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  1. Phew!

    2am, some 50+ updates made across the board to Skulldash today, and 9 paid hours of work, too. Busy busy!

    As for the Skulldash updates. All levels have received a bugfix today. The final touches on porting the Skulltag resources to GZDoom have been made (or in some cases, modified to be better balanced than their originals). 


    The remaining changes that aren't relating to NEW maps are as follows:

    • MAP05 - Frostbound - Re-create the second section from scratch, because it's poor.
    • MAP11 - To Hell And Back - Improve some of the encounters.
    • MAP25 - Emerald Inquisition - This boss fight is meh. Improve it!
    • BONUS3 - Remove, because it sucks. Instead, create a map based on going SUPERFAST with the Haste Rune AND Turbosphere powerup to replace it as a bonus map.

    But first, time for some sleep. :)

    1. Megalyth


      Busier than a cat burying shit on concrete!

    2. Dragonfly