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  1. Speaking of which, does anybody know of a way to restore this effect in the ZDoom port family? The pickup flash there has been changed so that it no longer "stacks", meaning that the pickup effect is always the same duration. Same with when you get hit extremely hard (Cyberdemon rocket). I remember seeing red screen for several seconds and that duration seems to be clipped in the Z ports. Even the intensity of thr Berserk effect seems toned down. Couldn't find an option that would change this. Does a mod exist that restores the original "screen tint" behavior?
  2. idbeholdME

    Chainsaw appreciation thread.

    I vastly prefer it over the fist, especially with fast monsters, where triggering pain on enemies is much more valuable than normally. Fixed blockmap bug is a given though, would not touch it in the broken vanilla.
  3. idbeholdME

    Specters are too invisible! How to fix?

    Oh yeah. The ZDoom family fuzz effect does not mimic the vanilla exactly, but produces a vastly superior gameplay effect (IMO at least). Really makes Specters seem like ghosts in dark areas and gives even more value to the Light Amplification pickup.
  4. idbeholdME

    on secret hunting

    Not only hump but chainsaw every wall as well while doing it. Also shoot any walls you can't hump for good measure. You never know if a random wall might be a shootable trigger.
  5. idbeholdME

    Specters are too invisible! How to fix?

    I find the invisibility effect to be by far the best in GZDoom. The vanilla one in software renderer. The result is awesome. They are easily visible in brightly lit areas but nearly invisible in dark areas. Not sure how GZDoom exactly achieves it. Probably scales the effect into high resolutions? One of the few things which I consider a genuine improvement over the original Doom where the Invisibility effect didn't really serve any purpose (never had issues seeing them back then). It made the Specter levels in the 1Monster.WAD some of the most memorable I've played and in general, -fast Specters in dark areas are a genuine horror experience now where sound is your best bet for telling that there might be Specters around. No idea about how other ports handle the fuzz effect though.
  6. Not a specific WAD, but when I started playing with Fast Monsters exclusively. That forces you to train your reactions and movement a lot.
  7. Awesome. Now to find out who was the architect of the building :)
  8. idbeholdME

    How do you launch your favorite source port?

    All wads dumped into a single folder on the desktop with a GZDoom shortcut in it which I drop stuff onto. Minimum amount of subfolders, mostly just /COMPLETED, where I dump the WAD once finished and once a year or two, a new folder /NEW XXXX(Year). Mostly just a complete mess, but it's my mess and I like it.
  9. I can, but I'd say I have about 75-80% success rate in "real life" situatios. When a Cyber lives through 2 shots, I usually finish him off with a Plasma burst or SSG.
  10. idbeholdME

    Do you love killing pinkies using the super shotgun.

    Originally, yes. Pretty much exclusively, as it was the most fun way to get through what is probably the most useless enemy in the game. But ever since I started playing only with fast monsters many years ago, I quite often prefer the Chaingun or Plasma Gun. The fast monsters change turns them into actual enemies and the painlocking of the fast RoF weapons is often needed to not get mowed down by large groups very quickly. The SSGs fire rate becomes too insufficient in many cases.
  11. idbeholdME

    SSG Addicts Anonymous.

    Don't forget that it actually has magical properties. You feed it 2 shells, and it spits out almost 3. But the main reason I use it is because 95% of mappers oversaturate most maps with shells, big time. That combined with the SSG math of 2=3 makes it simply too ammo efficient to not utilize. If they had made the SSG shoot 14 pellets instead of 20, I don't think people would be addicted that much. I think they intentionall made it a bit OP to promote the "shiny new gun" in Doom 2.
  12. idbeholdME

    Bits of doom that are scary?

    A long time ago, the starting area of The Crusher used to be such an area for me. Combined with a very bad CRT monitor where everything looked way darker than it should be, randomly stumbling into the revenant in almost complete darkness was not a pleasant experience.
  13. idbeholdME

    Archvile appreciation post

    Cool concept, but a bit weak unless used as a long distance zoning turret or out of sight reviver. Way too long attack animation renders him harmless for a long time and the damage can be ignored simply by breaking line of sight at the explosion moment. Used to be scary, before I got good at Doom. He should have had a minor damage over time during the wind up of his attack before the explosion. The most interesting thing about him is the way his targeting works. Even during channeling of his attack, he turns on whatever hit him last. So being careless with your shooting is the most dangerous thing about him as a stray bullet hitting him in the late stages of him channeling an attack on a different target means instant blast in the face. Especially when combined with the lowest pain chance in the game.
  14. idbeholdME

    Longest Doom break

    I played Doom when I was like 5 or 6 years old. All I remember after was occasionally playing Doom 95 in years 2000-2013 and only really came back in 2013/14, when I discovered source ports, ZDoom specifically, as I was looking for a way to fix some Doom bugs, especially those in Doom 95. So it was not 14 years completely without Doom, but extremely occasionally and not consistently. I went through a ton of megaWADs in years 2014-2020 or so. Since then, I haven't really played, giving the community time to create more megaWADs before I come back again. I think I might do it next year.
  15. idbeholdME

    Most frustrating gameplay moment in Doom

    I want to do horrible things to every mapper that puts a green armor in spots where you can't go around it but have to go that way to progress in the map, forcing you to downgrade your 95% of megaarmor to the shitty regular armor... I'll let you guess what I voted :P