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  1. MrFlibble

    This is the game I'm making using Freedoom's assets

    I think it would not be much of a problem if there were more alternate sprite sets for monsters than Freed∞m needs. I mean, they could be used by modders in other projects as well if you're willing to contribute. Personally I'd be interested to know what alternate designs you come up for monsters.
  2. MrFlibble

    Final Release ?

    The Phase 2 IWAD contains the extra textures from the Final Doom IWADs so if you make maps with the Phase 2 texture set they might be not compatible with any of the original commercial IWADs. The earlier releases of the Phase 2 IWAD contained placeholders for some of the Final Doom textures (e.g. the plain texture that says tnt in your screenshot), I'm not sure if they have all been replaced with original work by now. There are also extra textures from the Aquatex set which can be used in Freed∞m but obviously not found in any official IWADs. To sum up, you can expect the textures to be updated and/or added to both Phases, so if you want to make a map that is Doom compatible you need to take care not to use any textures that are specific to Final Doom IWADs and/or the Freed∞m project. Or, you could just add the missing textures from Freed∞m's set to your PWADs (since they're freely redistributable) to make them Doom-compatible. I'm sure there must be some reference on which textures belong to each of the Final Doom IWADs but I can't find the specifics ATM.
  3. MrFlibble

    [WIP] Some sprites, nothing impressive I'm afraid

    I like your take on the pillar, albeit it would be nice to have a look on it in-game. As for the Octo the tentacles that come from the model are visibly very rough on the edges. I understand that this is still WIP but unless you come up with a way to reconcile both art styles there's quite a noticeable clash between the upper hand-drawn body and the lower pre-rendered tentacles. At least, this is how it feels to me :) I'd rather prefer if you just made the whole model into a set of sprites, Doom 64 style, as was originally suggested. Would be pretty interesting. BTW does the model actually have any animations? I have too vague an idea of how Blender works, but IIRC raymoohawk commissioned the model to use as a reference for animation frames of his hand-drawn version.
  4. MrFlibble

    ROSS : my little FreeDOOM-based packages

    A while ago I played a number of PWADs with Freed∞m and I was somewhat not quite comfortable if there was edited art from the original Doom but maybe it's just me. Perhaps I just wanted levels with different theme that would be more about aliens than infernal dimensions. Anyway, I do believe that PWADs that focus on a more sci-fi theme, or generally themes that are different from Doom's default texture packs, are more interesting to play with Freed∞m.
  5. MrFlibble

    Age of Empires 2 DE gameplay

    I love it how they added damaged states to the buildings and also those detailed crumbling animations.
  6. MrFlibble

    ROSS : my little FreeDOOM-based packages

    I think it's a nice idea to have a library of PWADs to be played with Freed∞m, especially if those have themes that fit well with Freed∞m's art.
  7. MrFlibble

    Finishing Raymoohawk's Nukeptile

    Excellent news indeed! Also don't forget that he did some textures, some of which aren't used in the project AFAIK (or were those for Zauberer?) Is he planning to ever come back to the unfinished sprite work himself? BTW, there was an Octaminator model made by another artist at raymoohawk's request a while ago (for spriting reference), do you think it could be useful? I think you're mixing this up with the Golem replacement from Blasphemer. The Dark Soldier was indeed conceived and created by leileilol as a gargoyle (apparently it was inspired by a character called Firebrand). It was supposed to be an imp replacement but came out too tall. In fact, the v0.7 IWAD contains the original version that is taller than the current one, it could easily be a Baron replacement on its own. I believe someone else then edited leileilol's sprite into what it is now, adding the rocket launcher worn on the neck like a pendant. (I can't find that thread right now). I did some digging, the Golem replacement in Blasphemer is called cawibouk, made by bigprojectalone. It was suggested by raymoohawk. I remember there actually being four variants in the sprite sheet, which I cannot find ATM.
  8. MrFlibble

    A bit of lore

    I just had a cursory glance over the document, it seems like you did a good job bringing together the various lore bits that have been discussed here over the years, and expanded upon them. Nice.
  9. MrFlibble

    Freedoom Instruction Manual

    I think it would be neat if the title screen pic on the first page of the manual was in the correct aspect ratio... or maybe just use the high-res version that should be floating around somewhere here still.
  10. MrFlibble

