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  1. Before 2010: Linguica tries to run from Graphical Emoticons

    After 2010: Unicode makes them characters.


    Sorry Ling. If you want people to be able to write in non-ASCII characters, you'll have to allow emoticons.

  2. Gustavo6046

    Sentient Mushes - Kill every Branx! And your DM opponents!

    I am sorry for the wide blunt bump, but my garnished and accurate wisdom has told me this is a needed sacrifice. v22a is coming! I am back to work in Sentient Mushes, and, just for the surprise factor, I won't announce when exactly v22a will come out. Especially now, since in July 19th my 10-day winter break begin. So, I will continue this project, where I bite more than I can chew. That reminds me, does anyone want to help? Since, with more mouths to chew, the gum becomes less of an issue! I have made some nice progress with this, I believe, and I want to share the joy of playing God with SLADE 3. Even small contributions, like sounds, textures, or even code, will make me, and you, happier again! :) this topic is a disaster... :(
  3. Gustavo6046

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    Hmm, I recognize that. Anyone who declares they are a monkey in the console gets full recognizing of the Eternal Arena. Or maybe you are a true warrior who fights for good. Who knows. (sorry for replying to an old picture, I didn't realize until too late :P)
  4. Should I resume working on Sentient Mushes? There is still a campaign to do.

    1. AD_79


      It's your call Gustavo, you're the author, are you not? If you want to work on it, then do so!

    2. Gustavo6046


      I just realized v22 on the WAD Archive has the screenshots filled. Except the WAD was meant to be loaded with Chex3.wad, but the screenshots clearly reveal Doom II. Hmm...


      Nonetheless, whoever took those deserves congratulations.

  5. What if Doomworld passwords are stored in SQL? If so, then Linguica can use

    SELECT * FROM Accounts WHERE Username = 'Gustavo6046';

    and access my accounts on 99% of the websites, and appending one further numeral to the end, also my Facebook, Google, and some other accounts.

    That raises the question: what will he use those for?

    1. Linguica


      It doesn't store your password, it stores a salted hash of your password, like every reputable site has done for the last decade. Furthermore, the very security conscious people may register an account via OAuth2 authentication with their Google, Facebook, etc account, where we never even see your password in any form.

    2. Gustavo6046


      Ah, thanks. It was kind of a joke, anyway, triggered by my learning of SQL. Just out of curiosity, do you use SQL in Doomworld?


    3. Linguica


      Yes, of course.

    1. KVELLER


      D: what kind of hell is this??

    2. Gustavo6046


      Doomworld created by a 11 year old in the 90s using Geocities.

  6. Gustavo6046

    GusMus: The modern Doom II music replacement pack

    I don't have the file in this backup PC, tho. I'll embed it once my primary PC's screen gets fixed. *does not notice download link*
  7. Gustavo6046

    GusMus: The modern Doom II music replacement pack

    *resists the temptation of adding a hidden star & moon image to the WAD*
  8. Oh, I forgot to list Latin.
  9. Gustavo6046

    GusMus: The modern Doom II music replacement pack

    It must have expired. I'll change the link for now.
  10. Portuguese (which can be dumb at times, but it's par with English). You'll see, I'll make Brazil great again!
  11. After a few tens of minutes of sleep lost to the computer, I finally managed to arrange some of my newest compositions into a mostly replaced soundtrack WAD for Doom II! I present you, GusMus for Doom II. D2GUSMUS.zip Note that I have not converted them to MUS. Replacements: Running from Evil = Steel Sharp The Healer Stalks = Vindication Countdown to Death = Guardian of the Skies (¹) Between Levels = Cataracta DOOM = Dreamboard In The Dark = Ion Spark (¹) Shawn's Got the Shotgun = Flanking Death The Dave T. Taylor Blues = Wheelburn (²) Into Sandy's City = Critical Zone The Demon's Dead = Depths of Fire (²) Waiting for Romero to Play = Monument of the Underworld (²) Message for the Archvile = Guardian of the Skies Bye Bye American Pie = The Killer Hype II (¹) Adrian's Asleep = Run (original score by Michiel van den Bos, MIDI conversion by Gustavo6046) (¹) Getting Too Tense = Laser Jazz ¹ This song might not be fit for the level it's used on. ² This song was meant to be used in another project in the past (not implying it was).
  12. Gustavo6046

    [ALPHA 0.1.4] ζetaBots: The ZScript Bot

    mark55, you can download the PK3 and drag and drop it in GZDoom (must be latest, and must NOT be Zandronum, because it uses more recent features!) Then you just press the 1 in the keypad (that "box" in the right of the keyboard with the numbers).
  13. Gustavo6046

    [ALPHA 0.1.4] ζetaBots: The ZScript Bot

    I felt like I had to bump, since when the thread began, there was just a lump of text and a crappy roadmap, but now that it's in a presentable format it's already in the bottom of the index. If necessary, tell me and I'll delete this post.