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  1. Maybe because Doom 3 is a prequel, to Doom 1 and 2. You know, the first appearance of demons, start of the demon invasion.... Anyone? Hello? Plays out as if they "never happened" doesn't mean that they can't come after. Could be just a marketing thing they said for people to not expect Doom 3 to be a sequel to the first 2. Source would be nice. Vague about what? I didn't get that vibe AT ALL. All i got was: Start of the game - "DOOMSLAYER ANGRY!!! DOOMSLAYER SMASH!!!!" - hint at a smidgeon of personality when making a backup of Vega - End of story.
  2. idbeholdME

    Why do people care about FPS past 120?

    That is true for movies. In PC games however, you are not bothered by the limits of physical hardware, such as cameras. Once you reach high enough framerates (60 is easily enough for this from my long experience with gaming), gimmicks such as Depth of Field or Motion Blur have just one effect. The final image looks like shit. This is most obvious in console ports, where you usually have to do some workaround to disable them, as these "features" (as the apologists usually refer to them) are enabled by default with no option to disable them. You have to do an ini tweak or add a command line parameter etc.. They usually forget when porting games to PC, that those do not have shit hardware that can't even reach stable 60 FPS. Simply put: Motion Blur is used to mask low framerate. Is used in movies and should be used ONLY in console games, that are locked to 30 FPS for that "cinematic" feel (as an Ubisoft dev once put it, ROFL). Also MIGHT be useful for people with garbage hardware to make a game feel smooth enough to play. People with average and better hardware are better off disabling this as soon as they can. Depth of Field is probably the most redundant "feature" ever, because the game can't possibly know, where on the screen you are focusing at this very moment. Needless to say, that your eyes facilitate this effect on their own as they can't focus on the whole screen at once, resulting in blurry and smeared image everywhere except the middle of the screen. The first thing I do with any game is check wether these 2 are on and disable them immediately. Why would I voluntarily lower my image quality? TLDR With high enough framerate (45-50+), Motion Blur loses all benefits and only hurts your final image quality.
  3. idbeholdME

    infinite lost souls yes or no?

    The room is completely full with Lost Souls so most participants almost can't move, akin to being tied down: CHECK A very large amount of torture and violence is distributed to most participants in the said room: CHECK (it is actually lethal to most of them) Copious amounts of grunting and pain sounds are constantly coming out of the said room: CHECK (you even have Pain Elementals saying "Ow!!!", yet they continue spawning more and more Lost Souls until they are eventually unintentionally eaten by their own children, so they obviously enjoy receiving pain to an extreme degree(being Pain Elementals and all)). Probably one of the most fitting definitions I've ever thought of. With the activity being lethal to most of the participants, you could even add "hardcore" to it.
  4. idbeholdME

    Why do people care about FPS past 120?

    60FPS is sufficient, but higher FPS is definitely noticeable. Nevertheless, going beyond 120/144 is pointless IMHO. All it does after that is tax your hardware needlessly for pretty much no increase in image fluidity and, of course, bragging rights (some people will judge your worth as a gamer based on your FPS count....). I think that a 1080ti and a very good 120/144 Hz monitor should last you a lot of years from now in terms of image quality.
  5. idbeholdME

    How did you react when you first gazed upon the SSG?

    I don't remember anything special. Mostly, it felt like just another gun for me. Probably because I played Doom 2 first, so I had no point of reference before using it the first time (as it is in level 02).
  6. I 100% take Doom 1-2-3 as a single timeline and it fits in nicely, going chronologically 3-1-2. Doom 4 is completely separate from everything and is a definite reboot, no question about that.
  7. idbeholdME

    infinite lost souls yes or no?

    There is no limit. The more Lost Souls, the easier it is to get full value out of BFG. Nothing better than cleaving your way through hundreds of Lost Souls with the BFG to that bastard group of Pain Elementals that caused all this. And if all else fails, you can usually just wait it out before they cannibalize themselves and eventually even their mothers in the complete clusterfuck that usually ensues once you provoke them. It is really relaxing to look at the monster/kill count on the automap go up by 40 or more every second and listening to what is basically BDSM demon orgy in the room that contains the Pain Elementals. Open spaces however, are a nice challenge in monster management and require you to eliminate the Pain Elementals ASAP, before the situation goes FUBAR.
  8. idbeholdME

    What is your favourite secret Level?

