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Status Updates posted by Gustavo6046

  1. I've tried Diablo 1 and 2. Lemme just say, I didn't really feel like playing through even the first dungeon. There was nothing compelling me to. Or maybe I just missed something obvious... yeah, I probably missed something obvious... but still.

  2. Just tried Musyng Kite out, I think I accidentally derived sexual pleasure from it.

  3. I feel like the daily reaction limit is a tiny bit too stringent. While on one hand I don't really get why it exists at all to begin with, on the other hand I don't brush up with it all that often, although I have done so enough times already that I can confidently say,  Ling plz fix m8.

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    2. 1Destro3456


      Didn't know that

    3. omalefico32x


      i react a lot but i have never seen this limit so i can only imagine that your dream is to react to every post

    4. Gustavo6046


      @omalefico32x nah lol, I do react a lot too but I guess I just use Doomworld more someitmes :P


      Was it perhaps that time when the Tormentor scandal happened a day or two ago? I guess it was.

  4. Shh, don't reply, but if you look at your forum title, it says "Nice Member".


    Just passing by to remind - some people unfortunately miss it when it is their only opportuity, so! :D

  5. Sometimes I miss not being born.

    1. Reelvonic


      edit: ignore this

    2. Gothic


      I don't, it sucked

    3. Gustavo6046


      @Gothic heh, it does sound boring

  6. The eye in your profile banner looks suspiciously.. elongated.


    I'll assume it's accidental, but not discard the possibility that it is not. :p

  7. 7 days till i turn 18! Not sure what to expect, but I'm stoked nonetheless!

  8. @Doomkid @CammyBanana etc.– I have made moosic. I think you guys could like it, idk. I've had some fairly positive feedback lately, so I'm trying to nail that sweet spot of y'all.


    I vaguely feel like it had a strong inspiration from somewhere specific, but I can't tell.. but it sounds so oddly familiar! Anyways, here it goes!


    (lmk if you want the lossless FLAC version too)


    1. Yandere_Doomer


      I really liked it! i like how you can make the more spastic songs [kind of reminiscent to rott.. in spasticness...]

    2. Doomkid


      I love the way the song builds up, and the two slightly out-of-tune-with-eachother electic guitars play an excellent riff that almost reminds me of something from Mega Man X. This is a really good MIDI!

    3. Cammy


      Excellent work - evolutionary and complex with no idea overstaying its welcome! The combination of instruments is very tasteful and fresh, gives the song a nice sense of identity. Bars 52 to 59 in particular I am in love with. The chord progression is so moody, but the instrumentation keeps a great spirited energy. It's a very strong blend that gets carried throughout the whole song but somehow it felt the strongest in that moment to me. I actually modded this song into Speed of Doom's MAP22 so I could vibe with it for a while, and it fit the darker hell landscape much better than you'd think - I think it comes down to that selfsame moody drive. Excellently calibrated.


      The detuned layering of the guitars is a cool effect but I will say it never quite grew on me - I personally would have opted for an echo effect instead, which would supply a similar depth. For the trombone (and wind instruments in general), I'd also recommend adding some breaks in the sound once in a while - even if it's not being played by a real person, having spaces for the player to take a breath makes it sound more organic and fluid a lot of the time.


      Thank you for sharing this, it's a great piece of work! I'd absolutely love to hear more from you going forward!!

  9. Mm, if there is one thing I can tell about you, is that you like the guitar. :)

  10. Ah yes, the one destroyer of digital rights management. Truly a real trooper, and a great career too if you ask me! :p


    How you doing lately, bud?

    1. DRM-MAN


      Pretty good, been working on a starforce drm review, other then that, doing some off site roleplays.

    2. Gustavo6046


      Ah, neat!

