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  1. Gus the Wallaby enjoying the lakeside sunset!

    walla orla.png

  2. I'm safe from the Porto Alegre floods. The worst this city has seen in its history, and the worst Brazil has seen in 80 years. Whew! A while without electricity, and a while away from home. But I'm back!

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    2. wallabra


      Yeah! I live on the 3rd floor (counting from ground being 1). Other people had it much worse. Some lost everything. Some lost loved ones. Some lost their entire house. A lot of shops are going to be closed for a long time to clean up and do the electrics check, or might just close altogether from the losses. It's going to leave a long-lasting scar in this part of the city.

    3. iddq_tea


      This is terrifying, I can't imagine. Glad you're safe!

    4. taufan99


      Stay safe, and all my condolences for the affected as well.

  3. wallabra

    Why doomwik.org than fandom doom?

    Would this be "SEO"? (A fancy term for filling your site's metadata with keywords to make it appear higher in search results.)
  4. wallabra

    Why doomwik.org than fandom doom?

    Fandom is bloated and full of ads, but there's sooo much more.
  5. wallabra

    How do you say idgames?

    Eye-dee-*coffeesip*-games EDIT: replaced tea with coffee because i'm not a monster
  6. wallabra

    What's your Doomfolio?

    Ohhh..... [cue Hazardous Environments] Wikis are great for documenting stuff like this, but not as great for discoverability. Just... just think of this thread as a Tinder for Doom modders and contributors, but I guess just a tad worse at the whole match-making thing. Just a tad.
  7. wallabra

    What's your Doomfolio?

    Good point. Although I don't mean just maps/WADs, but I dunno if there are people counting whether a wadography includes other kinds of contributions.
  8. Welcome to Brimstone District's brand new temp agency. If careers are like wheat, temp work is like the seeds - and it takes time to grow. You will become flesh cushioning for high speed items coming off of conveyor belts a few times before you move up in this world. Or, if your portfolio is good enough, we'll sneak you into a decent internship instead, but psst - don't tell the auditors. Hey! Here you can post an overview of your Doom works and your contributions to the community. While there are Doom Wiki pages of many of us, others don't, and many are incomplete. Additionally, it's not very good for discovering people, since you usually have to already have someone in mind to input in the search bar. With a Doomfolio here, people can scroll through the topic, Ctrl+F keywords, and check out your nice collection of stuff. I'll start with myself. While I've made some maps, which have been more decent with time (I still like how Temple of the Marshes turned out tbh), I'm more prolific in this community as a composer. I've helped make two songs for the TNT: Evolution MIDI Pack collabing with both Ivan (continuum.mid) and decino, and am one of the most prolific composers on Hell's Bane , having contributed a total of eight tracks, out of the 39 (36 levels + title, intermission, and cutscene). I have also made a handful of mods, notably the ZetaBot, a fun AI player for GZDoom which can open doors, use lifts and switches, chase after enemies, and while not very good at exploration, is fairly fun to deathmatch against. Sadly, I haven't been as active in the Doom community. My activity lately boiled down to being a React to the Profile Pic Above You thread, before that was recently closed as its novelty wore. And occasoinally new features and polish in ZetaBot. Contrast with, say, my continuing work on and polishing of MushMatch, an Unreal Tournament gametype which is basically a detective (social deduction) game, which has been under development for years, but whose idea has been around since far earlier (since the time of Sentient Mushes, which itself probably predates the Among Us craze). But now it's your turn! Show off some cool stuff you did, big, small, doesn't matter! The Brimstone District Temp Agency will find the right position for you. ;)
  9. wallabra

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Magic is going to happen, and-- whoa, is that a tail?
  10. wallabra

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    I thought you were meant to be a protector of the forest :(
  11. That would be when an Imp snuck behind me and spelled testicular torsion. That was horrible. Dunno how I didn't die. All joking aside, when I play long maps without saves and die near the end, I've gotten used to it, but if it happens enough times in a row in the same map the frustration adds up and I quit. I'll just take a break, though, and return later with a fresh mind. I guess that's just a normal cycle?
  12. wallabra

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    we love long flowing hair, that's really cool tho how did you braid it like that :o
  13. wallabra

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    With a face like that, it's hard to tell if she is intrigued, interested, dismayed, shocked, disgusted, or all of the above at the same time.
  14. wallabra

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    i just realized that that hat is probably a police cap actually, yes. I haven't shown it yet, though...
  15. wallabra

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    jump high you say eh