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  1. I have to correct myself. While the previous script has worked fine with ROCKETS from the rocket launcher, however it didn't replace the scorched texture that Imps, Cacodemons and other enemies leave on walls, which was my primary objective.
  2. Thanks for the DECALDEF code, I just tried it but it didn't work: upon explosion the "pigs" still leave the SCORCH1 texture on the walls, here's how I set it up in SLADE:
  3. So, for a brief summary, if I basically just want to replace the "rocket" bullethole decal with the blood splatter one, the DECALDEF lump script what would be ?
  4. Hey there, it's me once again with a new problem for my wad, first things first, monsters with "fireball" attacks will shoot out pigs instead (it's a reference from a video which this wad is entirely inspired) and I don't want the standard Doom black "post-explosion" bullethole, but some splattered blood instead (let's say the same that splatters when you get hit or hit enemies against walls). I can't find that graphic anywhere, I even browsed through the TEXTURES lump, but nothing, this decal graphic is nowhere to be found and I had no luck finding any tutorial either. http://img.prntscr.com/img?url=http://i.imgur.com/aXwDwSe.png
  5. For the intro music: First of all you need SLADE, obviously. Look in your IWAD (Doom or Doom 2.wad) for the lump D_DM2TTL or D_DMTTL depending whether you're using Doom 1 or 2 and copy it in your wad; once you're done that, right click it and import your MIDI file. Same thing goes for the intro picture, except you need to look for the TITLEPIC lump, the size of the picture you import in it doesn't really matter, just don't make it EXCESSIVELY huge. As for the "text", you have to copy the lump M_DOOM and replace it with a small picture (otherwise it'll be so huge it will eventually cover up the menu or get outside of bounds), don't forget to adjust its offset.
  6. I see, thank you guys :D
  7. I don't have such option in my Graphic submenu (SLADE 3)
  8. Is it possible to adjust the offset of monsters' projectiles on SLADE/XWE/DeHackEd ? Here's my problem: I am making a stupid test wad where I just want to replace a Cacodemon with a friend of mine's face, but the projectile isn't aligned with its mouth, is it possible to adjust it somehow ?
  9. Oh, apparently the issue was that... I just followed your hint, I made a "S_END" marker and moved it up, before the DSCACDTH lump and now it works. I completely forgot how these markers work and I didn't even make an S_END one, thank you !!!
  10. Hey everyone, after some years, today I wanted to mod Doom once again, so I got SLADE 3 (yeah, finally a new stable version) and I made some texture replacement, everything works fine, but once I got to the sound part... well, things weren't as bright as before. Basically I am doing a simple wad with just a replacement (for testing purposes), I want to replace the Cacodemon with a friend of mine's face, for the graphical part everything went fine, but I want custom sounds aswell, these are the steps I followed: - I looked for DSCACDTH lump in Doom 2's IWAD - Copy/pasted it from the IWAD onto my PWAD, under S_START mark as everything else - Right click on it and I imported the wav I previously prepared with Sony Vegas (8-bit, mono) - Tried the wad: Cacodemon's death sound was the original one; - So I right clicked the lump I just made, went in Audio -> Convert wav to doom format - Tried the wad: Cacodemon's death sound was the original one again; I browsed the whole forum, I looked on Google, I can't find any workaround. If you need it, I can attach the wad aswell so you can check it out directly with your SLADE 3/XWE/DeHackEd software.