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  1. My final week of working at the 'dream job'. Moving away from this company is quite a scary move but I think the future's looking bright!

    I'm leaving the life of a web developer to become a receptionist, which is the ideal job / environment for me to have a steady income while trying to grow my own freelance business as a web & print designer .

    I have the luxury of a week off next week which will be the perfect opportunity to finish developing the new version of my website and allow me to get to work on websites for my own clients!



    Above is a link to the development site. The 'video header' element is going to disappear soon, I'm not a fan of the bandwidth consumption, so that will be replaced with relevant photography on a per-page basis.


    Any opinions / suggestions? I know the Case studies page, contact page and the case studies linked at the bottom of most pages aren't yet complete.

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    2. 40oz


      Congrats! Hope everything goes well!


      checked it out on my phone and it looked fine to me l, which says a lot considering that most websites feel like a chore to browse sometimes.

    3. Jaxxoon R

      Jaxxoon R

      Quite very much speediness, in spite of the bootstrap-looking modern design. The topmost ribbon might obstruct a bit too much of the view though.

    4. Fonze


      Website looks great Dragonfly! Best of luck to you as you transition paths!