    Finishing Raymoohawk's Nukeptile

    All this talk made me think about other assets that have been posted here as tentative contributions to the project. There are at least several instances when someone made something and showed it in the forums, but that particular asset was never submitted to the repository and never accepted or rejected (via GitHub or earlier repository management methods), and only exists as a post here. Suppose someone wanted to use that asset in a project or create a derivative work? It's always nice to contact the author, but what if that is for any reason impractical, and the author explicitly intended the asset as a submission? Does the Freed∞m license extend to such contributions, or are they stuck in some kind of limbo? Same about incomplete/WIP assets that have been for all intents and purposes abandoned by their original authors.
  11. MrFlibble

    Hexen Neural Texture Pack

    I've just thrown together a quick guide on how you can produce very acceptable upscales with ESRGAN and custom-trained models. It does not produce the same results as Gigapixel and/or NVIDIA but they're pretty accurate to the source material and require almost no manual editing to get the sprite masks. Here's what you can get with Hexen sprites (3x upscale):
  12. MrFlibble

    Finishing Raymoohawk's Nukeptile

    It would be wonderful if we got some word from raymoohawk in any case. The problem of course is that even if an e-mail notification arrives from a ZDoom forum PM (I think such notifications be turned off in the user profile settings though) there's still no guarantee that it will be received and read, and even if read, that there would be any reply any time soon.
  13. MrFlibble

    Finishing Raymoohawk's Nukeptile

    I'm sorry, I didn't know about that. But it has always been my impression that this is how the project flows: every asset contributed to the pool may be then altered by other artists if the need arises. I understand raymoohawk has a right to his work, as an artist and ethically speaking, but by contributing to this project he tacitly subscribed to this kind of design philosophy. After all, he could've made the missing frames afterwards the way he had seen fit, and replaced your temporary placeholder frames in the subsequent builds. From the community standpoint it seems much better than to hold back an upgrade because it is not yet complete. I'm not arguing against trying to contact him - on the contrary, I fully agree that this is the right thing to do. But, considering that the reply might take super long, a provision should be made for a time period after which a different course of action should be decided upon if the reply does not materialise in a reasonable time frame. That is why it would be a good thing to be clear on the licensing terms of the unfinished assets. Surely the creation of derivative work based on partial sprite sheets, made in good faith, cannot be construed as harmful to the original author if it does not break licensing?
  14. MrFlibble

    Official History of Chex Quest

    Also the ending states that the HD remake is "coming soon". I thought it was abandoned but apparently it's not: https://ru-ru.facebook.com/ChexQuestHD/
  15. MrFlibble

    Official History of Chex Quest

    It's the same version from Chuck Jones' website. But the poster is nice, haven't seen that one before.
  16. MrFlibble

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    I think I slightly improved the method for getting clean sprite outlines for 2x images: Basically you take the ESRGAN 4x result, make a copy in mtPaint, apply Kuwahara-Nagao blur, convert to original palette and scale down to 2x (it will be nearest neighbour by default because it's an indexed image). Then you make another copy, scale it down to 2x using Sinc3 or Bicubic, scale back up in mtPaint using nearest neighbour, and apply all the same steps as above (Kuwahara-Nagao blur etc.). So now you have two 2x Kuwahara-Nagao'd images, paste them one over another without the background (or with the background colour set to transparency) using any method you choose so that basically you get a blend of the two. Save this image and then open in GIMP, select the background by colour and increase selection by one pixel, then copy onto the image scaled down to 2x using some normal method like Sinc3.
  17. MrFlibble

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    What models are you using? I've found the Cartoon Painted and MyManga109 models from here to produce very good results. Cartoon Painted was trained on images scaled down with nearest neighbour instead of bicubic and can do sprite edges very well. I ran your test batch of sprites through an interpolation of Cartoon Painted 80k with the default ESRGAN and got this: 4x upscale output scaled down to 2x I did some pre-processing on the source image, namely I scaled it up 4x using xBRZ, applied Gaussian blur at 1 pixel radius in GIMP and then scaled it back down to original dimensions with Sinc3 interpolation. To create transparent background, I made a copy of the ESRGAN output image, applied Kuwahara-Nagao blur at 2 pixels in mtPaint, then converted the image to the original palette. Then opened up both the original upscale and its Kuwahara-Nagao counterpart in GIMP, used the select by colour tool and clicked on the background (I used this colour as background). Then increased selection by one pixel and copied the result to the non-Kuwahara-Nagao image. Deselected, clicked on the purple background again and deleted it. For the 2x image, I first scaled down ESRGAN output to 2x with Sinc3 in GIMP, then made a copy and scaled back up to 4x with nearest neighbour in mtPaint. Made another copy of that and applied the same Kuwahara-Nagao steps as described above for the 4x image. Scale back down to 2x with nearest neighbour in mtPaint before deleting the background. (Hopefully this explanation is not very confusing) UPD: It seems that the MyManga109 model (also interpolated with ESRGAN as explained here) produces slightly better results, at least noticeable with Doomguy's face: scaled down to 2x The steps to produce this are the same as above.
  18. The chaingunner looks like Samus Aran in the second shot. Also it's kinda hard to judge sprite quality when you have xBRZ scaling on IMO.
  19. MrFlibble