    From most favorite to least favorite. Doom 1 E4M9 - the most complete secret level of them all. E3M9 - interesting experiment. E2M9 - short but sweet. Also probably the most redundant exit puzzle ever. E1M9 - feels like someone's experiment with mapping that got made into a full map. Doom 2 Map32 - a nice replication of a Wolf 3D boss. Map31 - the doubled scale doesn't play well at all.
  9. Just stumbled upon this and thought I would leave my take on things here. I think that the UAC let him live. They did not kill him, at least not immediately, because his experience would be an invaluable commodity to the UAC. They would definitely keep tabs on him, so that the fact that UAC performed ridiculously dangerous experiments that could threaten humanity as we know it wouldn't go public. They'd probably offer him an extremely high position in the UAC hierarchy and if he refused, just lock him up / warn him that if he spills the beans, he and everyone he knows would be terminated. As said, this is not the rebooted UAC which is basically a cult worshipping Hell, but just a massive company that dabbled in very dangerous research of teleportation and accidentally tapped into the Hell dimension. This was made even worse by the fact, that the research was headed by the magalomaniac Dr. Betruger. But the main question is, where did they go after the end of Doom 3? Did they leave Mars immediately and went to Earth? Did they stay on Mars for a while? This is very important, because some time after this, UAC sent a team to investigate why the moons of Mars also went silent and it all proceeds to the events at the end of Doom 1. If the marine from Doom 3 returned to Earth, he was most likely killed in the invasion that started at the end of Doom 1. So the key question is, how long is the period between Doom 3 and Doom 1 and where he is at the moment Earth gets attacked.
  10. idbeholdME

    What nicknames do you have for monsters?

    I do have some, but they are based on my first language and thus, don't make much sense for anyone that doesn't know it. The others are just their shortened full names. Nicknames Cacodemon - would read something like "Cacoush", with the "ou" sounding like saying "Oh". So "Cac-Oh-Sh", if it was read fast. Written "Kakouš" in my language. Demon - "Piggy". "Prasátko" or "Prase" in my language. Arch-Vile - "Archie". Especially funny for fans of Red Dwarf. Also fitting, considering their high speed :D. Shortened Baron of Hell - just "Baron" Pain Elemental - just "Pain" Heavy Weapon Dude - just "Dude" Also the shotguns Super Shotgun - "Dvojhlavka" in my language. A shortened way of saying "Double-barreled". Shotgun - "Jednohlavka" in my language. Would mean something like "Single-barreled". The name offers itself because there are 2 shotguns in the game. Just saying shotgun could confuse some people as to which one do you mean. Another alternative for Shotgun in my language would be simply "Brokárna". This name just implies that it shoots shells. That is probably all. Everything else I refer to by its true name. Except for the obvious ones: Plasma Gun is just "Plasma" and BFG 9000 is just "BFG".
  11. idbeholdME

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I like spiders and always try to save them (throw them out of the window) when someone wants to kill them. I recognize their usefulness and in my country, none are even remotely dangerous, so there is no reason to be afraid of them. I also catch non-agressive and harmless insects (flies, bees, hornets and such) in a glass and release them outside instead of killing them. I will however kill mosquitoes, clothing moths and such other pests because they can cause damage or harm.
  12. idbeholdME

    Real Return To Castle Wolfenstein

    Return to Castle Wolfenstein is how you do a proper remake and modernize a franchise without absolutely killing the spirit of the original. It is a dictionary definition of a "perfect remake". The new Wolfensteins are garbage compared to this. The only flaw with it is that it is extremely easy no matter what you do and the scoped rifle does crazy damage for some reason. It should do the same as the unscoped version. This mod changes a little too much to my liking, but I would be all for the improved AI/increased difficulty portion of it. If only it were separate....
  13. idbeholdME

    Which all tracks from the soundtrack is your favourite?

    Only one and that would be Harbinger. Especially the calm parts that play between the fights in Argent Facility level. Also nice that in the "heavy parts" the Doom 3 theme is mixed in. Everyone seems to automatically go to BFG division, which just didn't strike me in any special way.
  14. idbeholdME

    Most favorite level from Episode 2

    Indeed, if someone says episode 2, the first thing I think of is Containment Area. It also has great music.
  15. idbeholdME

    So I'm doing a research project for college...

    1) 23, male 2) Czech Republic 3) Doom I, Doom II, Doom 3, Doom 4, a PC port of Doom 64, TNT + Plutonia and tons of community megaWADs 4) Doom II, mainly because it was the first one I played, but also because the new enemies give it much more diversity than Doom I. 5) Doom I - 9/10 - basically a revolution in 1993 Doom II - 10/10 - Doom I brought to perfection. (I am also not a fan of the philosophy that no game deserves a 10/10. I played a decent number of games that I would give a 10/10 to.) Doom 3 - 7/10 - kind of liked it, even though it plays differently Doom 3 BFG - 5/10 - didn't even finish it, degraded the Doom 3 experience a lot Doom 4 - 7/10 - full of MEH in general, but OK I guess Doom 64 - 5/10 - finished it just out of curiosity. Have 0 desire to ever come back. 6) Counting only official releases, none have dethroned the original two. 7) NO and NO. 8) Still one of my favorite shooters there is (the originals). Would pick it over 99% of the other FPSes. Dooms are in my notional "Hall of Immortals" as far as games go, along with other games I consider worthy. But it is important to say that they are NOT in the top spot for FPS (hence the 99%). My avatar might be a hint as to what game holds that top spot. 9) A departure from the original formula, yes, but done in a (for me) interesting way. I remember playing it some 10+ years ago and some parts definitely gave me the creeps. We get to know how the hellish invasion started and all in all, it is a nice prequel to the original Dooms. The game is extremely easy though and maybe a bit too long. BFG edition made it a generic subpar shooter. 10) I feel that source ports should definitely be noted in some way.