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  1. Question: When I originally released Skulldash I started working on a 100% completion tutorial series, but abandoned it knowing just how much was being updated.


    I plan to start that again, releasing an entire 100% completion tutorial for the whole of Skulldash. What would you prefer? One single video, or multiple videos breaking it down into each tier (4 - 6 levels per video)?


    Obviously these videos will come with Dev Commentary etc

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    2. Bauul


      I'd go multiple videos too, with links to all the other tiers embedded at the end of each video (presuming you use YT) and included in the description, so it's easy to view them all in one sitting if someone wants to.

    3. Dragonfly


      @Bauul now that's a concept that works! I could also make sure they're all in a playlist so that it's easier to make them autoplay the next video in the correct order.


      Thanks all for your replies so far. ^^

    4. Jimmy


      Reminder that timestamps for the video are clickable on YouTube, so whichever way you go about this (whether it's all one big video or one for each tier), you can provide the timestamp for the beginning of each of the maps in the video description, or in a comment underneath the video, to allow viewers to pick precisely which map they want to watch being run.