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  1. unerxai

    What nostalgic games did you grow up with?

    I grew up with DOS games. Since I've been replaying them from time to time as an adult, they don't feel as nostalgic anymore, because they don't "take me back" as much.
  2. unerxai

    Sonic the Hedgehog franchise discussion

    I was excited when I read about the HD remakes of the classics, because the main issue for me with the Genesis titles is the low field of view. But then I started reading about all the bugs and stuff. My favorite one is probably the CD Remaster, beucase of the awesome "double" soundtrack. I don't have a problem with its level design.
  3. unerxai

    What nostalgic games did you grow up with?

    I kinda ruined a little my nostalgia for the games I grew up with, by playing them again many times as an adult.
  4. Crystal Caves no damage run (saveless), both the original and the remastered version. Pretty frustrating especially because I had covid at the time, but I was determined to make a video of it.
  5. unerxai

    Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Doom (and Doom ports)

    The Last Ninja episode is probably the best one in recent years imo. That one also was written by James alone iirc.
  6. unerxai

    Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Doom (and Doom ports)

    I thought it was pretty good. I wish they used footage of the original DOS game though, like they did in the Chex Quest episode. But overall I liked it.
  7. unerxai

    Bits of doom that are scary?

    The scariest moment was meeting a Demon for the first time in the E1M4 blue door maze (easy difficulty). Hearing the sounds was terryfing to the point I'd close the game. After a certain age (around 9 or so) I stopped being scared by games, with the exception of System Shock 2.
  8. Fallout 3. Made it very far into the game and the save corrupted. I guess it was my fault for trusting the auto save functionality and not do manual saves. /s I once got the "Purple Nines" bug in GTA 3 and had to start again.
  9. unerxai

    Creepiest movie villains/monsters/etc.

    Even though it's a comedy, Beetlejuice (the movie) was pretty scary for me as a 3 year old. Especially the parents when they transform into those pointy faced creatures. I think at one point I was also scared of the Scream mask (kinda ashamed of this one).
  10. Playing Doom I & II with forward/backward mouse movement (because at the time I thought novert was cheating).
  11. unerxai

    Story behind your nickname?

    Just a name I came up with in 2012 I think. Doesn't have any meaning really.
  12. unerxai

    unpopular retro opinions

    Vanilla DOS Doom is better than PS1 Doom (still a good port though).
  13. unerxai

    Buying music nowadays

    I've always thought iTunes is pretty good (from a consumer perspective at least), they sell you a digital copy of an album for a lower price than the CD, which makes sense to me. If you buy digital from Amazon you pay pretty much the same as the CD. I've heard the files used to have DRM a long time ago, but nowadays they don't.
  14. unerxai

    Buying music nowadays

    Yeah. Disc rot is a shitty, unfortunate thing. I've read it's already happening to some old CD format videogames like Saturn, and there are very messed up LaserDisks already. I have a couple of vinyl records but I just see them as personal collectibles.
  15. unerxai

    Buying music nowadays

    I started collecting CDs as a teen, but eventually stopped when Spotify became big. I thought it was too good of a deal; a legal way to listen to most of the music I liked for a few dollars a month, or for free. A few years ago some of my favorite bands suddenly dissapeared completely (Dismember and Carcass, both from Earache label.) and that kinda turned off from Spotify. I started collecting CDs again. Nowadays it seems most people either stream or buy vinyl records. Vinyl is cool but way too expensive for me and would take too much space. I sometimes feel like a weirdo for buying CDs in 2022, heh. I know there's also bandcamp, but seems to be limited in my country (Chile) because not a lot of bands show up. Anyway I'm curious about how you listen to music in today's world.