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  1. I found a bug in E2M6 - The Mad Mistress. You don't actually have to get the red skull to open up the red skull door. In fact, the door isn't even color-coded red in the automap.
  2. Plucky

    Shareware Strife songs!

    I don't think I've seen the Shareware songs uploaded before but they are now!
  3. Plucky

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    http://www.dangerousuniverse.com /wp-content/uploads/2015/10/tumblr_m6eoduaKz31rtviq3o1_1280.jpg doom egm cover
  4. Plucky

    DOOM for the switch?

  5. http://www.scent-88.com/
  6. I've noticed how a lot of problems arise for some people with the awkward vanilla controls these two games have. So I hope that this can help those people. First, instead of using W-S-A-D for forward/back and strafing I use S-X-Z-C. The reason for this change is because I normally use "F" and "R" to move forward and back through the inventory respectively and "Q" to use the selected item. However this cannot be done, Heretic and Hexen use special pre-binded keys to send certain players direct messages through multiplayer, "T" of course sends a global message while B-Y-G-R sends messages to the corresponding colored player (Blue, Yellow, Green, Red.). This is expanded upon in HeXen which supports up to 8 players and has a "White" character color which would make "W" the button to directly talk to them, getting in the way of walking with the "W" key. (I've tested this in Dosbox and Chocolate HeXen.) For selecting inventory I now use "F" (back) and "V" (forward) to compensate for the shift downwards in movement keys. I use "D" for use/activate (not items) I have to use "Enter" to activate items since I can't find a way to rebind it in the Setup.exe (Edit: I found out about "joyb_speed 29" just recently. Some information in this post has been updated to acommodate this new information.) For running I use the aforementioned "joyb_speed 29" trick. (HeXen only) For jumping I use the spacebar. For flying: I use "," to fly down, "." to fly up, and "/" to stop flying. Looking: "PGDN" to look down, "PGUP" to look up, and "Delete" for center view. I don't think I missed anything and I hope this helps!
  7. Zdaemon Mega CTF Map14? https://www.dropbox.com/s/31rhirnjxi1nr30/Zdaemon%20Mega%20CTF%20Map14.mp3?dl=0 I think it might be an Amiga MOD.
  8. Plucky

    Strife/Strife Veteran Edition players?

    I have started a Strife Team Deathmatch server from BE using select Vanilla maps.
  9. Plucky

    Strife/Strife Veteran Edition players?

    I shouldn't get too much lag from Canada, but I've played with a person from Australia on Duke Megaton and there was too much lag; sorry Superluigieth1. Nice to hear you play though! But there are Strife server(s) on Doomseeker in which I don't get lag, I only get lag if I play with people far away on certain games that use Peer-to-Peer connections. I'm thinking about hosting some BE Strife servers.
  10. Plucky

    Strife/Strife Veteran Edition players?

    Nice, I am looking for people to add and play Stife VE with! Question: Do you live in the States? I usually get massive lag during Peer-to-Peer multiplayer connections if not playing against someone in the US.
  11. Does anyone even play Strife anymore? Here's to hoping a few stumble upon this thread.
  12. Anyone believe that Bobby should handle the score for the new DOOM? I know it's probably too late since the game is nearing its release date in spring 2016 soon, but does anyone feel that he should\should have make\made the new DOOM's soundtrack?
  13. Just the unused taunts used from the game Atomic Bomberman. Could be used for any silly project like exosounds and whatnot. They could also be used as new taunts for ZDaemon, Zandronum, or whatever. Note that a majority of the taunts are repeated many times because of the fact they are said by all characters with different voices, some that you may recognize. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [NSFW] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0BlM70n4Yk [NSFW] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Plucky

    BTSX Savegame Buffer Overrun!?

    Yeah I loaded all the necessary files for Episode 2. EDIT: Turns out "btsx_e2a.wad" and "btsx_e2b.wad" both have a 2nd part as well (although I don't need to load btsx_e2a_b2.wad and/or btsx_e2b_b2.wad on advanced sourceports)