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  1. I'm looking to get better at 'hard' maps. Both playing them and making them. By getting better at playing them I'll be better at making them, naturally.


    Can people please advise me how to 'git gud'? What did the likes of @rdwpa@Demon of the Well, @Bloodite Krypto etc etc etc do to improve their skill? I feel a starting point would be for me to beat the final doom IWADs a few times over on UV, and maybe play Sunder/Sunlust on easier difficulties?

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    2. Bloodite Krypto

      Bloodite Krypto

      Also sorry for the double-post, I got logged out during typing my reply and DW fudged up grrr :)

    3. Bloodite Krypto

      Bloodite Krypto

      On a side note, I hope you play this month's Ironman. I wasn't around for your Mapgame stream, but I saw the VOD and it was cool to watch, you mentioned wanting to do it again, but you didn't play Vae Victus :<

    4. Dragonfly


      I missed out on the VV/VV2 combo due to time restraints at the time and trying to remain commited to mapping, sadly. I could have a go at the ironman this month (July)!


      Thanks for all your feedback, I believe I've got all the advice I could possibly need now - all I have to do from here on in is to actually play more wads. I might make a more conscious effort to do more 'playing' throughout 2018 - Join the DWMC, participate in every ironman and maybe even make a weekly/monthly dooming event of my own. :)


      Regardless of whether I put everyone's advice into action today or next year, I really do appreciate all the time you and others have taken to type up a solid set of advice. Thank you! :D