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  1. @YukiRaven fantastic atmospheric scene you have there. Keep up the fantastic work, I look forward to it's eventual release! :D
  2. @Xyzzy01 is going to make a map for Skulldash, and suggested doing it in wireframe textures similar to the hub map from the recently released Confinement 256. I've made a texture pack for their use and a little demo map here: If anyone else wants the textures, let me know and if there seems to be any interest I'll post them in a thread of their own. :)
  3. You imply that in my ten plus years of using ZDoom I've not played something like this. It's not a problem, but instead a benefit.
  4. Translucent projectiles are better because despite a fireball flying your way you can still keep an eye on the terrain and enemies behind the fireballs.
  5. Uh, it's on my resume (CV), but listed as 'Game Development' under the hobbies section.
  6. How that went by me unnoticed, I do not know... I'll be sure to check this out soon! :D Thanks @Eris Falling
  7. I know this one sounds ridiculous, but, you could just have a small staircase (32 units high) so when you fall down you can't return.
  8. Pirate Doom 2 please. And while we're at it, I guess I'd like a Winter's Fury sequel. Perhaps Winter's Wrath or something similarly named? :)
  9. It's a vent? idk
  10. The music stopping is definitely a bug that shouldn't occur. I'm not sure what the cause is on that, and quite frankly, testing it to try and find a solution isn't really a quick fix if I have to wait for a few loops of the song to experience the error, which is a shame :(
  11. I've run out of likes to give today, first time that's ever happened to me. :P Anyways, Skulldash has been available to play for well over a year, but the 'expansion pack' that is due to release later this year heavily improves the mod, upgrading every single level and adding at least 10 new ones by myself and other mappers. Would you be interested in being a beta tester of the expansion pack? :) If you don't want to be a beta tester, the link to the old version is available on the Skulldash website, but honestly the quality jump is worth playing the beta for imho. :P
  12. Go for it @MysteriousHaruko. Textures are free to use and modify, just a l'il credit is all I ask. :)
  13. I uh, don't actually know how to respond to this. I'm insanely flattered, but I've got a long way to go to join the list of 'the greats'! Thank you very much for the confidence boost, I do really appreciate it! :)
  14. Hahaha, well no harm done! Upon reflection I could have used an excel spreadsheet or some handmade software to simplify/calculate the 'beat placement'. Based on the song's BPM, and Doom's "35 tics / second" timing, I seem to recall the beats landing every 16.4 tics, which was awkward to work with. I did use while loops and other things to simplify some of the lighting effects. See how some of the lights 'fade through the colours of the rainbow' at times? Rather than tell it what colour to be every tic by hand I wrote a loop that does it for me: while(true) { if(vargskelethor == 1) { if(b <= 5) { vargskelethor = 2; } b-=5; } else if(vargskelethor == 2) { if(g >= 250) { vargskelethor = 3; } g+=5; } else if(vargskelethor == 3) { if(r <= 5) { vargskelethor = 4; } r-=5; } else if(vargskelethor == 4) { if(b >= 250) { vargskelethor = 5; } b+=5; } else if(vargskelethor == 5) { if(g <= 5) { vargskelethor = 6; } g-=5; } else if(vargskelethor == 6) { if(r >= 250) { vargskelethor = 1; } r+=5; } else if(vargskelethor == 7) { if(g <= 5) { vargskelethor = 1; } g-=5; b-=5; } sector_setcolor(5, r, g, b, 0); sector_setcolor(7, r, g, b, 0); sector_setcolor(8, r, g, b, 0); delay(1); }