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  1. Hey Dragonfly, why didnt you list your mayhem(16;17) maps in your website ? Plus your dmp17, nightlife, pccp2 maps?

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    2. Dragonfly


      I don't mean that one as it happens, thanks for reminding me as I've intended to play that for quiiiiite some time.


      I meant the class-based doom multiplayer mod called "Hide'n'Seek". Trying to find a link proved quite difficult! Ended up having to go on the Skulltag Archives heh. I made two levels for this. They are by no means my best work at all, but I am trying to archive my development as a Doom mapper, almost like a diary from my own perspective. :)



    3. Catpho


      Thanks for the replies. I like it when doom mappers(devs in general) write blogs archiving their work, sharing their thoughts on their stuff. Thats also why i feel slightly annoyed when my favorite mappers dont list their work :P

    4. Dragonfly


      I hear ya' for sure. I sometimes wonder if I'm too far the other way and am outspoken about my works too often, heh! :P