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  1. Job hunting is strangely frustrating right now, but not in the way you'd expect!


    So to fill in the story quickly, let's go back in time a few months.


    I was a full time employee for a local web design company, and I LOVED the job, the people and the pay. Sadly, they weren't earning enough money as a business to maintain my wages, and subsequently had to reduce my hours to 3 days a week from 5 days a week. This wage defecit made it difficult to afford the cost of living and was causing me to slowly burn my savings that I've built up over five years. I'd estimate I've burned through a year or two's worth of saving, which sucks, but you do what you have to do.


    To counter this, I quit that job and started as a receptionist in a hotel while working for myself as a web/print designer on a freelance basis. This was great for a bit but the over-worked state I was in meant I essentially dropped the web/print part in only a month from when I started.


    A week ago, the hotel announced to the staff that they are closing for renovations and are subsequently making *every staff member* redundant, without promise of a job to return to post-renovation. Well shit, I'm essentially unemployed. At least I get redundancy pay despite having only worked here for 2 months, they're not legally obligated to pay out, but then they'd be absolutely screwed if I just up-and-left, so they had to entice me and the other staff into staying till the end I suppose...


    Anyways, here we are today! My past experiences have proven finding a job in the web/print industries can be hard, but now I'm on the other (better) side of the fence; having applied to 51 jobs which are all within a 1 hour drive's range of my home and of matching or higher salary to my old web design role.


    I now realise I've applied to way too many jobs and I am receiving too many replies! I've not actually been able to accept all interview offers due to having too little time between now and my vacation next week (Flying out on Wednesday). I even have a telephone interview lined up for when I'm supposed to be waiting to board my flight.


    I honestly I can't afford to go on that holiday right now, but it was booked months back and is at my grandmother's house in mainland Spain, so I guess I can keep it as cheap as possible. What is amazing to me is how a vacation is actually causing me stress thanks to potentially missing out on good jobs!


    I feel like a total asshole for complaining about what is actually a good position to be in, especially when I think about the people out there who have literally nothing; but then the fear of what may be if I fail to succeed in the interviews is making me feel like I'm not allowed to go on this vacation, and that I shouldn't enjoy myself while I'm there. And yes, I'm that addicted to Doom mapping I still find time to make maps and shit thanks to working night shifts at the hotel, heh.

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    2. Dragonfly


      (oops, no edit button, heh)

      In 4 months it's the 2 year anniversary of the original release :P

    3. Fonze


      Looool we must know a lot of the same people...


      Good luck as you sift through your potential opportunities; stressful, I'm sure, but like you said it's a good problem to have :)


      I'm sad to hear the web design path hit a wall, but maybe in time you'll find that path clear again; for now I think you've made the right choice.

    4. Dragonfly


      Thanks for the enthusiasm! I've got another interview lined up for Monday, a telephone interview Tuesday evening, and then I'm out the country for a week.


      If I wasn't working these night shifts (which are essentially 2 hours work, 5 hours do what I want, 1 hour try not to sleep challenge ) I'd have no free time to make maps or do all the other shit I do when 'relaxing'. :P