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  1. So yes there was an 16 kid on our grade, (I'm 13.) so this kid was insulting everyone that was fat, I was on that list, I'm not really fat, It's just that i was born that way. Yet, i have a black friend and 3 friends. One day we were playing Chocolate doom in my tablet with him. So this kid comes and starts insulting my friend for being black and telled him to go to africa and suicided. I say go away, you racist, He goes mad at me and tries to punch me. i call the teacher and tell that that kid was insulting my friend and me. Later those days.. I was going upstairs on school to go to my classroom, he comes and doesn't let me pass. Blocking my way. Yet i tell him to move please and he pushes me, then some days later, he talks about sexual shit, so yes, that was edgy as hell. But then. he comes and punches the black kid, I try to defend him since black people should be respected. Then he tells me to suicide because i'm a fat fuck. I said "Stop lying. I'm not fat." And then i call the teacher to say he was insulting me again. He had gotten his mom and dad called to the school, lying to them that he didn't do any wrong, but my friend says he punched him. So yes, after that talk with his mom/dad, He becomes even more mad. More. And tells me to go die because i'm a fucking lier. I was not lying, saying the truth. then he says this

    "wanna know why you're fat?, BECAUSE YOUR MOM IS! TURN DOWN FOR WHAT"

    Yes, using the turn down for what meme, what an idiot. Today this faggot insulted me again but not my friend, got his mom called again, I guess he's getting kicked from school.

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    2. joe-ilya
    3. dio


      I stopped at the first sentence. I hope the bullying stops.

    4. Obsidian


      I never thought I'd miss how quiet Blogs used to be.