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  1. Coming to the end of my first ever overnight shift at this hotel.


    I have to say, it is pretty creepy being the only staff member in a hotel on your own for over 6 hours. All in all it is definitely the easiest shift by a long way, so I hope to sign up for more night shifts.


    I also will have earned a lot more money this shift due to being able to get my head down and work on some freelance work WHILE getting paid to man the desk here at the hotel, heh.

    1. R1ck


      Dude, it's like taking a shitty daily quest when grinding. 

    2. Phade102


      Did you find any ghosts? Ghosts are really cool and really spice up the job of anyone working in a hotel alone.

    3. Deleted_Account


      Watch The Shining on your next night shift!