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  1. Hey, thanks for the awesome feedback. Much appreciated.
  2. I did make the last few maps a bit difficult with the exception of map 25. I plan to take it easy on the slaughterfest type gameplay for map 28. Give the player/s a nice simple map before taking on map 29, which will be the final map before the Icon of Sin map (map 30). I don't plan to hold back on 29, it's going to be insane :) My wad has been compared to Hell Revealed a few times now, which is a big compliment. Thanks for the comment.
  3. Update: Beta 5 now out if anyone is interested. New map added, putting the wad at 27 completed maps. Other updates: ***Map 22 was changed up a good bit, specifically the gameplay. ***Changed out some of the maps MIDI's ***Added new textures (Maps 27-32 will be the one's where you'll see the new textures) ***Did a little bit of maintenance in a few maps. Just minor stuff, a bit more detailing, decorations, etc. So if anyone has some spare time or if they're interested in checking out a new wad, give this one a go. If anything, play maps 22 & 27 and let me your thoughts. You should probably play map 22 from beta 4 first and then play the newer version from beta 5. Tell me if the map is better or not. Thanks!
  4. Really appreciate you guys taking the time to look for mistakes in my wad. Crazy about the monsters not spawning in for some of the maps. They did in beta 3. Not sure what happened. Went ahead and fixed a lot of things and released beta 4.2. Gotta figure something out for map 22. I spent so much time on the design, I completely neglected the gameplay. I'll probably do the three key suggestion soon. I also took out all stimpacks, to give the player more of challenge with very limited health. Thanks again, guys.
  5. Been so long since I've just sat down and played a good slaughter map, and with 29,000 monsters, it looks like I'm in for a good challenge. Will try to record the gameplay, too.
  6. I'm going to "remaster" my first ever map I made soon and see if you can beat it. It's a slaughterfest maze map with about 4500 monsters.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. The map 19 error had to been extremely recent. Good find. All errors have been fixed.
  8. Beta 4 now out. 5 new maps putting the wad at 26 fully completed maps. Hope to be finished with the wad itself by the fall. I highly recommend you play map 22 with Complex Doom with LCA. The map is fairly boring in vanilla Doom. Give it a look and let me know what you think. It's still a beta so I'm open for suggestions on any changes towards the maps. Thanks! Beta 4 download link - http://www.mediafire.com/file/9brk1869fb42985/ER.zip
  9. An update. Haven't been mapping lately due to other things going on. However, I'm now getting back into it. Hoping to have maps 22/23 done in a month which will put me at 24 completed maps.
  10. I was originally planning to release this map with beta 3, but decided to go ahead and release it now. Map 21 is complete, I tested the map, like I do for all maps, with pistol start using original mode and with CD/LCA. All good. This will be my last update for a while. Hoping to be done with maps 22-25 in the next couple of months, aka beta 3. Will be sending the new updated wad to the admin on Zdaemon who's hosting my wad and will contact the person who's hosting my wad on Zandronum with the download link, unless they see this post and do it themselves. Hopefully with the fixes I made, specifically for CD/LCA players and a new map will keep the players entertained long enough for me to finish up maps 22-25. I don't want to rush them and do a shitty job, and I'm trying to add new textures. Don't want to keep using the same textures over and over again. Maps will start to look repetitive. So yea, download link of the new updated version of Evil Returns is in post #1. Thanks!