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  1. Bauul

    β€œDoom: The Fake Outrage”

    That line was the kind of thing that could have upset some people, and that was enough to make a story out of it. Even though it didn't actually upset anyone, the idea that it might have is enough to get clicks (some people love SJW-bating stories). The idea of a possible truth was so appealing some people just presumed it must be true. They basically thought "I bet that line offended some people! Let's talk about how it offended some people!". They didn't actually wait to find out if it did offend anyone before going on about how it actually had.
  2. Bauul

    If Doom had a Battle Royale mode??

    In defense of the Doom 3 engine, Quake Wars was a large scale vehicular team based multiplayer game and worked absolutely fine on the Doom 3 engine. Don't go hatin' on the old id Tech 4!
  3. Bauul

    Online Doom Dying?

    For mods, I reckon it's source-port related. The modern modable source port that gets the bulk of the innovative mods (GZDoom) has terrible netcode. The modern modable source port that has good net code (Zandronum) has seen much fewer developments than GZDoom, so is much less attractive a place to make mods. If GZDoom ever gets proper client/server support, I can see a lot more new multiplayer mods being made for it.
  4. Bauul

    Sprites 16 rotations

    It definitely looks better, but as others have pointed out, updating the original sprites to 16 angles is literally doubling the number of frames. It's an absolutely humungous task, and there just aren't that many sprite artists about who could do it well unfortunately. But it's still nice to see what the feature looks like in action!
  5. Bauul

    Demons aka Mortally Challenged

    I honestly can't tell if this is a joke or not. I really hope it's a joke.
  6. Bauul

    how to set a light color/intensity by script

    So pop on over to over to the ZDoom forums or Discord and ask what the process is! If you could work out how to implement it without breaking anything else there's no reason why it wouldn't be a candidate for merging into the main branch. As a starting point, why not check out the GZDoom github and see if you can identify why this isn't a feature in the code? Zandronum is based on (albeit a much older version of) GZDoom so possibly code improvements would be compatible across the two. I'm guessing that you're creating a multiplayer map, which is why you're targeting Zandronum?
  7. Bauul

    Initiating Doom without weapons

    If its you're own map that's easy, just run an Enter script with Clearinventory. For other people's maps, creating a new class like R4L says would work.
  8. Bauul

    Looping sound

    What Nevander said. You define custom sounds in a SNESEQ lump, and in doing so can define them as loops. All the details are here: https://zdoom.org/wiki/SNDSEQ
  9. Bauul

    how to set a light color/intensity by script

    Well if you're that passionate about it, why not program it yourself? You seem to know your way around code. GZDoom is a community effort: every single non-vanilla feature you see (which is almost everything in the game by now) was programmed by someone in their spare time. There's likely a good reason adjusting the RGB of dynamic lights isn't currently accessible in ACS, but if you hop on over to the ZDoom forums or even the ZDoom Discord, that'd be a good place to start.
  10. Bauul


    My numbers might be out of date, but I believe Joel has streamed about 80-90 maps so far. Anthropophagus said around 300 have been submitted, they've reviewed around 250, and excluded about 27. So once they've finished reviewing all 300, we're looking at about 260 ish total maps. So that's about 180 more to go: in other words Joel's about 1/3 of the way through.
  11. @Xcalibur I personally think it is an over-reaction to change the terminology, but after wading through 3 pages of your tin-foil-hat "muh liburtees" the-evil-leftists-are-coming-for-us-all nonsense, I want this change to happen purely so it'll piss you off more. At the end of the day, this change is driven by wholesome reasons: trying to be nicer to your fellow human being. I don't think it's necessary, but I can't angry at them for doing it.
  12. Is this one if those things where people have been actually upset by it, or is it more that some other people think some people might get upset by it? There does seem to be something of a rise of "pre-emptive political correctness" these days.
  13. Bauul

    how to set a light color/intensity by script

    F3 is your friend. You can search for all kind of specifics using it.
  14. Bauul

    how to set a light color/intensity by script

    I've always just set up multiple lights with all the colors I needed, and then used Thing_Activate and Thing_Deactivate to turn on just the colors I wanted.
  15. I haven't extracted the Quake models to have a look, but I think you're vastly over-estimating the fidelity of the animations. The original Quake monsters were very blockely animated. I recall the Ogre had about four frames of animation for his entire chainsaw swing. It's likely a little more than a Doom enemy, but not by much. Modern Quake source ports added interpolation which estimated smooth movement between the key frames, but that's all a much later addition. In the original engine they moved like stop-motion characters. Have a look at this play-through in (at least something close enough to) the original game engine, and see how low FPS the monster movements are.