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  1. So the filthy acknowledging of me people reasonably had, has been redeemed from a bad and bastard childhood by a clarifying maturity. In other words, the retarded 11yo I was is officially gone! Puberty has likely pointed me the right way, but I don't know if I'm still remembered as the guy that pestered the ZDoom forums, or now remembered as the one that finally began to finish his projects. I had many abandoned projects (Python Doom, et al), but I have finally had my way lit:



    (do you get the reference?)


    Anyway, thank you so much; for in my dark ages you haven't permabanned me (maybe losered me a bit, but that's understandable :P), knowing my life blooms beautiful flowers in the spring; sorry to the ZDoom Forums, for having stormed them, as I was too young to be helpful;


    and, lest I forget, happy Christmas!