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  1. I know how to handle a my BFG, so no need for instructional videos. I have faith that in lab conditions, anyone would be able to do that. Let's just say that for me, it is easier to one shot a SMM in a hectic fight. Don't know if it is because of ZDoom, but in most cases one point blank shot kills it and I can rely on it happening most of the time. Just run up and hit it. With Baron, you have to be precise due to his relatively small size, which you cannot afford in many situations.
  2. I'm starting to get the feeling that this question cannot be answered as it is, because we have too many unspecified variables. Namely: - 100% clears YES/NO - pistol starts YES/NO - is -fast on YES/NO - saving allowed YES/NO These all would somehow change the final answer of many people I think.
  3. Doom 1: Dis is simply disappointing. No contest. Doom 2. Several contestants, but The Focus wins due to the wacky music. Other contestants were: Bloodfalls, Barrels o' Fun, Tenements, Nirvana, The Catacombs
  4. The small size of the Baron requires you to be at or very near facehugging distance to down him reliably. It happens more often that not, that he survives a shot if you are any further away (depends mostly on the damage roll of the shot itself, not the tracers). Simply put, you cannot guarantee his death in one shot once too many tracers start to miss. And it is this uncertainty that is dangerous. Yes, he might die in one shot, but there is a good chance he will survive it. It is definitely more of a gamble, at least for me, to try to one shot a Baron than a SMM. And believe me, on -fast, getting to a reliable one shotting distance of a Baron without getting hit is not as easy as it might seem, especially in confined spaces. The spider on the other hand is so huge, that most of the tracers hit it anyway and yes, I play with the blockmap bug removed, so unlike the Baron, one shotting SMM is reliable.
  5. If going for 100% kills, definitely M1. The Baron trap requires you to save as much ammo as possible and forces you to squeeze as much value as you can out of the few rockets you get, maximizing the splash damage. The only level in the entire Doom, where it is a big deal if you miss even a single shotgun shell and actually have to manage ammo strictly. Makes for one of the best levels of Doom 1. M2 was hard, but only on the first playthrough of the map I ever did many years ago. Once you know what to do there, it becomes relatively easy whereas M1 is always a nice challenge.
  6. True, it is very close in Doom 1, but I still wouldn't say they are medium tier. Again, 100 HP is very close, but just not enough and still goes down relatively fast and easy. If they had 125, then I would definitely give them the mid tier status. I'd rather put Demons and Spectres there that can somewhat regularly survive 2 shotgun shots. But due to the limited roster in Doom 1, I can definitely see how they could seem like a mid tier monster. I may also be conditioned by Doom 2 too much....
  7. All the enemies having too low HP is a big problem in Duke Nukem3D. Everything dying in 1-2 shotgun shots takes away a lot of variety and fun from the game and noone besides bosses can survive a single shot from the RPG (only assault commander sometimes can). Classifying Lost Souls as a mid tier monster has to be one of the funniest jokes I've heard in a long time. And why is it such a problem that it can survive a shotgun shot anyway? I see this thing come up all the time on Doomworld and can't get my head around it. It is the same as saying that a mancubus shouldn't be able to survive 3 rockets. Completely pointless. About the whole "Baron affair". It is actually nice to have a monster that can take a beating. Is he mostly harmless in most situations? Yes. Does he harm you in any other way besides HP? Yes. He takes a lot of ammo to kill and is harder to one shot with a BFG than a spider mastermind. That is his place in the game. That and him being a target you can't quickly get rid of. I'd rather remove the spider mastermind than Baron of Hell if I had to choose between the two.
  8. Double click when it is only a single file, or drag & drop on the port executable if multiple files. Using ZDoom.
  9. I don't remember how I felt after meeting most of them for the first time. The one I remember however, is D'Sparil. On Black plague possesses thee, he is absolutely insane. One of the toughest boss fights ever. Not because of him, but because of the rate at which he spawns his disciples. He is mostly annoying, because he avoids a lot of the damage you send his way with his teleports and the fight is basically a race against time to see if you can kill him before the disciple count reaches critical mass. Many hours have been spent, before I made my finally victorious attempt as one of the tens of disciples finished him off with a stray projectile. I couldn't even stop moving at that point, because I would die instantly to the wall of projectiles behind me and was one hit away from death. I didn't even notice he died at first. The incessant spawning of minions was kind of annoying, but the feeling after he died was that much greater for it.
  10. I remember in Daikatana in some level (something like a crematorium or a church), there played a slowed down track from E1M1.
  11. It was not all bad, C&C Tiberium Wars and the expansion was good and Red Alert 3 was still workable (besides the art style and dumbed down mining). But I agree, Twilight was equivalent to jumping off a very high cliff and the series died right there. Very painfully I might add. Here is a very good video both for those who never saw any C&C before and dedicated fans. Fans will know most of it already, but there are some tidbits here and there that even I found interesting. EDIT, EDIT, EDIT: Apparently, they made an improved version of the video, that I haven't seen yet, so just replacing the old one with the new one. I also hold BfME1 in very high regard. One of the best games from EA ever. But yes, it is an unwritten rule in the gaming industry that whatever great series EA touches will go down sooner, rather than later. They just took some time with C&C. I think we can be certain with one thing. EA will not make another C&C game anytime soon and they obviously don't care about the franchise anymore.
  12. Or keep playing, just something else. There are so many great options worthy of a playthrough. Just for example. FPS: Blood, Shogo, Duke (1,2,3D), Wolf 3D, Z.A.R., Terminal Velocity, Serious Sam RTS: many C&C games, Age of Empires 2, Warhammer 40K Dawn of War, The Battle for Middle Earth RPGs: Baldur's Gate, Icewindale, Divinity 2, Witcher, Fallout (1,2), Overlord, Diablo (1 & 2) Platformers: Comander Keen, Dangerous Dave (2 and further), Biomenace (permanently free on GOG btw) and many, many others. Naming all of them would take a looooong time. I personally find Carmageddon 2 very relaxing.
  13. I should have put "sarcasm off" after the first paragraph. Simply put, no need to make the game easier than it already is.
  14. How about giving all hitscanners laser pointers so you know where they are aiming all the time like everybody does with enemy snipers these days. Also a projectile indicator, so we don't have to worry about situational awareness. And a radar with enemy positions and some kind of "vision" ability, that lets you see enemies through walls. Seriously, games need to start getting harder again, not easier.
  15. Played on nightmare and it didn't seem like it. Right after the animation ends (when you still can't move), yes, but not during it.