  11. CMake Warning at CMakeLists.txt:142 (message):
      And, by the way.  clang sux.


    @ketmar I am heartbroken. I don't love you anymore. </3

    1. ketmar


      but clang still sux, tho. ;-)


      the code is heavily gcc-centric, so it is easier to scare away clang users, than to explain each time that clang is not supported. ;-)

    2. Gustavo6046


      nah, gnu stufs sux moar


      Jokes aside, that is fair. Clang does support a lot of GCC-specific macros and language extensions, but - inevitably - doesn't support many GCC-specific options (-f*). You're forcing some such options in the release build, which is not the standard way to provide CMake support for a project.


      I was hoping to be able to use Clang so I could specify polyhedral optimization (LLVM's Polly) with just a single argument (-mllvm -polly) rather than the mess GCC's Graphite is. Also, GCC is way slower in my machine.


      Newer versions of LLVM Clang are pretty good, you should check them out, look at some benchmarks :)


      Also, why does it not work with the ninja build system? Like, it complains about some shaders or something. Something iffy is going on here.


      EDIT: oh, k8vavoom finished building! Yeah, I yielded to using GCC. Now I'll install it.

    3. ketmar


      yeah, i had to use alot of options to unfuck the compiler. c and c++ standards are absolutely idiotic, so i got rid of as much UBs as i could. ok, my code won't work on machines with non-2-complement math. yeah, we have alot of them. and so on.


      also, most slowdowns are from VM dispatcher (almost everything is done in VM, even physics). it is already using computed gotos, there's not much you can do to speed it up (except JITing). other slowdowns are from RAM->GPU VRAM transfers.


      as for building system -- it creates parts of the source code by parsing shaders while building the whole thing. i never liked cmake, and i never learned it, i just hacked something that works most of the time and called it a day.

  12. tfw hazbin hotel is replaced with spidery thing from undertale

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    2. seed


      I knew you'd say that.


      The textbook definition of "supergroup" is this, but it could be anything really. I thought you'd catch the punchline.

    3. inkoalawetrust


      I wouldn't because I don't know anything about music bands and musicians to have known what a supergroup is lol

    4. seed


      Now you know a little more ;) .


      Don't worry, for as much music I listen to, I don't know much about certain aspects either - best example being music theory. I don't know jack shit about that lmao.

  13. Drew this to the sound of Eviternity's OST, took about an hour. The legs were particularly hard to draw, but I think I got the rough sketch down. How's it?




    And I must say, @Dragonfly has quite the taste for VGM. Loving it! Some parts even remind me of Unreal - it's that good.

  14. When you do not establish the social distancing of 1 step from the Guitar Warrior



  15. Could it be.... Bzzrak???

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    2. DownloadTheseSweetViruses


      I agree, I guess they didn't appreciate how he was mad about the warning.



      IDK, maybe wrong.

    3. Gustavo6046


      Hm, I don't know. Could be.

    4. DownloadTheseSweetViruses


      Yeah, let there be hope for his comeback.

  16. Congrats on the nice! :D

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    2. Gustavo6046


      @Cinnamon Killjoy your rank said "Nice Member" for a while because you had.. uh... you can guess how many.. posts.

    3. Cinnamon Killjoy

      Cinnamon Killjoy

      Aha SWEET, I love me some 69 memeing, hehe. Thanks again. :)

    4. Gustavo6046


      Glad to cheer with a fellow Doomworld backyard dweller! The pleasure is mine:D

  17. @Linguica is it just me or Doomworld is asserting dominance




    sprintf %s

  18. I bet Deus Ex: Human Revolution is orange solely because of Ribbiks.

  19. My activity feed is broken again! I can't bother with these damn Linguican conspiracies again! Not again!!



  20. Familyzord. Unite.

  21. Ling I got an idea, what if instead of just blocking posts within 10 seconds of each other, you made a small queue (up to 5 posts in it at a time), where each post takes 10 seconds to post after the previous one, and only block posts if the queue is full?

  22. Linguica, why does my activity feed look empty?

  23. Woah! You're everywhere, buddy. I swore you had more than just 25 posts! :o

    1. Dubbag


      yeah trying to get back into this forum again. It's changed ALOT since I last was on it about 8 years ago.

  24. I want to take music commissions.