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  1. Sentient Mushes has been officially abandoned October 15th, 2018. I didn't know the project would last so long; or its codebase, grow so big; or its assets, be so numerous.


    However, the cartoonish sprites had a severe mismatch with the realistic textures, and long deserved a total replacement. But I'm not a good Doom sprite artist (although I would certainly like to know tips for spriting for Doom using GIMP or some other Linux-compatible tool). Also, the music was old (and some were mediocre), with an outdated style. And don't get me started on the artistic conflicts, consequence of the long development period that this project suffered.


    I, however, thank these 4 or 5 people who were interested in the project, of which only one actively helped its development, beta tested things, and even offered to make one of the maps. But now, Sentient Mushes is just an unknown relic of the past. A secret few people will ever know about, let alone touch. It will remain in my mind as some warning... and the warning has to do with biting more than you can chew. I reallyshould have listened to gaspe back then, but instead I wound up spending so much time...