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  1. idbeholdME

    Most underwhelming weapon in Doom

    Going purely by the numbers, yes. I should have specified that I meant relative to the monsters you usually face in the respective game. Ophidian with its 280 HP is the toughest regular enemy you will encounter in Heretic (and only in the expansion episodes to boot), which is pretty weak compared to Doom 2, where you regularly encounter Mancubi (600), Barons (1000) and such. Even a Cacodemon with its 400 would be extremely tough if put into the Heretic bestiary. Killing an Ophidian with the Doom pistol would take only less than 3 seconds longer than with Wand due to the low HP they have. The Wand would not feel nearly as strong if it was put against Doom bestiary and the high HP of enemies in it is the main reason why Pistol is mostly useless.
  2. idbeholdME

    Most underwhelming weapon in Doom

    BFG vs Plasma BFG is useful only at a relatively close range due to the inaccuracy of the tracers. I use it more as a super powered shotgun. Unless there are literally hordes of enemies where the 40 tracers hit no matter where I shoot or an enemy absolutely positively needs to die in the next second (usually Arch-Viles), I prefer the Plasma. Pain-locks almost every enemy, very good DPS, and sometimes even gibs human enemies. Also safer on the ammo management since you don't have to swap weapons if you encounter a low tier enemy where BFG would just waste ammo. And you don't want to be switching weapons if you suddenly encounter a -fast Heavy Weapon Dude. And I am probably in the minority which actually likes the loudness of it :P. The only drawbacks of Plasma are the projectile width and that the shots have travel time. If a Cyberdemon is more than a short distance away, I just melt it with Plasma since it would take like 5 BFG shots to kill it from a range. Plus it's safer. Underwhelming Pistol and normal Fist. Berserk has its uses and Chainsaw can pain-lock a decent amount of enemies, basically a melee Chaingun. Pistol loses any and all point once you get the Chaingun. Feels stronger not because of the weapons but because enemies in Duke and Heretic have on average much less HP than in Doom. Almost all of Duke enemy roster can be 1-2 shot with the Shotgun. I can now play Duke 3D only if I give the enemies a 60% damage reduction. Otherwise it is too boring and easy. Heretic lacks regular tough enemies as well. I am always drowning in ammo. One of the main reasons I like Doom the most is that some enemies can actually take a beating, which gives it variety. The best weapon against Pain Elementals is the power of love. If you hug them, they are unable to handle the amounts of love you are showering them with, have an emotional breakdown and forget to spawn Lost Souls. Doesn't matter what weapon you are holding when doing so. :)
  3. Tons of old games are like this unfortunately. On Steam but missing from GOG. Usually because the rights owners have the mindset of PC = Steam and can't be bothered to release anywhere else.
  4. It is actually pretty common. I have heard it in so many games and movies over the years it's not even funny. And yes, my mind immediately goes to the Zombieman every time. Some other sounds heard regularly - Imp (Camel), Hell Knight (Panther)
  5. idbeholdME

    Default control scheme hand position?

    As a keyboard only player, I use this: Right hand - arrow keys Left hand: Pinky - left CTRL - shooting Ring and Middle finger - rest on shift, lift if you want to walk instead of run. Also used for automap on Tab. I guess I also use middle finger for selecting pistol and fist/chainsaw (rarely happens). Index finger - Alt for strafing and changing weapons from 3 onwards Thumb - Can also be used for strafing when you need to use the index finger for changing weapons (only in hectic situations where you cannot afford to let go off strafe key for even a moment) + Spacebar for actions. If you have a shitty keyboard, you won't be able to circle strafe to the left, only right due to the matrix layout of the keyboard preventing the input from registering. Get a mechanical keyboard to get over this issue. That's about it for me.
  6. idbeholdME

    What's the best gun in Doom II?

    I use every weapon except maybe the fist and the pistol When the going gets rough, I switch to the Plasma usually. Incredible DPS and the pain-locking potential is insane. The only drawback of the weapon is the projectile width, meaning it it is bad for shooting around corners. You have to expose yourself to fully make use of it. So not recommended against hitscanners :P
  7. idbeholdME

    Do anyone play on Nightmare seriously?

    Duke 3D is different because the respawning has counterplay. You can just explode the corpses and enemies won't respawn anymore. I finished all episodes of Duke 3D on Damn I'm Good and it was not that much more challenging. You just have to group enemies more and reserve pipebombs almost exclusively for exploding corpses. Also use Devastator on Octa-Brains (it always one-shots them and destroys their bodies). Most enemies in Duke 3D are also extremely fragile and ammo is abundant. Seriously, most of the Duke enemy roster can just be killed with 2 shotgun shots.
  8. idbeholdME

    Do anyone play on Nightmare seriously?

