void, and how does it choose which sectors to take priority? I've never heard of any program to map this though. I'm not sure if anyone's done the due diligence to even work out how it the game chooses it. I wonder if it's something the source code could shed light on?
  9. I remember way back in 2000 thinking Doomworld was full of curmudgeons. It's pretty much been this way forever. (And I wouldn't have it any other way!)
  10. Bauul

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Demonfear & 1000 Lines 2

    On behalf of everyone on the 1K2 Lines team, I want to sincerely thank everyone playing through the mapset. We love reading your thoughts and comments and the whole 1K Lines Discord is buzzing whenever anyone posts a review, so please keep it up! We are very aware that playing 64 maps in a single month is a big commitment (maybe too big for most?), so absolute kudos to everyone still plugging through the levels and posting your thoughts.
  11. Bauul

    Testing Issue In DoomBuidler 2

    One issue is DB2 hasn't been actively developed for years, so there aren't any devs around to help you out. It might be worth trying Ultimate Doom Builder or Doom Builder X, as then if you're still having issues you can ask the devs for guidance, who'll know more than anyone else.
  12. Bauul

    Doomworld International thread

    Originally I am from the middle/north-ish of England, a place known for pubs, closed mines, lost industry, pretty walks and more pubs. It's simultaneously that stereotypical quaint English village and that stereotypical rough, dirty northern industrial town. I've since lived a few places, but for the last seven years I've lived in the far northwest corner of America, in a city called Seattle. It's got mountains on three sides, endless forests, glacial rivers and lakes, and one of the worst wealth divides in the country. It's a city where many homeless people have jobs, to put that into perspective. But it is probably my favorite city in the US (perhaps behind only New Orleans and its amazingly lax drinking laws).
  13. Bauul

    ultimate doom builder updates too often

    Well, TIL! Ok, but if you'd like this feature to be re-implemented, why not put an official feature request into the Git? Or at the very least join the Discord and ask the developers about it? Posting a mocking thread on Doomworld is not really going to engender the devs to your cause. If you'd been polite about it they may well have added it back in for you. But I'm afraid that would've required updating your copy, and given you hate updates so much, maybe it's for the best that they don't.
  14. Bauul

    ultimate doom builder updates too often

    This is such a strange and specific request. Are there other Doom editors that can do this? And how is this any better than Ctrl+RollWheel?
  15. Bauul

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    A joke? No. Tongue-in-cheek? Always has been.