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  1. Rattle189

    'def_head' spawning parameter

    Awesome! Thanks man, I didn't notice this file while browsing the PK4s. For those who are looking for a list of heads, here is a few from what I got off the file: head_old - Old guy with balding, wears glasses. head_bald - Bald guy. head_black - Black guy. head_young - Young guy. head_pretty_old - Older version of 'head_young', has grey hair. head_asian_old - Old asian guy. head_asian_young - Young asian guy. head_surgeon - Surgeon guy, as seen in Mars City at the Infirmary or on ragdolls. head_marine_helmet - Used by Marines. head_security_helmet - Used by MARSEC guards armed with machineguns or shields. head_security_dhelmet - Bloodied version of 'head_secutiy_helmet', used by ZSECs armed with machineguns or shields. head_security_goggles - Used by MARSEC guards armed with shotguns or pistols. head_sarge - Sergeant Kelly, somehow appears as a /black box/ but I will try to fix it soon. head_swann - Counselor Swann. head_betruger - Doctor Betruger. head_campbell - Jack Campbell. head_player - The player (obviously). head_zombie1 - Skinny zombie, has minor blood from its mouth. head_zombie2 - No jaw zombie. head_zombie3 - Bloodied mouth zombie. head_zombie4 - Burnt-off face zombie. head_zombie5 - Zombified version of 'head_security_goggles', used by ZSECs armed with shotguns. head_zombie6 - ZSEC pistol zombie. head_stump - Headless, as seen on some ragdolls and zombies. head_skull - Bloodied skull, as seen on some ragdolls. head_bloodybald - Bald guy with bloodied eyes, as seen on some ragdolls and zombies. These require the Resurrection of Evil expansion pack to work! headXP_1 - Middle-aged guy, has a balding. headXP_2 - Unknown, spawns a black box. headXP_helmet - Used by the Marines at the Erebus Labs.
  2. Rattle189

    'def_head' spawning parameter

    Its me again. I'm pretty sure MOST of you have heard or known about the 'def_head' spawning parameter which you enter in the console or which you configure when you make a custom NPC or something. Example: spawn human_marine_machinegun_follower def_head "head_security_helmet" npc_name "J. Yezback" Now my question is, does anyone have a complete list or a list of heads other than the one I provided in the example? I'm pretty sure that the 'head_security_helmet' one with a helmet, visor and mask used by MARSEC security guards.
  3. Rattle189

    Doom 3 doesn't detect my hardware correctly

    I don't know about that since I got the game working online a few times before but I don't plan to anymore since LogMeIn Hamachi was a better option for me. And oh yeah, I don't really want to download an HD Texture Pack since it would expand the disk space usage of the game, I already like the default 2004 textures. They look good though so I might grab it one day in the future. Looks like the parameters I should change, thanks for the set of parameters.
  4. Rattle189

    Doom 3 doesn't detect my hardware correctly

    You guys are going off-topic, I'm seeking help about the texture quality not changing even when selected in the Options menu, the resolution thing is fine and I don't need Anti-Aliasing, so any suggestions besides your 'lol pirate' jokes? Proud Pirate - Free Forever
  5. Heads up #1: Don't suggest me to get Doom 3 BFG Edition - I already have the game but I prefer the original Doom 3 since it has better mod support + my buddies only have the original game. Heads up #2: I used to own the game retail when I was a kid back then but I lost the CD and I'm forced to pirate the game. Laptop #1 Brand: hp Model: Pavilion dv4 OS: Windows(R) 7 Home Premium x64 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) 3210M @ 2.5GHz RAM: 8192MB of RAM DDR3 Graphics: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 @ 1696MB VRAM Sound: IDT High Definition Audio CODEC Laptop #2 Brand: Dell Model: Latitude|E6410 OS: Windows(R) Ultimate x64 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 M 520 @ 2.4GHz RAM: 4096MB of RAM DDR3 Graphics: Intel(R) HD Graphics @ 1696MB VRAM Sound: High Definition Audio Device Now, let's head into the problem (for the reason why I registered an account here and made this post): So, Laptop #2 is older than Laptop #1 but obviously slower and they both can run Doom 3 & Doom 3 BFG Edition fine however when Laptop #1 runs Doom 3, it is automatically stuck on Low Quality, even if I try to change the settings and restart the game. Clicking the 'Scan for hardware and select optimal video quality' doesn't really do anything and automatically picks 'Low Settings', and according to the console this message appears: Laptop #1 <note this is not the exact one but close to what I remember> Detected 2.5 GHz CPU 8192 MB of System memory -1696 MB of Video memory on an optimal video architecture This system qualifies for Low quality! --- Laptop #2 <it detects it fine and doesn't have any issues when changing to any other quality option> Detected 2.39 GHz CPU 3952 MB of System memory 1754 MB of Video memory on an optimal video architecture This system qualifies for High quality! For some whatever reason, the game doesn't detect Laptop #1's hardware correctly and I can't even change its quality settings, even if I click it and restart the game - it still looks like its on Low quality. Any suggestions & help is appreciated and thanks in advance! btw: first post & new user here, plz don't be harsh :)