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  1. Dragonfly

    Vow of Vengeance [WIP]

    No worries, glad you like it!
  2. Compiled with whatever settings we had at the time in UDB / GZDB-BF. Honestly though, again, this is a question for another thread such as this one - I needn't keep saying we're not here to support running / compiling / whatevering this wad for ports it was never intended for.
  3. Dragonfly

    Vow of Vengeance [WIP]

    This definitely did not feel the case when playing without gameplay mods that drastically change gameplay. I took a shot at this. How's this? 3x upscaled for previewing better: This is already in the doom palette.
  4. Dragonfly

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Are those leaves on the right made from distorted, upside down dead player sprites?! Good lord.
  5. Abolutely fantastic, unsurprisingly! 🤘 Keep 'em coming!
  6. Dragonfly

    Vow of Vengeance [WIP]

    Just played through this set, and I am honoured to have my music in this! From start to finish this was a blast to play through. I thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay (for the most part, I'll touch on that further down the post), and the aesthetic beauty of this wad is outstanding. MAP01 served as a good introduction to the wad. With a beautiful take on the familiar techbase theme, it has it's challenging moments but definitely felt easiest in the set. MAP02 has a fantastic interconnected layout that sees you revisiting areas briefly to progress, the gameplay here ups the ante but it's still fair. I did blow a rocket up in my own face but that was my own doing, heh. MAP03 features great use of gothic textures and has an interesting few encounters. highlight was the intro fight for me, with the mad scramble for the rocket launcher while being bombarded left and right. I couldn't solve how to get the BFG, I assume it's a secret, but you get one later - I have to wonder if that later BFG is really needed; would make the secret more rewarding in my opinion. MAP04 was for me the lowest point in the set - not to say it's a bad map, but the symmetrical wide open corridors coupled with the high amount of detail did make finding the one non-key-locked door difficult to find, I think either having that door open initially or doing something else to provide the player with a pointer in this direction would do wonders. The also symmetrical battles for the yellow and blue keys felt uninspired; I'd look to change one of these fights in such a way it plays differently enough from the previous fight. The final room's combat was great however. MAP05 - What a view! I don't agree with others that this needs to be made smaller and/or have more monsters. What I think instead is perhaps some added geometry (rocky areas, ruined structures, whatever really) to fill in the empty space would tackle the "problem" here, as well as provide more surfaces for players to bail revenant rockets into. Beyond this though I had a good time here and the map felt somewhat like a parallell to Scythe II's MAP28, with it's hellish landscapes and imposing structures. I think the only moment I felt any frustration here was with the upper area of the fortification, where I assumed the doors were red and yellow key locked, but they weren't. Perhaps a switch to open these doors, or even having them open initially would help here. I feel this wad would benefit from would be some ammo rebalancing; some difficulty and fun-factor can come from ammo management, so starving the player of ammo in certain situations can be good for the map(s), but once you get about 50% way through any map, even from pistol start, you're armed to the teeth with guns and ammo. All in all though, this is a fantastic set so far, and look forward to seeing more maps soon!
  7. I wish my existence was that easy; sadly I have all the same basic needs as you. 😅
  8. Probably this map.
  9. Dragonfly

    sussy imposter amongus wad

    crap for crap's sake, avoid.
  10. Dragonfly

    Can pk3 files give you a virus

    A PK3 is a zip file. Can zip files contain viruses..? Yes, yes they can; as can any file format. However it's wholly unlikely running a PK3 in GZDoom, even if it did contain a virus, could cause any issues unless an arbitrary code execution exploit is found within the engine; which as far as anyone's aware, doesn't exist.
  11. I think I'm free, pencil me in.
  12. Dragonfly

    Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

    A few hours later and I'm still surprised you were able to pull this run off. Very impressive!
  13. Dragonfly

    [WIP - Standalone Game] Supplice

    This is looking beyond exceptional! Amazing shots; if the gameplay's even a tenth as good as the scenery is, we're in for one hell of a ride.
  14. Dragonfly

    Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

    These pacifist runs are insane, great stuff Decay!