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  1. The final testing session for Skulldash before tomorrow's release: https://www.twitch.tv/dragonflyos
  2. Mr Icarus is streaming Skulldash - live now: https://www.twitch.tv/mr_icarus
  3. All set for release! MrIcarus is doing a live play through in 20 mins on his twitch channel, then off-camera I'll be doing a full game play through for one last testing session, however with the amount of testing I think we've squashed pretty much every bug! Regardless, release on Sunday is 100% happening, the download will be available on the website: https://www.joshuaosullivan.co.uk/skulldash/
  4. Yes @bioshockfan90, he changed it. The thread previously read as follows: Subject: "Lol help pls" Content: "I'm trying to play golden souls and there's a portable medkit I can't get to work, I've looked in all the settings for all the buttongs but idk what one ist is supposed to be."
  5. ESCAPE -> Options -> Display Options -> OpenGL Preferences -> Sector Light Mode -> Standard
  6. I'm assuming it's the 'Use Inventory' key, which I believe is bound to ENTER by default. Please use better Thread titles, "Lol help pls" both gives away your young age and won't incentivise most people to actually help you. :p
  7. For anyone here who is a fan of MrIcarus' "Doom Mod Madness" videos, you may be pleased to know that he is doing a live stream tomorrow of Skulldash: Expanded Edition! The stream will be between 3pm - 6pm BST (British Summer Time) on the below-linked channel. See you there! :D https://www.twitch.tv/mr_icarus
  8. The full release will be ready for you on Sunday! :D
  9. There seems to be a catchall ban on usernames:
  10. Hello all. I noticed on this page (https://zdoom.org/wiki/SetMusicVolume) there's no example. I am using this feature in my mod to transition between music and thought I could post an example piece of code, but I couldn't create an account. What is the process for submitting updates? I assumed this would be better asked over at ZDoom forums but I do not frequent there at all and feel more comfortable asking here, heh. Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. 5 days until release! So what's been happening since I last posted? The testing team & I have given a lot of our time to thoroughly test Skulldash and break it as best as we can! Release Candidate 1 (RC1) was pitched to the testers, which the team & I swiftly smashed to pieces, and in the process we located approximately 100 bugs and/or quality improvements! I personally have put in approximately 40 hours since I last posted on this thread to testing and fixing all known issues; what a weekend it's been. At approximately midnight last night after I completed a mad bug-fixing session, RC2 was given to the testing team. We'll smash through one last time, which will help me ensure that Skulldash is as top-quality of a Doom mod as it can be, ready for you all to enjoy this Sunday, October 22nd!
  12. Make the pistol somehow 'holy', and certain enemies unable to be killed by non-holy weaponry? I doubt it'd work well in standard doom but with a mod set around the concept, it could work well!
  13. It's Saturday! If you've not got any plans and need something to do, come hang out while we finalise Skulldash! :D https://www.twitch.tv/dragonflyos
  14. Upon reflection it does look like the shotgun guy at the front was damaged first. Still, at the time it was a very satisfying moment. :)
  15. This is a quick gif of me playing on @Remmirath's re-imagining of E1M3 for Skulldash, but I felt the need to share because of that oh-so-satisfying triple kill!