    Nightmare? No. Respawning basically makes the game into a speedrun, which I have absolutely no interest in. But Nightmare is also the reason -fast exists, which is the only way I've been playing Doom for many years now. Without it, the enemies pose little to no threat. -fast is what makes the game fun to me. When that Shotgun Guy doesn't hesitate to smack you immediately the moment he sees you, when enemies just don't walk around harmlessly all the time. When projectiles move faster than a snail. When Demons and Spectres are an actual enemy and not just a useless block of 150 HP on legs. That is when I have fun in Doom.
  9. idbeholdME

    Any peculiar Doom habits?

    Firing the BFG into the door, opening it exactly at the moment the tracers come out and immediately close it giving enemies no chance to ever retaliate. Repeat as many times as needed. Face rushing every Spider Mastermind I encounter with the BFG, killing them in one hit even if it is not the safest way to dispose of them. Rarely using plasma on anything that can't be painlocked. I'm trying to break my habit of only circle strafing to the right. I played Doom for the longest time on shitty keyboards which would not allow circle strafing to the left (due to the matrix layout of cheap keyboards preventing some inputs from registering). So ever since I got a mechanical keyboard, I'm trying to utilize circle strafing to the left. I have to actively think about it though otherwise I immediately fall back to "right only". I broke my habit of obsessive save-scumming (loading nearly after every hit) many many years ago and I'm glad for that.
  10. idbeholdME

    UV Continuous Play vs HMP All Pistol Start

    I play everything on UV-fast continuous (voted for UV Continuous). I like to view WADs as a whole, not disjointed levels that reset you after every single one.
  11. Turn on -fast and never turn it off. That will force you to get better in no time. The moment I did it, I never looked back
  12. Heavy Weapon Dudes. With -fast monsters, they are both dangerous but Shotgun Guys are fragile at least. They also have a small delay between shots even on -fast, meaning you will at most take one full blast at close range If a Heavy Weapon Dude surprises you at close range, you will lose a ton of health. On top of your screen constantly blinking red, they also have a lot more health, sometimes even surviving a normal shotgun blast. At lone range, HWDs are exceptionally annoying, even more so when they are above or below you and out of auto-aim range. Their constant inaccurate spraying is bound to hit you occasionally and they have much more chances to do so than the SG who might chip you with one of the pellets every 3 shots or so.
  13. idbeholdME

    Any good tips for secret hunting?

    Make use of the map. I play only with the Vanilla one and it is plenty useful. Pretty much everything has already been mentioned. So I will just add this: When everything fails, hump madly while chainsawing the wall and hope something happens. Also shoot anything that you can't humpsaw with the Chaingun. The worst of all are the secrets you only have one opportunity to get due to timings or you triggering it without knowing and it closes for good.
  14. idbeholdME

    What is your Doom canon?

    Main series chronologically. Doom 3 Doom 1 Doom 2 + No Rest for The Living TNT + Plutonia Resurrection of Evil The marine in Doom 3 is different from the one in the rest of the games. It all starts in Doom 3 (the first contact with hell dimension). Doom 1 starts while Doom 3 is still going and ends some time after Doom 3. It is still not known how the invasion affected the bases on the moons of Mars when Doom 3 marine gets rescued. Only that they went dark and haven't been heard from since. After he saves Earth and defeats the Cyberdemon general in NRFTL the marine is called upon yet again for "clean up" jobs in TNT and Plutonia. Hell is finally defeated. After the situation settles down, UAC decides to send a team back to Mars, 2 years after Doom 3. ROE happens with completely new protagonist. This is where my canon ends. One important thing of note is the first Doom book. It does a really good job of describing some of the locations found in the game and could be interpreted as a co-op playthrough of Doom 1. I consider the rest as (a) different universe(s).
  15. Pretty much this. If I had to choose between Serious Sam or Doom 2016, it would 100% no contest at all be Serious Sam. I don't even remember how many times I've played through all the games (except SS2 but luckily, they are planning a remake of it). Can't wait for Serious Sam 4 to come out. I played through Doom 2016 twice and couldn't force myself to finish the 3rd playthrough. Haven't come back to it since. I might get Doom Eternal on a sale sometime after it releases but definitely not buying it on release.