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Status Updates posted by Gustavo6046

  1. Doomworld in a pickleshell



    yeah, I love funny things at 4:30 AM x3

  2. MAP06: Your Mother


    ...get it?



  3. Wait...is the losering system still on use?

  4. "Veni, vidi, excaecatus sum; destructivae sphaerae sonabant 'buum' dum."

    - literate Ancient Roman, surprised when seeing artillery fire for the first time.

  5. Haha, Linguica, you're funny. That harmless warning really weighs in the portfolio :P

  6. Ah, the SunSpire... The geographical definition of majesty!


    We should make a Doom level about it! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Unreal; we all hold each others' hands!

    The SunSpire compressed.png

  7. 1281701848_TheChinCritic-1.png.619bfe4e5fa9a81bce577cba2c6a0d63.png1476139356_TheChinCritic-2.png.4f2e3300e6bd3bdfaa3461e4052f3818.png1595590876_TheChinCritic-3.png.0d8d5b6d8eea76afc6e172a85853bc34.png

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    2. Gustavo6046


      @PaquoCastor A piano and a violoncello?    Alrighty...

    3. PaquoCastor


      I'll be the first to attempt I have weird tastes.

    4. Gustavo6046


      @PaquoCastor Ah, okay, good luck! :)

  8. I was preparing to pack up and leave, when I thought...


    ...what if I remade Zork in ZDoom?

  9. I just realized Kate's profile says 'deceased'.


    Damn, Linguica. Thanks for giving me the nostalgia.


    It's similar to how I am sad for the death of UT4, even though I wasn't born when UT99 was around... I kinda wish I had known her better. Now I'm sad.

  10. Hey Ling.

    When will you add Pascal syntax highlighting?!?!


    program KillYourself(output);
    uses Math;
    type t_weapons = array[0..9] of string;
        weapons: t_weapons;
        { "chainsaw", "Colt", "9mm", "Beretta", "shotgun", "AWP", "Luger", "Panzerfaust", "flamethrower", "AIDS gun" };
        weapons[0] := 'chainsaw';
        weapons[1] := 'Colt';
        weapons[2] := '9mm';
        weapons[3] := 'Beretta';
        weapons[4] := 'shotgun';
        weapons[5] := 'AWP';
        weapons[6] := 'Luger';
        weapons[7] := 'Panzerfaust';
        weapons[8] := 'flamethrower';
        weapons[9] := 'AIDS gun';
        write('The best weapon to kill yourself with is the ', weapons[Random(10)], '.'#13#10#13#10)




  11. "Rip and tear"? More like "RIP, I'm in tears".

  12. Sentient Mushes has been officially abandoned October 15th, 2018. I didn't know the project would last so long; or its codebase, grow so big; or its assets, be so numerous.


    However, the cartoonish sprites had a severe mismatch with the realistic textures, and long deserved a total replacement. But I'm not a good Doom sprite artist (although I would certainly like to know tips for spriting for Doom using GIMP or some other Linux-compatible tool). Also, the music was old (and some were mediocre), with an outdated style. And don't get me started on the artistic conflicts, consequence of the long development period that this project suffered.


    I, however, thank these 4 or 5 people who were interested in the project, of which only one actively helped its development, beta tested things, and even offered to make one of the maps. But now, Sentient Mushes is just an unknown relic of the past. A secret few people will ever know about, let alone touch. It will remain in my mind as some warning... and the warning has to do with biting more than you can chew. I reallyshould have listened to gaspe back then, but instead I wound up spending so much time...

  13. wtf I set up the gzdoom server and the scripts and everything yet nobody can play with me :/

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    2. Gustavo6046


      It's probably going to be down soon (temporary URLs, you know), but I'm working on making this Express website static (I'll probably use BitBalloon).

    3. bzzrak


      Good night sweet prince. 

    4. Gustavo6046
  14. I don't know why, but everytime I hear the name of the map "Dis", I think of one thing...



    OwO hours ago


  15. Sometimes I wish Doomworld members came together to create a comedy film...

    1. Memfis


      Sometimes I feel like Doomworld members are already doing it on a daily basis...

  16. I'm hosting a Telnet BBS.







  17. Let me embed Opus music, please!

  18. This is it, I wrote the best Node.JS module ever!


    function caseRep(letter, low, upp) { return letter.toLowerCase() == letter ? low : upp; }
    function furrify(word) {
        return word
            .replace(/(w)(h)/gi, (match, w, h) => caseRep(w, 'u', 'U') + caseRep(h, 'w', 'W'))
            .replace(/(g)([aeiou])/gi, (match, g, vowel) => caseRep(g, 'g', 'G') + caseRep(vowel, 'y', 'Y') + vowel)
            .replace(/(o)(u)/gi, (match, o, u) => caseRep(o, 'e', 'E') + caseRep(u, 'e', 'E'))
            .replace(/(l)(l)/gi, (match, t, h) => caseRep(t, 'w', 'W') + caseRep(h, 'w', 'W'))
            .replace(/(t)(h)/gi, (match, t, h) => caseRep(t, 'd', 'D') + caseRep(h, 'h', 'H'))
            .replace(/ph/g, 'f')
            .replace(/ph/gi, 'F')
            .replace(/(p)(p)/gi, (match, p1, p2) => caseRep(p1, 'p', 'P'))
            .replace(/([lL])([aeiouAEIOU])/gi, (match, l, vowel) => caseRep(l, 'w', 'W') + vowel)
            .replace(/y(?=[\.\,\;\:\?\!])|y^/gi, (y) => caseRep(y, 'ya', 'YA'))
            .replace(/r(?=[\.\,\;\:\?\!])|r^/gi, (r) => caseRep(r, 'y', 'Y'))
            .replace(/(r)/gi, (match, r) => caseRep(r, 'y', 'Y'))
            .replace(/y(?=!a)/gi, (y) => caseRep(y, 'ii', 'II'))
            .replace(/(i)(n)/gi, (match, i, n) => caseRep(i, 'iy', 'IY') + n);
    module.exports = furrify


    Use case:

    $ node
    > var furrify = require('./furrify.js')
    > furrify('Why did I write this?')
    'Uwy did I wyite dhis?'
    > furrify('Were I sober? Were I serious? Were I even myself?')
    'Weye I sobey? Weye I seyiees? Weye I even myself?'
    > furrify("Gah, I can't even think!")
    'Gyah, I can\'t even dhiynk!'
    > furrify('And I thought I had sanity enough to be the President of the Brazilian Republic.')
    'And I dheeght I had sanity eneegh to be dhe Pyesident of dhe Byaziwian Yepubwic.'
    > furrify('Oh, dreams, fleeing down the sinkhole...')
    'Oh, dyeams, fweeiyng down dhe siynkhowe...'


  19. I made a language that compiles to DECORATE!



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    2. Gustavo6046


      Anyway, shall I make a separate topic/thread for it?

    3. KVELLER


      You should probably make a thread if you haven't already. Looks interesting.

    4. Voltcom9


      This looks really cool.

  20. If I say lie that I liked the skeleton thread, will I get banned doomed for all eternity?

  21. Sorry Ling, you may remove strikethrought text from comments sections, but not from Unicode! >:D