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  1. As most people here have noticed (like, almost everyone), I have been away for sometime; I was in UT99.org playing with them, making maps & mods for the 1999 game that would be a heresy even to tell it's name (if I am right).

    However, maps often involve fixing fucking BSP errors, and everyone knows that's very difficult for a [meep]-years old to handle. I missed mapping for Doom!

    The second time I was losered, I decided to take awhile away so they could rest and stay in peace without me. I even though of suicide!

    But I couldn't avoid returning to mapping for Doom as it was so easy! I want to be in Doom and in UT (okay, heresy) in the same time!

    I'm back, my friends!! :D

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    2. Superluigieth1


      BaronOfStuff said:

      ...and you are who, exactly?

    3. Gustavo6046


      Just a random goon, aand now let this thread die FOR THE SAKE OF IT

    4. Voros


      Wait a minute.
      I just remebered you were banned.
      Now seeing you here, its like seeing an undead...