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  1. Congrats on the release!


    I played a bit through Phase 1, everything is nice but there's one thing that is kinda noticeable: C1M1 extensively uses the Aquatex texture set but the subsequent levels in the episode revert to the stock textures. There's nothing wrong with it per se, but I think it would be wonderful if Aquatex assets were used more frequently. I believe they could nicely work to create a distinct techbase kind of style that is different from vanilla Doom's, with a more Quake/Quake II-ish vibe of sorts.

  2. 3 hours ago, Gez said:

    In a perfect world, Quake should have shipped with two versions of the UI elements, one intended for square pixels and one intended for rectangle pixels, using one or the other depending on resolution.

    Or rather, probably it'd be low-res UI with aspect ratio compensation, and high-res UI for 640x480 and above for 4:3 SVGA modes.


    Curiously such a setup is not that rare with mid-90s flight sims that supported both VGA and SVGA modes, but for FPS games I can only think of SkyNET, Scorched Planet (the high-res UI is for 640x400 though) and Descent II, the latter two being vehicle shooters. Everything else just keeps rolling with a 2x nearest neighbour scaled-up version of the UI/HUD, except the Build engine games do apply aspect ratio correction to those.

  3. On 10/3/2019 at 9:05 PM, sweety80 said:

    In Wolfenstein 3D TC, I converted the original file to TOPAZ GIGIAPIXEL

    I checked up your uploaded assets, but frankly Gigapixel is not even remotely suited to process sprite work. Here's a comparison:


    Your Gigapixel result to the left, centre is ESRGAN two-pass (meaning I scaled up a 4x upscaled image to get 6x the original size) with an interpolation of Fatality and Rebout models at alpha = 0.5, and to the right is xBRZ. None of the look particularly good TBH but xBRZ is the closest to the original art while Gigapixel introduces a lot of noise and distortion while not even being able to properly process the sprite edges.

  4. I haven't played a lot of Duke3D user add-ons, but I really like Infinity: Secrets of the Acropolis (although I only played the first level). Personally I have a soft spot for Ancient Greek settings (love Will Rock), and the design is really good as far as I can tell. This is from the same team that made Twin Dragon for Shadow Warrior.


    Also The Gate seems like a cool add-on episode.


    Out of new ones, be sure to check out Alien Armageddon, and it is also my understanding that AMC TC is worth checking out.

  5. On 5/29/2019 at 4:29 PM, elend said:

    But those Strife sprites look really great. It seems that their original pixel art style lends itself nicely for upscaling.

    It isn't really related to the original art; it's how the model is trained. There are newer models compared to what I have used, which produce very good results, and without the need to pre-process images as I described in my previous post.


    Here's what I got from an interpolation of Fatality, Rebout and DeToon models (details here):


    And here's the same model applied to pre-rendered sprites from Doom 64:


  6. The truth of course is that, plot or not, both Master Levels and Final Doom were intended to be expansion level packs to satisfy the players' hunger for more Doom action in a time when it wasn't as easy to download tons of user maps off the Internets as it is now. Whether these expansions added to the lore of the game or contributed to a consistent storyline was of secondary priority, in particular considering that the plot wasn't that important for Doom (as per John Carmack's own words).

    There's also a certain level of "flexibility" to Doom's characters and settings. I mean, if you want to you can easily imagine for any PWAD you're playing that the face you see on the HUD is a completely different square-jawed space marine and not the main character of the first Doom game. In fact, some PWADs explicitly state that, including the Lost Episodes of Doom. Similarly, depending on a map author's intentions, the monsters may be reinterpreted as mutants or aliens, or whatever you like. At any rate, the Doomguy is supposed to be the player (or vice versa), simple as that.


    The canonicity problem could have arisen if there was a sequel, a direct continuation of Doom II or Final Doom that would somehow contradict the events or storylines of these games. But since the subsequent titles were reboots this was never a problem. Also again, the plot and setting of Doom is such that you can basically fit as many more levels and episodes let's say between Doom and Doom II as you'd like. The Ultimate Doom's fourth episode is a simple proof of concept for that, and Sigil fits there just as perfectly (oh, BTW I love it how John Romero adds these cool lore snippets like "glitched teleporters", "Hell cracks" and other stuff). Also don't forget No Rest for the Living, I've no idea where it gets put in, story wise.

