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  1. So suddenly I wanted to stir up Mario =) Mario level starts at 0:50. This bonus level was carefully calculated by brick in Mario and recreated in the Forestale. The music is honestly downloaded somewhere from internet, but it is only for video, in the game other music not related to Mario. :(
  2. New boss skill, this "laser" turn on when boss angry(if player hit boss). Soon i made sound for this boss. https://youtu.be/4a9Ysya_7RY
  3. New boss skills, this very hard to defeat :)
  4. You will show me your game? You also develop platformer?
  5. Thanks for the answers, this will help me. update I drew such an not intricate UI for the last boss .. He will have 7 lives (against a maximum of 5 in the main hero) The boss himself will be treated periodically, and in general it is quite complicated already now + the mechanics of the boss damage itself is not simple. In short, the nerves are lost =)
  6. Thanks. It's just that sometimes the development alone is too heavy, and in steam are so many games. I'm afraid at the time of the release the game will last only a couple of hours on the first pages, it's all in the way upsetting. Whatever it was, I was already rested from the development and did not make the game for about 2 months, worked as a 3d artist in another project. Now I'm starting to edit bugs. Not long ago I updated the collision with the help of one good programmer =) And I have a question about the price .. For example, for the countries of Russia and Ukraine, I know a comfortable price, which is not great, but not small. But for Europe and the US and other countries I have no idea = ( Some advised to put $ 9 arguing that games that cost $ 5 are mostly too cheap games are often not playable or too old. What do you think, is the price comfortable / good?
  7. I am in a rather depressed state because of the time spent on the development of the game and the result of which I wanted to achieve, on this I think if the game does not have prospects, then nothing should be added. I think I will be able to see the prospects a month after the release. The game either will be liked, or not .. cardinally there will not be anything to alter, but not large edits and bug fixes will of course still be. At the moment, the main problem is the low FPS, which is why my hands are falling.
  8. I have made a Steam page for the game, now you can subscribe to news and updates on Steam, and also add the game to your wish list and join the community. https://store.steampowered.com/app/817220/The_Forestale/ Animation was created when there was a version of GZDoom 1.8 and the addition of even more animations, caused strong brakes. and now it's too late to add something
  9. Just played on the laptop for 40 minutes. and recorded gameplay, played with cheats because I go through the game already in 1001 times and bored to pass again, sometimes it's easier to cheat for tests. The video recorded different levels, acts, bugs .. Monsters in the stone level are badly killed for some reason, the boss of the stone level is not generally available =) In general, who are interested in watching, i want hear your's opinions, etc .: I have a smartphone with OpenGL 2.0 I also tried to play the game on the android delta touch, but alas still do not show 3d models = (
  10. I think about $ 5. But I'm not sure yet.
  11. Thank you very much for your kind words :) The game was supposed to be released already .. But I still have very little time for its revision. I already bought "Steam direct" for the game and I think in a couple of months I'll create a page in the Steam with a accurate release date. Regarding optimization .. On PC better than: AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core 5200+ 2.70Ghz ram 4gb In theory, it will work with 60 and higher fps.
  12. Level design in gzdoom builder. Do u like this? :)