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  1. idbeholdME

    How do you tackle levels that you can't beat?

    So many factors play a role in Doom it's quite difficult to give specific advice. Positioning (player and enemies), area layout, available supplies/weapons, current health/armor, luck (eating that max roll Revenant missile), enemy composition, infighting opportunities, weapon choice etc. If you can't do it automatically on the go, just scout the scenario that is giving you issues and think about all the possible factors and how to leverage them to your advantage. Other than that, you have to just practice skills like movement, aiming, knowing when to go in or retreat etc. Without practice, you won't get better.
  2. Interesting stuff. The results confirm what I've observed from my -fast gameplay. The Cacodemon and Demon benefit the most in their combat effectiveness. In the case of Cacodemon, it's because of their very short attack animation, allowing them to spam projectiles quite quickly and Demon because of the speed increase of course. Also, the only thing a -fast Cyberdemon can struggle with is a knocked back Cacodemon in a huge open area. The Cyber can't hit him as the Caco auto-dodges everything while spraying the Cyber constantly. Anything else gets absolutely annihilated. But yeah, this test is just one of the pretty much unlimited number of possibilities for combat scenarios. Even slight changes in the distance or arena layout can produce vastly different results. Which is why Doom's combat is so great.
  3. idbeholdME

    Preferred WAD difficulty style?

    Generally scaling upwards the later the map is. I expect level 27 to be much harder than level 5 for example. That is not always the case, but I prefer when it is done that way, otherwise it feels like regression.
  4. idbeholdME

    How do you personally play doom?

    GZDoom, keyboard only, UV -fast, continuous, save whenever. GZDoom is set to everything vanilla except bug fixes, limit removals and disabled infinitely tall actors. 2560x1440, 240 FPS. Play pretty much only megawads. No mods, sprite replacements are the biggest change I am willing to play with.
  5. idbeholdME

    Your doom head-canons?

    My chronology is: Doom 3 + The Lost Mission Doom 1 in parallel with Doom 3 once the invasion starts Doom 2 No Rest for the Living TNT Plutonia Resurrection of Evil - killing the man who started it all makes for a great ending. Featuring a total of 3 characters. The marine from Doom 3, Doomguy for Doom 1 all the way to Plutonia and the guy from Resurrection of Evil that eventually kills Maledict. Doom 64 and nuDooms are not connected with any of that.
  6. idbeholdME

    Best way to play Hexen in 2021?

    The only really bad one is the first hub. On my first playthrough back then, I got stuck there for a couple of hours before stumbling on how to proceed. But the hubs after that are not that bad.
  7. idbeholdME

    What do you think is the worst Enemy in Doom II?

    Spider Mastermind. The hitbox size just makes it pretty much useless. Dies by itself whenever there is a lot of enemies because it provokes them with the extremely innacurate hitscan spray and can't dodge anything. Extremely easy to one shot with the BFG because of the size and the tracers always hitting. Extremely clumsy.... a size reduction would definitely help.
  8. In Czech, ZVZ 9000 would be more accurate. Specifically, "Zasraně velká zbraň", instead of "Velká zasraná zbraň". The first one puts emphasis on the big part, the second one (the one from translate) puts more emphasis on the fucking, and the meaning is more in the lines of the gun being very bad.
  9. idbeholdME

    Cursed Doom Images

    This is definitely cursed, but that's because of the fugly default brown on brown on more brown automap color scheme in GZDoom and realizing some people actually play the game like that :/
  10. idbeholdME

    Any tips to beat Icon of Sin?

    Just practice. Easiest way is to save on the elevator and keep reloading until you get a shot in. Repeat 3 times, you can be done very quickly. Or even better, keep reloading, until you manage to get a shot in on the way up AND while dropping from the elevator. Then you can be done in only 2 trips. The key setup part is getting on the elevator at the right moment. Lower it and get on the moment it starts going up. That way, you will avoid every projectile coming your way. The only enemies that you should really concern yourself with are Arch-Viles (which make shooting the Icon pretty much impossible) and Pain Elementals (the Lost Souls have a tendency to annoy you/ruin your aim at the worst time).
  11. idbeholdME

    What powerup would you want IRL?

    I'll consider only power-ups. Assuming they'd be permanent, I'd avoid invulnerability like the plague. Unless you actually want your eyes burned out of your sockets that is... Everything being fullbright inverse monochrome except the sky would be a heavy price to pay indeed. People saying Radiation Suit, I don't think you'd want to rely on a leaky suit to protect you from radiation. Near strong sources, a 2.3% chance every second of radiation leaking through that would shorten your life-span by 20% is not something I'd bet my life on. Partial Invisibility would be a weird one. Nobody would ever know what you actually look like, just a shimmering blob, the visibility of which depends on the surrounding illumination. Could be useful for some night ops, but that's about it. Light Amp Visor - not sure how you'd manage to get any sleep with everything being fullbright forever more. Berserk... not sure I'd want to risk that. Megasphere and Supercharge - Could be an option if it doubled your life expectancy. Assuming 100% health is normal, living ~150-160 years could be an enticing option. But only if it also slowed down ageing by the appropriate amount. There are way too many unknowns about how exactly do these spheres work, so it would not be that clear of a choice to me. If I had to choose one on the spot, it'd probably be Computer Area Map. The ability to know the layout of any place before you even enter... it seems like a very good thing. Assuming you count Earth as a single level, I'd probably take that. Although a magical backpack, that would allow me to carry double of anything I could normally carry, could be a nice option too.... So yeah, either Computer Area Map or the "Doubler" backpack.
  12. idbeholdME

    save spamming while playing

    Saving the game never is, never has been and never will be cheating. It is a basic game funcionality that shows me that the game respects my time. Checkpoint only saves are the bane of existence, as well as any other non-player controlled system. Spamming saves does not mean you are "save scumming", unless you are actually loading them. And if I had to constantly replay a piss easy part just to have another go at the difficult fight 20 minutes into the level, I'd rather stop playing.
  13. idbeholdME


    Yup. The vast majority of things have an option in GZDoom. I also use strict Doom as a base, just with a couple of things changed. I always recommend everybody new to GZDoom: go through all the options (in the advanced menu) one by one, just so you know what's available to you. Chances are that what you want is in there somewhere. From big things like hitscan behavior or infinitely tall actors to things like enemy bahavior when you have partial invisibility or whether drops from enemies do that annoying hop or spawn on the ground like they're supposed to, it's all there.
  14. idbeholdME


    Been ZDoom, swapped over to GZDoom after ZDoom was parked. All settings are set to vanilla behavior, except for the annoying things. So I play with no infinite height, infinite Lost Souls and fixed blockmap bug. My cousin uses LZDoom on a Windows XP PC due to performance.
  15. idbeholdME

    Is DOOM 3 Cannon in the Doom Universe?? D:

    In my canon, Doom 3 is the starting point, yes. Where it all began. Then Doom 3 and Doom 1 run concurrently some time after the invasion starts.