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  1. Sorry Ling, you may remove strikethrought text from comments sections, but not from Unicode! >:D

  2. I'm working on some things already.


  3. Gustavo6046

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    Do videos count? Meanwhile, I'll just put up some pics of me having fun in modded UT99: I am an UT99 modder. Here I made most everything that moves shiny (with a corona type light). I've already made gametypes for this game, as well.
  4. dew is a species with many brethren, among them:


    • Woods Dew
    • Perimarine Dew
    • Perifluvial Dew
    • East-European Dew
    • Mountain Dew
    • Street Dew


    If you were a species, which brethren would you have?

    1. bzzrak


      I know @dew's absolutely unique but isn't it a bit of a stretch to call him a species??

    2. Gustavo6046


      Don't worry. I̶t̶'̶s̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶b̶u̶t̶ ̶a̶ ̶w̶a̶y̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶j̶o̶k̶e̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶n̶a̶m̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶M̶o̶u̶n̶t̶a̶i̶n̶ ̶D̶e̶w̶.

  5. The changes that are currently being done to the terminology in Python are not Social Justice ideology; in fact, it's no ideology at all. And, just to kill the irony, replacing the master-slave terminology is not forcing the usage of alternatives; it's not slaving the words master and slave. Also, it's a few words. There will be little to no effect at all if they change; it's all their matter, not ours. Why even give a shit? Certain people think it's a subtle way for family friendly, political correct activists (or whatever so-called "antagonists" in this story) to "battle" against free speech. Certain things are better just left so they figure things out themselves – like Guido van Rossum himself did when he left the cargo of Dictator For Life –, so they happen naturally. However, when there are politically correct restrictions, there are issues. Fortunately not in this case, but, in my opinion, the moral integrity of the people should not be factors in the media politics' equations. There is a target audience, and that's it — any consequences outside that range shall be dismissed. I can make an adult TV show, but if a kid gets offended by it because it criticizes one of their favorite trademarks (like, you know, Minecraft), we should 'tell' him "it's not meant for him anyway". Feel free to ignore me, though, just due to the completely irrelevant fact I believe the population doesn't know how to vote and thus shouldn't vote. But keep in mind I won't impose my opinions (I'm not that arrogant), and that if people will completely ignore any of my beliefs just due to one of them, they are missing on a lot of reasonable ones as well. Never judge a book by its cover.
  6. — Hey Doom Eternal, I request you to run!

    — What are your specs?

    — Uhh...


    Client: HexChat 2.14.2 • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (x64) • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2450M CPU
    @ 2.50GHz (2.50GHz) • Memory: 5.9 GiB Total (2.8 GiB Free) • Storage: 130.4 GiB / 931.0 GiB (800.6 GiB
    Free) • VGA: NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M, Intel(R) HD Graphics Family • Uptime: 1w 3d 9h 15m 11s

    — Get off my lawn!

  7. I don't usually say stuff sucks, until I do better.


    I do, however, criticize it constructively, pointing out flaws, usually trying to sound less corrective and more helpful.

    But... have I done better yet?


  8. The Definition of Game


    A game is a game when there one or more main agents, called players, have a set of actions they can do, that will alter the current state or the environment, and when, alongside that, there are two kinds of reward possible for such actions:


    • Positive reward: think grabbing a coin, a powerup or a life.
    • Negative reward: think being hit by an enemy, or just plain dying.


    To help understand more about games, why they are so, and why (most) games are perfectly fine, we first need to take a look at a few, very important (but at first glance little related) notes, that will help answer those questions:


    1. Video games are fiction.


    Games will never incur in any psychological consequence unintended by the producers. In other words, games like LSD: Dream Emulator are likely to cause nightmares, paranoia, or other slight conditions on human players, while, in the other hand, even hardcore shooter games, like Quake III Arena, or horror games, like Resident Evil, will at most cause natural reflexes and feelings, such as fear, and no psychological anomaly.


    2. No game will turn you, or your kid, into an assassin, a serial killer, nor will they incentive crimes.

    Even kids with a few years of age can discern between fiction and reality (although they might enjoy fiction by imagining its experience, as if it were reality). Even games that are based on true facts are usually more artistic, and will not create psychological or neurological anomaly or incentive.


    3. Video game deaths are just virtual events. They can only represent real deaths.


    In most earlier games that feature death, to ease the moral consequence of decease, death is usually made temporary, or emotionally insignificant, in various ways:


    • It can be made so by giving infinite lives to the player (like Doom, but not like Wolfenstein 3-D);
    • It can be made so by giving checkpoints to the player (like Sonic the Hedgehog);
    • It can also be made so by adding a respawn feature (like traditional deathmatch on games like Unreal Tournament or Quake).

    Nowadays, the weight of this moral has reduced, mostly subsequent to the gradual increase in the acceptance of games as special, interactive forms of art and literature (more than plain, mindless entertainment).


    4. Video games don't kill. Players kill themselves.


    In 2015, a 38-year-old man **actually** died playing video games. But before you put your blame cards on the games themselves, I have to remind you that the games didn't force him to play five days straight at the computer. That was purely his choice.




    A game is a game. It's an interactive piece of art and rules (the latter usually set as code, and sometimes even the former), where you can perform actions, those actions sometimes alter the environment and the state, and these three factors together give you reward (or punishment). That is the basis for games, and so it has been since Pong.


    But, wait a minute. Is Pong really a game? Well, let's verify, with the three concepts we

    discussed at the beginning:


    • Is it interactive, and allow for actions?

    Check! You can move the paddle in this game.

    • Does it feature players?

    Check! Two opponents (one of which may be an automatic paddle, and
    thus an AI), or player agents, that battle for the highest score.

