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  1. idbeholdME

    When to Pistol Start?

    Continuous is the normal for me in Doom and every other game. I see pistol starting just as a challenge you can do on the side, definitely not the default. Playstyle aside (everybody can play however they want), I have to disagree with this. Using saves has little, if any, effect on the ability to improve. Dying by itself should be punishment enough and tell you that you need to do something differently. I don't like having to waste time replaying the last 20 minutes just to have another try at a problematic part near the end of a level. You get better by practicing the parts that are difficult for you, not replaying the same thing you have already memorized perfectly and beat over and over.
  2. idbeholdME

    Sector type 14

    Sounds like a different version of the sector used for the timed secret in Monster Condo.
  3. idbeholdME

    Anyone got any tips for getting better at Doom?

    Play, then play some more, then play some more, then.... You get the idea.
  4. idbeholdME

    Selected Thoughts on SSG Placement

    SSG is the main weapon of everyone and their grandma simply because it denies the laws of mathemathics. Ever since it arrived with its 2x7=20 formula, the shotgun ammo has been disproportionatelly powerful. I have a feeling that Id did this simply because they wanted to be sure it would always kill Demons at close range in one shot but forgot about how omnipresent shells are. Combined with the biggest ammo pickup in the game (one box gives you 20% of the max ammo capacity), it is logically the go to weapon in most cases.
  5. idbeholdME

    Why Weren't Heretic 3 and Hexen 3 Made?

    Pretty much, although the ending of Portal of Praevus again left it open for a potential sequel. But that would be stretching it at that point.
  6. I always save before navigating/exploring near radiation pits from which there might be no escape, so no. If there is something in there or a way out, I keep playing. If not, I just load a game. Simple as that. No cheats.
  7. idbeholdME

    Little things that lightly annoy you in Doom?

    Of those not mentioned yet: If you ever place a normal armor in a way so that it can't be walked around, I will hate you eternally. Nothing makes me want to rage-quit more than having to swap 97% of blue arnor for the shitty one with only 33% reduction with no way around it.
  8. idbeholdME

    Which sourceport do you use the most and why?

    Can you explain? I recently swapped to GZDoom from ZDoom after a long break. What is the difference in RNG between the two?
  9. idbeholdME

    When did you find the Map Markers useful?

    Knew about them and been using them since forever. Only on large maps though. Locked doors, ammo/supplies or yet unreachable things (like a weapon raised on a pillar so I don't forget about it). Really handy feature. The ability to make custom marks on the map should be included in any game that has a map IMO. Doom has spoiled me in this regard and it always makes me sad when you can't mark spots on the map in newer games like a huge RPG with a massive world for example but you could in Doom, a straightforward FPS from 1993.
  10. idbeholdME

    What are your preferred visual settings?

    I actually got the answer like 3 weeks ago on ZDoom forums but thanks nonetheless. No idea why I didn't try looking it up before on the wiki.
  11. In Duke, even the shotgun feels like an overwhelming superweapon. Everything has so low hitpoints it can 1 to 2 shot the majority of enemies. It is my one major gripe with the game. The complete lack of variety in monster toughness. Also always full on ammo for the weapons except for the one I'm currently using. When I play duke these days, I have to give the monsters 60% damage reduction in EDuke to have fun anymore. That way, Pig Cops occasionally survive a single rocket. It still one shots most everything else. Octabrains are programmed to insta-die when directly hit by an explosive so it doesn't matter. Doom still has the best enemy roster I've seen in an FPS game and the Rocket Launcher is balanced perfectly.
  12. idbeholdME

    Doom Unity(rerelease) VS GZDoom

    Good thing I stumbled upon this thread. Has been a while since I played and it seems like the time to finally upgrade to GZDoom from ZDoom. It now even has built-in option to disable translucency :O. As someone who has been on ZDoom 2.7.1 for the longest time, it is a massive upgrade And yes, just tested the map in the video in the latest GZdoom and with the vertical thrust from explosions disabled in compatibility options, the Cacos stay in line.
  13. idbeholdME

    Which way is it???

    I've never seen the full artwork until now, not gonna lie...
  14. It was in the original, yes, but I think the limitation was there to make sure PCs wouldn't catch fire at that time and not a specific gameplay reason. All it does is make Pain Elementals unusable in large maps. Even in the Doom 2 IWAD, you can easily stumble upon Pain Elementals which are sterile from the start (The Pit). I see no reason to not to play with unlimited Lost Souls these days since even ancient PCs can handle hundreds of Lost Souls easily now.
  15. Many a times did an infighting -fast Pain Elemental make me pull out a BFG to deal with the cloud of Lost Souls. And nothing makes me beeline towards a Pain Elemental faster than seeing it begin infighting. They can be an incredible ammo drain if left alone for too long. And I would not have it any other way. The amazing dynamics of the possible combat scenarios is what keeps me coming back to Doom.