  7. Well, here's what the id Software website had to say on the matter back in 1996:


    Doom II: Hell on Earth, the record-breaking sequel to Doom, has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide. This time there's a new scenario, more realistic 3-D graphics, spine-chilling new sound effects, a pulse-pounding musical score, nearly twice as many death-wielding demons, more levels and a powerful new weapon. The ever addictive and frighteningly realistic world of Doom is back. It's bloodier. And it's deadlier than ever.


    Situation Analysis:

    After days of fighting in space, you've returned to Earth only to find the situation is no better than it was on Mars. In fact, it's worse. The hell-spawned hordes are everywhere. Billions are dead. The few remaining survivors have planned to travel into space and save what's left of the human race. Unfortunately, the Earth's only transport has been taken over by flesh-eating mutants. You have to go back in action. Otherwise, humanity is history. [source]



    This is it. The end. The end of the undead marines, the acid-drenched hallways and the hell-spawned hordes. The final chapter in the legendary Doom series. This is Final Doom. It's two new 32-level episodes complete with new stories (The Plutonia Experiment & Evilution), new frightening realistic graphics and new pulse-pounding music. It's time to finish what you started. Final Doom. End of story. [source]


    The wording of Final Doom's description is extremely circumspect but it clearly implies that a) this is the official continuation, and ending, of the story and b) that the player character is the same ("It's time to finish what you started").

  8. On 7/19/2019 at 2:52 AM, bpeterson said:

    Well, apparently I'm a liar, because here's more BON1*0 stuff that isn't simply relocating a symbol on the HD version. Oh, and for consistency, MEDIA0 and STIMA0.



    I think the pink-brown pixels on the left (I have trouble identifying what that part of the bottle is supposed to be except it seems to be a LED indicator of some sort) kinda clash with the green pixels because they were initially supposed to go hand in hand with red lights, not green.

  9. Are the health bonuses supposed to be turning upside down, or the green cross is moving down?


    Anyway, I believe that the latest version of the H mark bonus pickups made by raymoohawk are just perfect.

    On 7/10/2019 at 11:05 PM, Starman the Blaziken said:

    As you now get me thinking of the oldest available release of Freedoom… Those sprited 3D models of the long buff boi centipedes, and half eaten foating bowl of upside down tentacles and it's cooked brother, looked rather weird as placeholder monster designs at the time.

    I'm very nostalgic about these. I remember not liking the orb monster at first, and wishing it replaced (thanks to raymoohawk for making it happen!), but now it seems pretty fine to me.


    In fact, if you compare the old Freed∞m art to that of some less well known 2.5D FPS games that came out in the 90s after Doom, like Quiver, which is actually not as bad as it might appear at first, or the even less appealing Angst: Rahz's Revenge, you'd probably agree that the old versions of Freed∞m are in fact pretty decent on the visual side.

  10. On 7/11/2019 at 6:08 PM, crazyflyingdonut said:

    And yet, no new version has come out since 2017.

    You should download automated nightly builds, these have the most up-to-date stuff.


    The fact that there have been no new "official" releases doesn't mean there's nothing going on on the development side.

  11. REKKR was recently praised for, among other things, clever rebalancing of the weapons and monster behaviours that effectively produced a completely new game as opposed to "just" a Doom mod with a different theme. I wonder if something similar has been done for vanilla Doom/Doom II, in particularly if accomplished via DeHackEd patches and not using any source port enhancements?


    I mean, I have played some PWADs that replaced a weapon/monster or two, and also there are some tweaks in both HacX and STRAIN, but can't remember/don't know anything of the same scale as what REKKR does, in terms of actually altering gameplay and player strategies by reimagining both the player's arsenal and monster roster. Any suggestions?

  12. The low-res pillar looks like it could've been scaled down with nearest, with some jaggy and uneven edges.


    During my experiments with neural upscaling, I've come to avoid nearest neighbour exactly because it produces unsatisfactory results when it comes to any kind of symmetry of shape. In my attempts at producing 2x upscales from 4x ESRGAN output, the best solution (as explained in the thread I linked to) seemed to scale the image down to desired proportions with Bicubic, then in mtPaint apply Kuwahara-Nagao blur at 1 pixel radius and then convert the image, again in mtPaint, to the target 8-bit palette. That would produce a mask with good sprite edges, then to be copied over the original scaled-down image (pre-Kuwahara-Nagao blurring). I think that this might work with other types of scaled down images too.

  13. I think it would not be much of a problem if there were more alternate sprite sets for monsters than Freed∞m needs. I mean, they could be used by modders in other projects as well if you're willing to contribute. Personally I'd be interested to know what alternate designs you come up for monsters.