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  1. idbeholdME

    which monster do you hate the most?

    Normal speed Demons/Spectres. Because of how absolutely useless and non-threatening they are. With fast however, they are some of my favorite.
  2. idbeholdME

    Is using SAVES in Doom bad?

    Even better one - are you actually getting better or did you make it through only because you already died 5 times in the level and know where everything is beforehand and just had to tediously replay nearly the entire thing several times? Also, saving is not a problem. It's when you obsessively load because of every single mistake. The proper term should honestly be load-scumming. Doesn't matter if you make 100 saves a second when you never load one.
  3. idbeholdME

    Do you strafe run to the left or to the right?

    To the right mostly because that was the only direction that it could be done on keyboard only controls. Old shitty keyboards would always beep at you if you tried ALT+SHIFT+Left and Up arrows. Ever since I got a mechanical keyboard with no input limit where circle strafing to the left is possible, I've been trying to incorporate it into my gameplay, but breaking years and years of habit has proven quite difficult. Not to mention I find it much more difficult to actually perform with my fingers.
  4. idbeholdME

    Can former humans be saved?

    Probably not so that the body would survive. Their bodies don't look irreversibly banged up in the original Dooms, but they most likely don't eat, drink or sleep and are just driven by the possessing force. So if the evil could somehow be expunged, I don't think the body could recover. And other than physiological effects, we have absolutely no idea what other effects the possesssion has. The "soul" of the human in question is most likely destroyed or completely expunged. Lost Souls have to come from somewhere, right?
  5. Because the infinite respawn just changes it into a speedrunning game. I like exploring the levels, hunting for secrets etc. Nightmare only allows for one playstyle, and that's speed running. Without the respawn, it is a great difficulty and the only one I play Doom at. Can't really remember the last time I played normal UV.
  6. idbeholdME

    How is your control (keys+mouse) setup?

    Keyboard only, default bindings. The only thing I sometimes do is unbind Caps Lock because I hate accidentally turning on the run toggle.
  7. UV -fast. Can't stand how uselessly slow pinkies are on anything else.
  8. One of the few enemies that has staying power and acts as a very good ammo sink. With how oversaturated most WADs are with ammo, they definitely have their place. Also, due to their relatively small size, you have to be semi-close to one shot them with the BFG. Medium range is a gamble and you are mostly at the mercy of RNG for the main projectile damage. 5-6 rockets is also a very high amount of punishment. Hell needs its tanks, not everything has to die in 3 SSG shots/rockets. If I had to make a change, it would actually be to the Hell Knights. Always found it weird that they do the same amount of damage as Barons. Should have been around 8-64 instead 10-80 of the Baron.
  9. While not the main focus, having a reason to be doing whatever it is you are doing in a game is very important. Even in something like Serious Sam. I would like it much less if it didn't have at least some story elements. Same for the story screens in Doom. Environmental story telling is also an option. The first Unreal did this extraordinarily well. Otherwise, I might just as well be playing a randomly generated, infinite sandbox FPS game over and over. But about Doom specifically, I hated what they did in the nu-Dooms. UAC is now comic book level villain and "Doom Slayer" is just a "ME SMASH" character. The only point in Doom 2016 where he has shown any semblance of a character was when making a backup of VEGA.
  10. I vote for hitscan Lost Souls.
  11. idbeholdME

    Make Your Own Doom Cheat Code

    IDASSIST - Spawns a friendly Cyberdemon IDPINBALL - touching a wall instantly launches you in the opposite direction at the same same speed you touched it. Also works on any projectiles, which will keep bouncing until they hit something that is not a wall. I have been summoned.
  12. idbeholdME

    What is your favorite "chapter" in Doom II?

    If I go simply by the percentage of the maps I consider good/like playing per "episode": 1 - 8/11 - 72.7% 2 - 7/9 - 77.7% 3 - 6/10 - 60% So City barely ekes it out with a better ratio over Starport for me. Bonus levels are left out. Detailed dive would probably be different and I'd have to weigh the highs and lows of each episode to land on some "definitive" personal score.
  13. idbeholdME

    Was Doom Meant to be Harder?

    I play most of the 90s FPS games on keyboard only. Duke, Blood, Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Shadow Warrior, you name it. And it stuck. Playing these games with a mouse just doesn't "feel" right to me. And yes, not having to use a mouse is comfortable in a way. One of the main limiting factors used to be the fact that I couldn't strafe run to the left (so SHIFT+ALT+UP+LEFT) due to cheap membrane keyboards beeping at me because of the input limit. Even worse if I had to shoot in those scenarios. Got a mechanical keyboard mostly just for Doom and that took care of that issue. But still, circle strafing tightly to the left is much harder on keyboard only than to the right, most likely because I spent years and years only ever doing it to the right. As for efficiency, I've yet to encounter a level I couldn't beat on keyboard only. The closest was one level in a megaWAD (can't remember which), where you had to race to the end of the level before getting crushed by a voodoo doll. Had to redo the previous level and end it with 200/200 to be able to make it. Would have probably been possible without damage with a mouse. But regular combat? Nothing unbeatable yet.
  14. idbeholdME

    Was Doom Meant to be Harder?

    Depends. I used to struggle when I was a kid and played Doom 2 on keyboard only. Couldn't even strafe properly. These days, I still play keyboard only, but play pretty much everything on UV-fast, even custom WADs. The difference? The amount of time played and practice. Back then, Doom was something pretty much never seen before. Now I have thousands of hours played in various FPS games, be it keyboard only or WASD + mouse, that I find Doom on anything but UV-fast somewhat boring.
  15. Shotgun, simply due to consistency. 10-80 of the main crossbow bolt is too wild, compared to the 35-105 of the Shotgun. The two side bolts are also mostly aesthetic, deal pathetic damage (2-16) and have a tendency to fly wherever. The damage is fine relatively speaking, considering the much lower HP pools of Heretic's enemies, but the Shotgun is also hitscan. So the Shotgun wins easily.