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  1. I think @scifista42's solution is probably best, but another option is a very small invisible 3D floor sitting 1px above the scrolling floor. the 3D floor could be as small as 1px by 1px, maybe smaller.
  2. The hell? Why do none of you use Internet explorer???!
  3. Get a better browser. :P
  4. I find glitch documentation / showcasing very interesting too as mentioned before. There's a guy on youtube called Pannenkoek2012 who's pretty devoted to trying to beat Super Mario 64 without ever pressing the A (jump) button. In doing so they have to exploit very esoteric glitches such as traversing through parallel universes, vertical speed conservation and all that good stuff; but they explain it all with really informative videos. Here's one of their two channels if that interests you. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5miyvhPsWWyfTulnJ43koQ
  5. I do the same. Been a long time reader and viewer of material regarding DOS /Windows Viruses, and video game glitches. The early Pokemon games are particularly dense with glitches and can be really entertaining to learn about. On the virus front, check out the YouTube channel called danooct1 - https://www.youtube.com/user/danooct1 My fianceé thinks this content is as dull as can be, but somehow I really enjoy it. :)
  6. Sorry for my non-attendance. Perhaps the next session. :)
  7. Streaming some more mapping of that space-race map posted in the post your doom pic thread. Come hang! https://www.twitch.tv/dragonflyos
  8. @NuMetalManiak Gonna have to check that one out, thanks as usual mate. I've been jamming to Leprous lately, such a good band.
  9. Sadly the rules of Cereal Killer state: So I'll obey. I don't mind honestly, I'm more than sure there's suitable alternatives.
  10. Ah, sounds like this whole time I've used something I shouldn't have. The map is pretty old now, so I wouldn't feel to disheartened if I had to rework the appearance. Maybe it'd freshen it up and motivate me to finish it. :P
  11. Mark me as a maybe. It starts midnight in my timezone and I'm not sure if I'm busy or not (I get told last minute when people are meeting up etc, heh.)