    • Does it have rewards?

    Check, baby! You love to score, but you hate to be scored. Remember, games usually don't explicit what rewards are good and which are bad. You decide – you are the player, after all! The game is yours and you do what you want. No wonder Super Mario 64 players are doing "coinless speedruns".


    And that's why Pong isn't just a sport, or a bunch of electronics, or an hyper advanced calculator designed with entertainment in mind. Nope! It's a video game. And these three basic principles are the most objective and precise way to categorize and define what is a game.

  9. Gustavo6046

    Anal Nightmare's (Vanilla Doom wad)

    Oh, that's not good. :/ Good luck, anyway! o/ Ahh yes, I forgot. Well, thank you!
  10. Gustavo6046

    Anal Nightmare's (Vanilla Doom wad)

    Hey, we should do gimmick maps together! What do you think of we both working together on a level?
  11. Gustavo6046

    Anal Nightmare's (Vanilla Doom wad)

    In my opinion, the name reminds me more of "pain in the ass" than Terry WADs. That's what I think the author tried to convey with the title. And I think it was funny. So good job with the title choice :D Next time, try to upload using ShareX (Google Drive offers a lot more free space), and set the direct link option to true. Just a tip, though :) As for the WAD, in order to upload to /idgames, you will first have to make it at most eight characters long. Anyway, on to the gameplay. I haven't managed to beat the map, so I can't really tell XD my bad. I did record an attempt video, though, but I don't want to put it here, due to the bad voice quality. I'm working on my equalizer settings.
  12. I am inspired to make ZetaBots configurable.


    And what inspired me, you might ask?






    Please ignore the circle around the Camping field, tee hee.


    NOTE: why does pasting image data with Ctrl + V paste it twice? I swear it happens every time I try!

    1. bzzrak


      Maybe you have two pics in your clipboard 

    2. Gustavo6046
  13. Is it possible to create a game that runs inside the boards? Maybe even a bot that responds to replies.


    Or some way to embed it. Somehow.

  14. I finally left Zandronum's IRC server, after over two years of having to live in nightmare. No wonder it's dead; trolls all around, negligent operators who refuse to take action, and the inhabitants don't give a shit about what I say.


    I need an ice cream.

    1. bzzrak


      "having to"

  15. Gustavo6046

    Share a random fact about yourself

    The quality of my music has improved, let's say. I don't know if Jimmy is still around to try them out.
  16. RWspQpl.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. bzzrak


      Having the 14-year old moustache sucks even more

    3. Gustavo6046


      You mean 15.

    4. bzzrak


      I meant it in general, the type of moustache that teens have when they haven't started shaving yet, but yeah

  17. Gustavo6046

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    How do you brake the ground?
  18. Gustavo6046

    How to make Heretic and Hexen fun to play !

    Let's make a good Hexetic total conversion in Unreal! Heck, I'm waiting for the day Unreal Engine 1 is open-sourced!
  19. Poster below is a furry.


    ...oh, wait, this is not the forums, is it?



  20. Gustavo6046

    How to make Heretic and Hexen fun to play !

    Heretic is boring for me, it's mostly monotone to me. It's a pseudo-medieval land, with a few Doom elements, and, well, lots, LOTS of boring items. Hexen is a big improvement, in my opinion — I like these creative puzzles, the hub system, the ACS, all these new elements added. There was a whole new chunk of unexplored Doom engine area unveiled by Hexen before anyone else could (heck, even ZDoom was late compared to Hexen)! Not only that, but the realism is strong there, even without a true 3D engine, like Quake, or the later Unreal. I feel like Heretic lacks the... oomph. The audiovisual feedback of killing enemies and firing big weapons. The Dragonclaw might be extremely powerful, but it doesn't feel like it. Mentally, it trembles compared to the Super Shotgun in Doom II or the Wraithverge in Hexen. You know what I mean when big weapons need big sounds, and small weapons need enjoyable sounds and decent fallback mechanisms (like the Automag in Unreal was a good fallback for situations where it is fine to use it, because it had infinite ammo). Hexen has power. Hexen has oomph.
  21. Hello, my very dear, lovely, and beautiful people! I have been tinkering with a very awesome tool called Inform 7, a tool that allows you to easily create interactive fictions (Zork-like games) using an English-like programming language. I've played a bit with it, and this is the result! Use the convenience Batch script (so you don't need to drag and drop anything, or select files, or– gwaargh! Just the thoughts of the inconvenience of computer interfacing...) and play! Glulx interpreter included. A fraction of the experiment above: A medikit is a kind of thing. Every medikit has a number called heal. Every person has a number called health. Before taking a medikit: say "You use the medikit, which heals you[if the heal of the noun is less than 11 or the health of Yourself is greater than 89] a bit[end if]. [if the health of Yourself is less than 30]You feel much better!"; increase the health of Yourself by the heal of the noun; if the health of Yourself is greater than 100: now the health of Yourself is 100; now the noun is nowhere. The result: So, have you ever played a text adventure before? When you were (if you have ever been) a kid in the 80s, you might have had a computer like Commodore 64, or a similar "microcomputer" (oh, did they even imagine Raspberry Pi was coming in a near future?) back then. Did it have any interactive fictions? Let's talk about these! wait, I'm 15...
  22. Gustavo6046

    heXen Upstart Mapping Project (XUMP)

  23. Gustavo6046

    heXen Upstart Mapping Project (XUMP)

    We need a RUMP. No, it isn't Trump. Consider the UnrealEd 2 and the vast possibilities with it!
  24. Gustavo6046

    Is the 8th Generation of gaming terrible?

    I didn't insinuate you said games from back them were bad.