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  1. So I've put together some real line-portal hackery and unfortunately the AI hated it so much it decided to cement itself into the wall, heh.


    Note, the imp managed to walk into that pillar, they were not placed or summoned there. :P

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    2. esselfortium


      Is this in ZDoom or Eternity?

    3. Dragonfly


      @Ichor hah! 


      @Jaxxoon R I have not, sounds like a paradoxial situation that I'll have to see for myself :P


      @esselfortium GZDoom. I drew a square in the center of E1M1's room and connected to it from a square room elsewhere with line portals (2 way. interactive). This was to see if the enemies legitimately understand where the player stands despite being somewhre COMPLETELY different - the answer was no, but the imp trying to chase me anded up walking out of the sector through the corner of two line portals, so I guess the engine thought it was valid to place the imp within the empty void inside of the pillar.

    4. Jaxxoon R

      Jaxxoon R

      Yeah, monsters don't play too well with interactive portals. They work just fine with static ones, though.