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Status Updates posted by Gustavo6046

  1. I bet Deus Ex: Human Revolution is orange solely because of Ribbiks.

  2. My activity feed is broken again! I can't bother with these damn Linguican conspiracies again! Not again!!



  3. Familyzord. Unite.

  4. Ling I got an idea, what if instead of just blocking posts within 10 seconds of each other, you made a small queue (up to 5 posts in it at a time), where each post takes 10 seconds to post after the previous one, and only block posts if the queue is full?

  5. Linguica, why does my activity feed look empty?

  6. Woah! You're everywhere, buddy. I swore you had more than just 25 posts! :o

    1. Dubbagdarrel


      yeah trying to get back into this forum again. It's changed ALOT since I last was on it about 8 years ago.

  7. I want to take music commissions.

  8. ZDCode now has macros and anonymous classes!


    class AaaSpawner {
        is NOGRAVITY;
        macro SpawnEither(A, B, C) {
            TNT1 A 0 A_SpawnItemEx(class extends TeleportFog {
                set Translation to "Ice";
            TNT1 A 0 A_SpawnItemEx(class extends RandomSpawner {
                set DropItem to A, 128, 22;
                set DropItem to B, 200, 6;
                set DropItem to C, 255, 1;
        label Spawn {
            TNT1 A 35;
            x 3 {
                sometimes 60 inject SpawnEither("ChaingunGuy", "Revenant", "ArchVile");
                sometimes 60 inject SpawnEither("ChaingunGuy", "Revenant", "PainElemental");

    Hell yeah!

  9. We must replace all sound effects in Doom with the Inception brass.

  10. Software ray-marching is just not cutting it. 0.5 FPS! Fuck, my legless grandmother runs faster than that.


    All that for two piss ugly guaraná color walls.


  11. I'm working on doing a simple raymarcher that works on a Doom-like 2D sector map instead of an actual 3D polygon map (i.e., column by column, not pixel by pixel). And it's in Haxe.

  12. I just dreamed my thread was "deleted" (but a la Reddit, i.e. still readable) and my profile avatar was reset. That was weird.


    Anyway, good morning!

  13. We need a thread for ASCII art dicks.

  14. You thought you can't type fancy in Discord? Think again.


  15. bzzrak is our savior, and thus, it is our intrinsic and natural duty to worship him and eternize his name for all time to come.

    • it is 3 am
    • I am not sleeping
    • I don't know when I should sleep
    • I am drowsy but I feel like this saturday has been incomplete
  16. When you're considered a hooker, but a really cool one, by your friends. (Is that good or bad?)



  17. I have a map, and I don't know where to post it. I don't think it's large enough to warrant its own thread in WADs & Mods.

    1. Gothic


      There is no such thing as "too short for its own thread". Just remember to follow the guidelines on how to post your map.

  18. Today is my 16 year birthday! \o/

  19. ZetaBots now support Heretic, and not only that, but recent versions manage to easily kick ass!


    image.png.6ec63c4f33727ebe328b23361a6b4169.png Nice shooting skills rendered this wicked little one dead.

  20. Everyone:





    Everyone: F

  21. Work on Morphism was deemed ambitious and paused until further notice. ZetaBots were fixed (version 0.3.1); now I can focus on writing a simpler, less ambiitious, web RPG.

  22. So, uhm, I'm working on the game's tile textures.




    This is all I have so far from Tileset 1.

    Not yet sure what else to add.  Though I'll work on the lighting data maps later (RG for normals, B for collision and contrast, and only a single alpha bit, so 16 bits per pixel – not sure if I can make GIMP export that format);

    1. Gustavo6046


      So I have a basic normal map (for lighting) now!




      As for the yellowish areas, the blue channel is used for both masking (pixels are opaque if and only if B > 0), and for lighting factor (aka "reflectivity" – a few tiles aren't as affected by light as others). Reflectivity only affects positive shading (brighter areas), not negative shading (shadows).

  23. New palette for a new (upcoming) DOS game!




    If there is any color (or gradient thereof) missing, please warn me. Thankies! :D