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  1. Koff3Katt

    New Heretic wad - The Cathedral & Catacombs

    Very nice! My favorite part is the second map's green door area! Really nice set pieces, engaging battles, and a secret hunt for sure. I've only encountered two bugs while playing though. 1. Music doesn't play for the two replaced maps naturally. 2.
  2. Hoo boy, was this map a wild ride! I need to find more like this short but with heart pounding action!
  3. I mean to be fair, most FPS' at that time were going to be similar, I feel that's more of system constraints than a lack of drive.
  4. Koff3Katt

    Why is Doom more fun than Heretic?

    If you haven't played Sold Soul yet I think you'll love it! Edit: Well, nevermind for you lol. Anyone else interested in challenging Heretic maps should try it out!
  5. Koff3Katt

    Which of The Following Weapons do You Use The Least?

    I'm in the same boat for saving cells for BFG when I have it so the poor plasma gun gets little love. I however do use my shotgun for weak enemies, mainly zombies and imps.
  6. Koff3Katt

    Why is Doom more fun than Heretic?

    (Quick 'n' Dirty post & some uncategorized ramblings) Hate to come by and be that guy™, but I feel that most people are going about playing/viewing Heretic the wrong way. For starters, I feel looking back at Raven's older title ShadowCaster is a good point for what they were going for. Heretic feels more like an evolutionary step over ShadowCaster than it does trying to be the next step for Doom, but of course, using the same engine muddles that IMO. Almost the same way Battleborn was unjustly compared to Overwatch, even though Battleborn was going for something different. Another point is how I've seen some go about Heretic's weapons and inventory. Most are holding onto the belief that the crossbow doesn't feel like a worthy Shotgun replacement. I honestly think of all the weapon similarities in Heretic; both the Firemace and Crossbow were not trying to replicate the BFG and Shotgun. Also, for those that hold onto excess inventory, please don't. You'll lose all but one anyway, so if you have excess Ovums, Tomes, and the like, then have at it. It'll make your encounters with enemies feel less like they're sponges and more like they're wet paper towels. Going into Heretic comparing it to Doom or expecting it to be very close to Doom will damper one's time enjoying it. I wasn't fond of Heretic many years ago before I figured out: I'm playing Heretic, not Doom. I think they both prove to be fun in their own ways, and if you like Doom's fun over Heretic, to that, I say RIP AND TEAR UNTIL IT IS DONE!
  7. Is this a place to talk about any crashes?
  8. Koff3Katt

    Thoughts On Hexen?

    A thought I've had is wondering why Raven felt the need to change the Bloodscourge for single-player. I don't know about modern source ports, but on the OG DOS version, the Bloodscourge fireballs explode on contact during DM against human opponents; this carries over slightly in single player as the fireballs explode on contact with the 3 class bosses and Menelkir's explode on contact with you. Of course for every other enemy they do minimal ripping damage and usually explode harmlessly on a wall. I often wonder if it was for balancing purposes but then the Wraithverge exists :/
  9. Fantastic music, excellent atmosphere, adrenaline-pumping action! I'm not one for slaughter, but I'm glad there are scaled-back endeavors like this for us not so slaughter-inclined players. Edit: I want to add, absolutely love the changes to the enemy and item placement between UV and HMP. It still keeps a healthy challenge and doesn't turn HMP into a bore like many tend to make HMP. A testament to the team's mapping prowess for sure!
  10. Koff3Katt

    PsyDoom 0.8.3 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    Went all the way back to version 0.6.0 as well as the option change to no avail. I might just rip my own PS1 Doom copy when I find it. Thanks for the help! I'll continue to look around the options ini. (Edit: Version 0.6.0 was the last version that I played that gave me no problems on my last PC. I'm also starting to suspect my new laptop might be interfering with Psydoom's launch but I'm not sure.)
  11. Koff3Katt

    PsyDoom 0.8.3 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    I'm having a weird problem with PsyDoom, wonder if anyone else has came across this as well. The application correctly reads the cue file and boots but is forever stuck on the first loading screen. Maybe a bad dump?
  12. Koff3Katt

    Favorite bits of [REDACTED] Doom History?

    Non-Doom related; however, I did find it interesting that in vanilla/chocolate v1.3 of Heretic (SOTSR) during deathmatch, a tomed firemace ball CANNOT kill a player using the ring of invulnerability, even though this has been stated to be the case in Heretic in general. Maybe it was possible in earlier versions, the same way the Life Leech in Blood doesn't have its namesake ability in its latest patch due to Monolith fearing balance issues.
  13. Koff3Katt

    Best Final Doom OSTs?

    Stands for Original Poster. Basically, who made the thread.
  14. Koff3Katt

    2021 Goals & Intentions

    Since I'll have a lot more free time on my hands I actually want to start mapping for Doom! I look forward to publishing my works here later down the line. I've shot around ideas on graph paper through the years but it'd be nice to make them more than just fleeting thoughts.