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  1. Ultimate Freedoomer

    I found a bug with E3M6

    Freedoom: Phase 1 E3M6: Igneous Intrusion has no secret exit. This means the only way to get to Freedoom: Phase 1 E3M9: Aquainted With Grief is by using console commands.
  2. Ultimate Freedoomer

    Idea for the secret levels

    I just thought of a way we could improve on the Phase 2 secret levels (considering the state they're in Compared to other MAPXX Iwad secret levels): you know how the Doom II: Hell on Earth secret levels paid homage to Wolfenstein 3D? Well, with the theme of homages, how about the Freedoom: Phase 2 & FreeDM secret levels paying homage to that other cult classic among open-source sci-fi first-person shooters: Marathon. This way, we could put textures that aren't obviously "Doom 2 secret level-y" in the secret levels while continuing the theme of homages in the secrets. As far as how the enemy homages would go: Marathon 1 Enforcers would replace the SS Nazis. We would need to change the proportions to make them fit with the SS Nazi proportions. Breakable circuit boards would replace the Commander Keens
  3. Ultimate Freedoomer

    Music track names, Episode 4, & E3M5

    Just to be clear, when I said "music track titles", I meant PROPER NAMES, like if you wanted to copy the tracks out of the IWAD & convert them to listen to on your music player as a soundtrack album (this would actually make for a good bonus download on the page). & the thing with the music for episode 4 being hardcoded that way is why I specified having the Episode 4 OST as a NON-MANDATORY DOWNLOADABLE ADDON for users whose source port OF CHOICE supports the data lumps needed for such a thing.
  4. Ultimate Freedoomer

    Music track names, Episode 4, & E3M5

    I've been thinking:Instead of using a vanilla-fied Double Impact, why don't we use the already vanilla-compatible Crusades: An Unholy War as Episode 4? This way, we wouldn't have to modify the levels for them to work with the vanilla compatibility plans for Freedoom version 1.0. Additionally, it has its own original music, so players who want unique music for episode 4 can have it as an addon in the event that their port of choice has MAPINFO support.Has anyone ever thought of coming up with unique titles for the music tracks?I noticed that Freedoom is pretty much complete (I got it to work in CHOCOLATE DOOM of all source-ports without any problems, which presumably means that the "vanilla compatibility" goal has been reached), save for the fact that E3M5 is still the "map not available" placeholder level. I'm thinking that we could use 1 of our original (i.e. not copied off a map from a canon Doom game), already-vanilla-compatible, cut maps.The thing with E3M5 I could do myself. But first, would someone kindly direct me to the Freedoom resource attic so I can look for eligible maps?
  5. Ultimate Freedoomer

    TNT soundtrack appreciation

    There was something in the Plutonia MIDI pack thread about fleshing out the TNT soundtrack, by deduplicating the reused songs & replacing the used Doom 2: Hell on Earth music with all-new compositions.
  6. Ultimate Freedoomer

    [Released] PSX Doom: The Lost Levels

    Funnily enough, I found out about this basically right before release. I'll play it once I get a new computer. I'm thinking of starting a project that basically combines the PC layouts, the stuff that was removed in the console versions, level details from the alpha versions, & the stuff that was added/expanded upon in the console versions. Kind of a "what if Williams Entertainment didn't have to work with those limitations" thing. For instance: Circle of Death would have both the bloody meat hook from the PSX version & the Arch-Vile from the PC version.
  7. Ultimate Freedoomer

    Doom Bible Wad

    The "dead hand biometric bypass" scene in the E3 2015 Panel certainly comes to mind.