    D4RKP1G Stuff (Sprites, Edits, Etc...)

    What's with all that desire to replace the current shotgun? I think Sodaholic/Blastfrog did a fine job with the current one. If we ever want a replacement badly (which I'm not sure why we should because Soda's shotgun was made specifically for the project by digitising a photo of a real prop/toy gun, just like the original Doom's shotgun), we can just straight use Eriance's version after removing the UAC logo from it (like it was done to the Super Shotgun and the BFG). There's still quite a lot of art in Freed∞m that is in a real, objective need for improvement, wouldn't it be better to direct the efforts towards those assets? Like, the improved Combat Slug sprite sheet is still incomplete, same with Haaslok's circular saw (which looked really good IMO), the Archvile replacement is still in limbo as well AFAIK. In fact, there was a lot of stuff that was started but never completed. The Arachnotron could use some polishing too, just like the slug.
  20. MrFlibble

    so does anybody know any anti narrative games recently?

    At least two game genres should qualify: open world RPGs and all the various space mercenary/trader sims. I gather "sandbox" is a good keyword for a search. I'm not very knowledgeable about the latter but there's a developer called Star Wraith 3D Games that has been focused on these space mercenary games for quite a while (but I haven't checked out the more recent instalments). You do contracts for interested parties (mining, combat, escort etc.), upgrade your ship with the money earned, etc. etc. I think there are some of these space games that have top-down view instead of the 3D cockpit view typical of the space combat sims. MobyGames has a game group for this kind of gameplay (both 3D and top-down). As for RPGs I heard that Age of Decadence is the kind of game where you have a living world and the player character isn't the central point of the plot; various factions you can join (or unwittingly antagonise) but not sure if the level of freedom is the same as with Daggerfall.
  21. MrFlibble

    Two small sprites

    Hey, those are really good! Thanks!
  22. MrFlibble

    Another DooM 1 Remake

    I played the bit of E1 just now (with Freedoom IWAD in MBF), liked how the style is consistent and decidedly un-Doom-like. The details are a bit Spartan but they work, overall it reminded me of HacX in some places.
  23. MrFlibble

    Hexen Neural Texture Pack

    Topaz Gigapixel seems to be pretty much hit & miss with some features like skulls, the Gargoyle doesn't really look good either.
  24. MrFlibble

    Hexen Neural Texture Pack

    So you're doing this with the ESRGAN + Manga 109 model? Do you use any kind of image softening to get smoother results? A while ago I discovered that waifu2x does a way better job at scaling sprites on an empty background (and generally makes all sorts of curves smoother) if you soften the image before processing by first scaling it up with xBR or xBRZ (doesn't make a difference as far as I can tell) four times and then down to the original dimensions with GIMP's pixelise filter (a step by step description is provided here). It is now confirmed that the same method allows to achieve smoother results with ESRGAN too, compare the same image from Kyrandia with and without prior smoothing (sorry, Imgur auto-converted these images to JPEG due to their size). It does eat up some detail though. Also, if you're registered at the ResetEra forums, could you please ask if anyone would be willing to train a model specifically on high-resolution video game sprites and not on JPEG-mangled Manga images like the current Manga 109 model? It's quite realistic to get around 100 high-res sprites in lossless quality (it is my understanding that Manga 109 was trained on some 100 images), I have provided some examples here.
  25. MrFlibble

    A moment of silence please

    Have these sites been archived to any extent by the Wayback Machine? Even if not it would make sense to keep a listing of sites that have gone offline, if only to preserve their memory/knowledge that such sites existed.