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  1. What if Doomworld passwords are stored in SQL? If so, then Linguica can use

    SELECT * FROM Accounts WHERE Username = 'Gustavo6046';

    and access my accounts on 99% of the websites, and appending one further numeral to the end, also my Facebook, Google, and some other accounts.

    That raises the question: what will he use those for?

    1. Linguica


      It doesn't store your password, it stores a salted hash of your password, like every reputable site has done for the last decade. Furthermore, the very security conscious people may register an account via OAuth2 authentication with their Google, Facebook, etc account, where we never even see your password in any form.

    2. Gustavo6046


      Ah, thanks. It was kind of a joke, anyway, triggered by my learning of SQL. Just out of curiosity, do you use SQL in Doomworld?


    3. Linguica


      Yes, of course.