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  1. 2.8 GHZ procesator.

    Time to kill this 1.7 ghz shit.

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    2. DoomUK


      Oh, and since we're comparing e-penises [again]:-

      inb4 "lol AMD FX CPU". It runs everything like a champ, for a markedly cheaper price than the equivalent Intel CPU. Joke's on you.

    3. Avoozl


      While I am not a fan of AMD I wouldn't really blame you for choosing it instead of Intel, but personally I just stick to Intel, and of course not all retailers sell them at the default prices.

    4. Bloodshedder


      Hellbent said:

      EDIT: Found out my memory type is DDR2 [PC2-6400]. I have 2 DIMMs in there now, each 1GB. I have 2 more DIMM slots open. Can I put 2 more sticks of memory of a different brand and different size (same speed)? The ones I want to add are 2GB each, so there would be 2 slots with 1GB each and 2 slots with 2GB each. That would bring the total RAM to 6GB. But will it work having different sizes? I think I remember reading online that if they are the same speed it will work, but I value the thoughts of the DW community.

      Yes you can, and yes it should work fine.

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