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  1. unerxai

    GTA The Trilogy/Definitive Edition

    I've just seen videos about it and the thing that bothered me the most was the updated character models; for the most part they just look wrong. The originals were fine. Plus, it's not like the new ones look like they belong in a modern game anyway, they still look dated. Why not just embrace the fact the games are old? They should've just updated the really blurry textures that really needed the upscale (like the signs and stuff like that). Reminds me of what they did with the Final Fantasy VIII remaster; updated character models that drastically changed their appearance. I'm curious if they made GTA III more forgiving when it comes to the post-game. Doing the side stuff was a nightmare once the Italians and the Colombians became your enemies.
  2. Judging by the fact they didn't say anything about joycons, I fear they'll be the same old ones. I hope I'm wrong.
  3. unerxai

    Are you vaccinated against COVID 19?

    I had the second Pfizer dose this month. There's been talks about a third dose in my country, I guess because of the new variant. I got Covid-19 last year and while it wasn't dangerous in my case, it still felt pretty bad.
  4. unerxai

    which games did you regret buying

    Quake Wars: I never played it and I don't see myself ever playing it tbh. Just lack of interest for that type of game. I think I bought it just 'cause it was a bundle with Quake 4 in the store. That was when I used to buy physical PC games. Pokemon Sun: I bought this one thinking it was a prequel to the Ultra games (sort of like BW and B2W2). Later I learned it was pointless to own both. It's still sealed so that's good. I actually have more regret for games I've sold now that I think about it.
  5. My "guilty pleasure" I guess would be Vaporwave. I don't think it's bad at all, in fact I enjoy some of it quite a lot, but since most of it is so directly based on existing music tracks, I can't see it the same way as the other music genres I enjoy. Other stuff I like to listen to: Rock, Metal, Synthpop/New Wave, videogame stuff, etc.
  6. unerxai

    whats your highest play time in your steam library

    Rise of the Triad: Dark War - 95 Hours Which reminds me a I have to finish my pistol-start playthrough
  7. I was introduced to Heretic and Doom at the same time. I still like them both about the same. This was the disk in fact (not my copy, I lost mine a long time ago). I definitely recommend giving hotkeys a shot eventually. Artifacts become a lot less frustrating and more fun to use, especially stuff like the Morph Ovum and the Time Bomb. It may make the game a tiny bit easier but it's worth it. Btw, if you're playing the original DOS game, you can still change the use_artifact key by editing the cfg file.
  8. Some I remember playing as a kid: Beetlejuice in: Skeletons in the Closet I was surprised this one didn't have a console port FX Fighter I was really into this one at some point. I would use the insect guy because I could spam a combination of attacks and win every time (except with the final boss). Terminator 2: Judgment Day Apparently it's a different game than the console ones with the same name. Never made it past the second stage despite playing it like a hundred times. Also: -The Adventures of Micro Man: Win 3.1 platformer. -Cobra Mission: "Panic in Cobra City": Old adult anime-ish adventure game. The theme song has always been stuck in my head.
  9. The usage of "in" or "on" is confusing to me in certain situations (or should it be "on certain situations"?). Native spanish speaker, and that language also fucks me up sometimes.
  10. Honestly I'd be happy with just a remake of the Q1 single player campaign. I don't really care for the MP component at this point, even though I was huge into Q3's MP back in the day. Plus QC and QL still exist (afaik). A sequel to Q4 would be cool too, but not as cool. Whatever the case, it's gotta be fast and have great strafe jumping physics (something the series is known for). Q4's movement was too slow on single player.
  11. I wouldn't do anything to the songwriting itself, but I'd like to listen to the early Napalm Death and Carcass stuff with better production. The guitars especially suffer a lot and it's hard to tell what they're doing sometimes.
  12. unerxai

    Mega Man Or Mega Man X?

    Both. Mega Man X (along with the Zero and ZX series) I prefer though. I like the darker theme of the X series and I think the story and characters are overall more interesting too. Haven't played everything though.
  13. unerxai

    So where does your username come from?

    Just something I invented. It's meaningless.
  14. unerxai

    Favorite Game From The Year You Were Born

    I don't think I've played any game from 1989, so I'm gonna pick a game where the story happens in 1989: Hotline Miami. Edit: Just realized the first Prince of Persia is from 89. So I guess that one.
  15. unerxai

    2021: Your Most Wanted Games?

    Rise of the Triad: Remastered I'm really digging that HROT game. It takes the Q1 visuals to a new place while keeping the feel.
  16. A few months ago I decided to give my SNES Classic some playtime since it had been stored in its box since I bought it. I figured I should play (for the first time) one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time: Super Metroid. I loved most aspects about the game; the music and sfx, the graphics, the controls, the powerups. At first I was ok with the backtracking in this huge map. Since I had played games like Shantae before, I was familiar with the concept. But at one point it was too much in SM. I was spending so much time backtracking, searching for new paths to unlock with my recently obtianed power-up, I was just having very little fun with the game. I mean I've played many games in the past where I've been stuck (Hexen comes to mind) and I usually persevere, but in Super Metroid it was just too often. I guess I just sucked at the game. I still think it's a great game though. Anyway maybe you have some similar experiences to share.
  17. unerxai

    Thoughts of Energy Drinks?

    I only like a few versions of Monster, and only drink them very occasionally. My instinct tells me it's not a good idea to drink them often, and besides they aren't that cheap. Not sure if they ever gave me an energy boost though. Maybe a little bit.
  18. unerxai

    Pepsi or Coke?

    I like both (non sugar variants). I think I like Pepsi a bit more.
  19. I've always heard the Stalker games are pretty much unplayable unless you use a mod, due to the numorous glitches and bugs. Never played them myself though.
  20. unerxai

    Did you find Doom scary when it first came out?

    I didn't play it that early, but I did play it a couple of years after it came out. As a very young kid, it was pretty scary. Also it looked pretty realistic to me at that time. The first encounter with a Demon in the E1M4 maze (easy difficulty) scared me shitless.
  21. unerxai

    Games of your childhood

    My first gaming experience was a bunch of DOS and Windows 3.1 games. Black and white monitor and PC Speaker only sounds. All that beeping must've been really annoying to my parents. DOS: Crystal Caves Out Run Bubble Bobble (this one felt loud as hell) Commander Keen 4 Another World Wolf 3D (Mostly watched my mom play it. I was way too little to control it properly.) California Games Qix Operation Wolf Prehistorik I few others I barely remember, like some weird Beetlejuice game. On Windows 3.1 we had mini-games like Dots, Jacks, etc. I later found out it was called the Symantec Game Pack.
  22. It was the shit. I don't know if this existed in other countries. Haven't seen in it since the 90s.
  23. I played it in the background mostly to see what modern episodes could be worth watching. Like most people, I tend to despise modern Simpsons. I actually don't mind the imposter Skinner episode that much. Glad someone agrees. One thing that made it even worse for me is that in the Latin American dub, a lot of the original voice actors were changed around the same time the episodes got crappy. The original ones were way better.
  24. unerxai

    Heretic, Hexen 1, and Hexen 2 Are Now on GOG!

    Yeah I do have HoT. It's a nice source port although it can't disable v-sync (from what I know). I have to use the Nvidia thing. That's my only complaint but it's still a pretty neat source port.