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  1. I have to disagree. Everything except maybe an Arch-Vile is much more dangerous with -fast. Especially hitscanners. Without -fast, I can take a nap before a monster projectile reaches me and that Heavy weapon dude is just parading before me instead of unloading his gun in me. And whether a map is beatable on Nightmare is entirely a question of playstyle, which in this case means mainly speedrunning. I'm sure I would be able to to finish Doom and Doom 2 on nightmare. Do I want to? No. I see no point in rushing the levels instead of actually playing them. "Damn I'm good" difficulty in Duke is okay since there is counterplay. You have to use explosives to destroy corpses so they don't respawn.
  2. Given that I despise speedrunning in general, I have to say no. I like a tough but fair challenge (hence why I always play UV -fast) and infinitely respawning enemies doesn't classify as that. Especially when I have to 100% kills/secret every map, otherwise I wouldn't have played the map to its full extent, which would bother me. Nightmare = speedrunner's wet dream, not a difficulty. It would have been perfect if they didn't put in the ridiculous respawning.
  3. Even though I finished Doom 64 some time ago out of curiosity, I don't remember pretty much anything from it as it was completely boring and uninteresting to me. So I have to ignore the Unmaker (don't think I even found it during my playthrough). My vote goes to the normal fist. It is completely and I mean COMPLETELY useless once you get the chainsaw and is only used when completely out of ammo. I would try to progress by initiating infighting or try to find a crusher before trying anything with the fist. Pistol at least gets the occasional use of saving a bullet or shooting a switch or a secret wall.
  4. Yup, keyboard only. Would have to do some testing with a mouse to find the best control scheme. I have tried Doom with a mouse once, but immediately went back to keyboard only and stayed that way ever since.
  5. The way I look at it, my left middle and ring fingers have nothing to do and having them on shift gives pinky a good access to ctrl and index finger has access to alt. So it is much more convenient to only lift those two fingers when I do need to walk. If the run was default, I would have to keep 2 fingers constantly in the air which would get tiring quickly. So I actually have run speed as default, but I toggle walk when I lift my fingers off the key, not press it.
  6. My left hand has been doing this since I learned to control Doom properly on the keyboard, some 13 years ago and have no problem whatsoever. And yes, walking is actually useful in some instances. On topic, I have to play on UV-fast no matter what. I just can't help but facepalm when I see enemies that are just walking before me and doing nothing to threaten me instead of actually attacking me. And there are no words to describe the uselessness of pinkies and spectres when on normal speed. After all this time, if I play without -fast, it just feels like the game runs in slow motion (besides the player of course). Same case with Heretic and Hexen on anything but the hardest difficulty. But I do not judge anyone, play on what fits you, not what someone tells you to play on.
  7. Because it is outclassed in every aspect by the plasma gun, besides long range sniping and being hitscan. That alone makes the chaingun have an important place in the game, as it is the best weapon at dispatching distant immobile high priority opponents, but otherwise, the weapon is mostly just meh with at best mediocre DPS and inefficient ammo usage. Besides the occasional painlock which eats way too much ammo anyway on anything tougher than a caco, it is simply a full auto sniper rifle. I don't get the people that say they use shotgun for sniping, since chaingun is clearly the superior tool for the job. To be honest, I think my least used weapons in Doom 2 are pistol and normal shotgun which is used just for niche things like firing through narrow slits and killing weak humanoids in one shot and saving a shell instead of wasting one with SSG. But shells are so omnipresent in most wads it really doesn't matter at all.
  8. Never touched brightness in any WAD I played. An example of a very dark level done right is 1Monster WAD level 15. Best used spectres I have ever (not) seen. Going purely based on audio made for one of the best Doom experiences I have ever had.
  9. Have to give it to the plasma gun. The overpowered SSG (mainly the damage to ammo ratio) is for your normal non-threatening gameplay. When the going gets hard, the plasma gun can get you out most of the time with the very decent sustained damage and guaranteed painlock on anything that is not a baron, hell knight or cyberdemon due to the very high attack speed. It usually interrupts arch-viles before their attack finishes and is great for sniping Spider Masterminds at extreme ranges. It is ideal for situations, where SSG is either too slow or inaccurate, but also don't deserve the BFG. Plus, it has a great, powerful sound and the feel of it is just perfect. Close second is the rocket launcher because of the high rate of fire, explosion sound and gibs.
  10. Definitely the infinite height actors. The blockmap thing is more of a bug so I'm not sure if it belongs here. (Luckily, ports fixed this) Next would be the very limited number of save slots. (Again, fixed by ports) The excessive randomness on damage rolls is kind of annoying. But seeing other games (World of Tanks, pretty much any RPG in existence etc.) it is not exactly archaic. Obnoxious? Yes. Archaic? Obviously not. I am not against a certain small-moderate degree of randomness, but in Doom and WoT, it is WAAAY too much. And regarding the control scheme, I for one cannot imagine playing without having to hold shift to run. It would completely throw my game off if I put it on always run. And playing Doom with mouse is akin to heresy for me.
  11. Completed several times on UV -fast. Played with saves, no pistol starts. Even though it is considered difficult in general, it is more of a cakewalk compared to some newer WADS. (Off the top of my head Alien Vendetta map 26 is the hardest I've encountered yet. Map 30 of Plutonia 2 is disgusting too.)
  12. Thanks for the superb explanations. About the last point: Is there a way to make ZDoom regenerate the table after loading instead of saving the RNG state when a savegame is created? Maybe some hidden option I don't know about? Or is it hardcoded and impossible to change? I am aware of how the original table works, that you can change it by doing different things to change the random number as many calls are directed to the same table. The thing is, in ZDoom (the port I use), the scenario cannot be altered after loading a save (at least not easily, without quitting the game). That is pretty much my only gripe with this otherwise great port.
  13. I have a few questions regarding the P_Random tables and ports. This topic seems like it is full of very knowledgeable people about the subject, so I will ask here. 1) In vanilla Doom, are all the calls going into only one P_Random table or are there more than one? 2) If all ports deal with this random generation by their own means, how much do they differ from the original? What other methods for handling this problem (random number generation) are used in other ports? I remember reading that ZDoom for example, implemented multiple tables for different things going on in the game, consequence of which is for example that after loading a game, a zombieman (or any other hitscan attack) will always hit you for the same damage no matter what other things you do. 3) Is there any consensus in regards to what method of number generation is the best for Doom? I read that the original one is faulty and many of the values can never even be picked at all. The ZDoom method doesn't seem the best to me as it makes the game predictable to a certain degree and removes a lot of the dynamic. Example: get killed by a revenant missile that dealt 80 damage. Load a save and now you know you cannot get hit by a revenant unless you have over 80 HP, whereas in the original, he could do different damage after loading a game.
  14. Hmmm... not bad. I heard Doom and Heretic, what else is on the playlist? Can't listen much right now, but will definitely check it out later. PS Well, what do you know!!! Apparently, liquiddoom is a czech site and I never heard of it until now, even though I am from the Czech Republic.
  15. I listen to the Doom midis regularly, either the original ones or the ones I liked from the various custom WADs I played through over the years. Some tracks are just perfect. Off topic: Someone should really start a radio station dedicated to music from games IMHO.