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  1. wtf I set up the gzdoom server and the scripts and everything yet nobody can play with me :/

  2. Gustavo6046

    ZDCode 2.0: DECORATE on steroids, for Grandmadronum!

    @Gez The "to" is optional; it just helps make the line between the property's name and its value clearer. One can easily just do set Gravity = 8; The set keyword just helps the parser discern between properties, flags, etc., without using a symbol hell (+, -, etc). Also, thanks for the compliment!
  3. Gustavo6046

    ZDCode 2.0: DECORATE on steroids, for Grandmadronum!

    Added sometimes statement, which makes a block (or single state) execute randomly, supplied a chance from 0 to 100%: label Death { sometimes 96 { TNT1 A 0 A_Log("RED ALERT: New high-level threat detected!"); TNT1 A 0 A_SpawnItemEx('MonSpawnR', 0, 0, floorz - z); }; x 5 sometimes 8 call Duplicate; x 20 call MakeParticle; TNT1 A 1; Stop; }; I now also have the else that goes along if statements.
  4. Gustavo6046

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    By the way, I'm not sure whether I keep working on my map.
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    2. Gustavo6046


      It's probably going to be down soon (temporary URLs, you know), but I'm working on making this Express website static (I'll probably use BitBalloon).

    3. bzzrak


      Good night sweet prince. 

    4. Gustavo6046
  5. Gustavo6046

    How do you feel the vanilla game has aged?

    What I think
  6. I don't know why, but everytime I hear the name of the map "Dis", I think of one thing...



    OwO hours ago


  7. Gustavo6046

    ZDCode 2.0: DECORATE on steroids, for Grandmadronum!

    Indeed, I think another solution would be to create a GUI (or web page... Electron?) that allows graphical programming, something similar to (but more powerful than) Scratch. It would have to output ZDCode, which is probably not going to be a very easy task, but then again, if I went this far, what can't be done? Thank you all guys for the support you give for me to keep ZDCode running. You guys are awesome.
  8. Gustavo6046

    ZDCode 2.0: DECORATE on steroids, for Grandmadronum!

    I wanted a different syntax, to completely replace DECORATE. I'm not sure if that kind of confusion is common, but I wanted something easier than DECORATE; maybe eventually similar to what C is to Assembly (obviously not to the same extent - C was a complete revolution of programming, whereas this is just an utility language for when ZScript isn't available). Also, people need to learn how to program. My friend Madcat (from the SUN clan) refuses to learn programming things because no time is available to him. Really, it's all easy to learn the basics of programmer logic and structure otherwise. With just a bit of time, any one could try ZDCode, and with more timely investment, they could even fathom ZScript (and then Zandronum would not be supported).
  9. Gustavo6046

    ZDCode 2.0: DECORATE on steroids, for Grandmadronum!

    VS Code syntax highlighting! Get it now!
  10. Gustavo6046

    ZDCode 2.0: DECORATE on steroids, for Grandmadronum!

    Oh, and before someone asks me about ZScript, I have to clarify: this programming language targets older versions of ZDoom and ZDoom-derived source ports like Zandronum, most of which don't support ZScript. Thus, it is advised to use ZDCode only as a compatible alternative to DECORATE, not as a more flexible one (even though it is still more powerful).
  11. Sometimes I wish Doomworld members came together to create a comedy film...

    1. Memfis


      Sometimes I feel like Doomworld members are already doing it on a daily basis...

  12. I'm hosting a Telnet BBS.