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  1. I just realized playing OpenTTD without the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe data files is like playing Freedoom instead of Doom.

  2. And don't forget - one does not simply write while in the Nightmare difficulty!
  3. What Da Werecat meant is actually for your good - not everyone will share an opinion, and some won't like yours; you need to be capable of going ahead. Not everyone is worth your time. Unfortunately.
  4. Firefox + Doomworld = the Hexen Mage's freezing thing VS. my PC

  5. No. They say you are "trolling" because, just for an example, you opened this thread asking how to make large open spaces; in the same thread you ask what would be a large open space. While you might be irritating, the definition for "large open spaces" is subjective, since each person has different standards for obstacles, and room size, and so on. Outdoor areas are difficult to play on. Also, if, as you say, Doom wasn't made for large open spaces, why do you even bother with them? O_o
  6. A few shitty sprites I made from scratch:
  7. I dreamed of a game; it was in the Doom engine, but it looked a bit like Hexen, and was more identifiable as a NetHack-esque game. It had Dream Theater -- The Mirror playing at parts. Must have to do with these facts: I did a cover of The Mirror using VSTs, and did think about doing a last Hexetic game, that concludes the series, where the chess universe is revealed. It would use The Mirror in some parts. I play NetHack sometimes. Old 80s roguelikes are awesome at stimulating the imagination, much like pixelated Doom was.
  8. Hey, do you still have that map I made for your project which was also modified by Raizik? I might need it.

    1. Gustavo6046


      Which project? I don't exactly remember. I'm sure I have - my WADs folder is one of the top reasons my HDD is 95% full :P

    2. Memfis


      I think it was about castles and my maps started on grass in front of a brown castle.

    3. Memfis
    4. Gustavo6046


      Oh, you mean for this?


      I don't want to talk about Dasböurg, it embarasses me...

    5. Memfis
    6. Gustavo6046


      Glad I could help :)

    7. Memfis


      Well, I'm still looking for the file... The link to my unfinished version still works, but the link to Rayzik's edit doesn't...

  9. So the filthy acknowledging of me people reasonably had, has been redeemed from a bad and bastard childhood by a clarifying maturity. In other words, the retarded 11yo I was is officially gone! Puberty has likely pointed me the right way, but I don't know if I'm still remembered as the guy that pestered the ZDoom forums, or now remembered as the one that finally began to finish his projects. I had many abandoned projects (Python Doom, et al), but I have finally had my way lit:



    (do you get the reference?)


    Anyway, thank you so much; for in my dark ages you haven't permabanned me (maybe losered me a bit, but that's understandable :P), knowing my life blooms beautiful flowers in the spring; sorry to the ZDoom Forums, for having stormed them, as I was too young to be helpful;


    and, lest I forget, happy Christmas!

  10. Now that v10 was released, I'll now dedicate in a ZScript sequel: the ZetaBots, with full A* pathfinding, and a bit more!
  11. I got to learn ZScript, and it was fun; ZScript is a nice language. I've also learnt to love it! ♥


    Below is some example code for YOU to get started!

     * The code below is toy code for one to learn to use ZScript using examples!
     * It's designed to be a simple introduction for the common DECORATE modder,
     * and with people who don't know a real programming language like C or Java
     * in mind.
     * (C)2017 Gustavo6046. The CC0 license applies.
    struct Loot // Structs are like folders: they can hold multiple information in a single spot.
        class<Inventory> kind; // A Class is like an actor defined in DECORATE. All monsters in the
                               // level are instances of a Class that has the Monster flag combo.
        double chance; // double is a number with decimal point, like 0.4 or 0.8 instead of integers
                       // like 3 or 12.
    // Classes now inherit from Object by default.
    // You must define yourself that it inherits from
    // Actor:
    class Crate : Actor {
        // An Array is a list that can grow or shrink in size
        // and contain any amount of anything.
        // Better than ACS Arrays, huh?
        Array<Loot> crateLoots;
        void addLoot(Loot l) // This is a function. You can call it inside states,
                             // other functions and actions!
            // The next line calls a function on the array
            // crateLoots. The Array's function can be defined
            // as 'void push(Object anything)'.
    class CrateOpenOnceOnly : Crate
        bool bOpen; // This is a variable. It is accessible to the instance, so you can just
                    // use it in your statse, functions and actions.
        Default // Default is the new block where properties and flags go.
            Scale 1.1;
        // "bool" means it returns a boolean value. A_SpawnItemEx for example
        // returns one - whether or not the actor was spawned (true or false).
        action bool A_SpawnCrateLoot()
            if ( crateLoots.size() > 0 )
            { // Use braces to contain multiple statements inside a block statement like an 'if'.
                for ( int i = 0; i < crateLoots.size() ) // For loops! The number I is set to 0, and
                                                         // while it is smaller than the size of the array,
                                                         // it is incremented.
                    // You can use other actions and functions inside your own action! :D
                    // Using colons you can also give named arguments and skip optional ones.
                    A_SpawnItemEx(crateLoots[i].kind, xvel: FRandom(-8, 8), yvel: FRandom(-8, 8), zvel: FRandom(2, 10));
                    // crateLoots[i] means the (i + 1)th element of the array. I say "+ 1" because indexes begin at
                    // 0 with arrays, not at 1. You might know that from ACS already :)
                return true;
            return false;
        States // All states end with semicolon (;) now.
                CRAT A -1; // closed sprite
                TNT1 A 0 A_JumpIf(bOpen, "AlreadyOpen");
                TNT1 A 0 A_SpawnCrateLoot();
                Goto Opened;
                CRAT B -1; // open sprite
                CRAT CDE 7; // breaking crate sprites


  12. TIL DecoBots work with Chex!



    I want to make the weapon usage stuff in ZScript so it is compatible with more games.

  13. Oh, yes. The CREDITS lump. I will do that. Either way, he did give me permission to continue the DecoBot saga :P ---- Today's weather preview is a rain of Doomguys! v10 is coming!
  14. Thank you. I think I decided to change the extension to make it easier. It is not easy to maintain that kind of DECORATE file index (as I learned with Sentient Mushes maintainance) :P Just clickety click that link! (I've made way more changes than that)