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  1. Dragonfly

    The 12 Days of DOOMMAS! December Speedmapping Event

    Wait a tic, watching your playthrough pineapple and it's all wrong... LOL Fuck. So, so sorry about that. I left it like that to take a screenshot, didn't realised I'd saved it. If you (or anyone else for that matter) want to take another shot at it, the download link has been updated.
  2. Dragonfly

    The 12 Days of DOOMMAS! December Speedmapping Event

    Map Name: Bloody Hell, It's Cold Out Here Author: Dragonfly Date: 01/12/20 Format: Limit Removing Build Time: 2 Hours Music: Icicles - Jimmy (James Paddock) Editors Used: UDB, Slade DOWNLOAD
  3. Use Sekaiju! :) https://openmidiproject.osdn.jp/index_en.html It takes a short amount of time to get used to but it's super powerful and very clear-cut focused on midi exclusively, instead of having thousands of redundant events you get exactly what you should from your midis. :)
  4. Ohhhh shit, the ASS is back?!
  5. Dragonfly

    Play NUTS with Russian Overkill?

    Why did you resurrect a two year old dead thread and quote me lol?
  6. Dragonfly

    What the fack was happening here?

    Instead of highlighting that someone was being a racist piece of shit and giving them any further of a platform, ignore them.
  7. Dragonfly

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    Yoooooo I'm honoured that Eviternity's the test case for this! Out of curiosity how do the larger maps fare, such as MAP19 or 32? :o
  8. Dragonfly

    Christmas wish list

    Freedom to travel overseas. I've got people I need to see but covid prevents it currently. As for tangible items, I quite fancy the Everdrive 64
  9. Dragonfly

    Progressive Duel 3 - RC1

    Glad to see this released! Was, as always, a pleasure working alongside you guys. :)
  10. Dragonfly

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Seconded. 🍆
  11. Dragonfly

    C O M E D Y

    It would appear everyone has completely lost what the meaning of comedy is. A bunch of repeated meaningless crap and screeching sounds is not funny.
  12. Dragonfly

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Pinky out, king behaviour!
  13. Dragonfly

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    And yet there were literal children extracting and modifying .jar files for modifying minecraft in it's earlier years, simply because there was well formatted tutorials out there for it and the end result was interesting / desireable enough to the target demographic. I have to ask - Why is every post of yours in this thread putting the post above yours down, Graf? If you dont like <thing> then why are you here? Disliking vanilla's EXE or DOSBox is a different topic to the OP, even though they are related, so why not take it to a different thread? Tou're welcome to try and correct me if you think I'm wrong but I do feel all this back and forth yourself and some others here are having about vanilla and DOS as a whole is honestly detracting from the thread. Instead of discussing the possibilities opened by an ACE exploit and rejoicing in this new discovery a quarter century after the game's release, all we've really had is heavily biased inquisitions into "does anyone even use dosbox / vanilla exe". Some of these posts can be described as skyscaper-sized walls of text and back and forth ramblings, and were I the OP of this thread I'd be pretty pissed. We get it, some of you don't like or care for vanilla. Sweet, you're welcome to that opinion. We've heard it a hundred times though, so now that you've once again voiced your dislike for <thing> please kindly/peacefully stop so others can have a chance to speak without fear of entering a literal shit flinging contest. Cheers mate. 👍
  14. Dragonfly

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    Still battling over semantics and the likes I see. Look, if someone makes a mod worth playing, I guess it's on the mod-maker to also provide ample instructions on how to play the mod, no? You don't let map authors release a wad for, idk, EDGE, and go on to never tell you how to play the mod in the first place, right? If the wad/mod is worth playing, people can and will go the extra mile to set up the environment to play it, provided there's clear / easy enouh instructions to follow. I have had this ACE exploit in the back of my mind the last couple of days, I don't have the know-how nor free time right now but I'd be very interested in a wad which, for the most part, behaves like a normal doom experience, but through ACE exploits begins to act like it's a sentient computer, gradually corrupting the game step by step and essentially breaking the 4th wall. Think lilith but with less reason for some people to get angry about it and a more 'game-like' approach. Other ideas I've had that are less... "Doomy", shall we say? By comparison they are wholly experiments / "a waste of time" in the eyes of many. a file manager in doom where your actions serve to manage the files, be it renaming, moving, deleting, etc. the oft-discussed idea of backporting features from boom, zdoom, whatever, but intended to make 'compatability patches' for modern releases, stretching the meaning of "vanilla compatible". A rogue-like doom experience, where the ACE generates or manipulates maps and monsters on the fly to create a different experience on each playthrough. I realise this idea is the most irrelevant of the ones I've pitched simply due to being quite possible in GZDoom et al already.
  15. Dragonfly

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Oh nice, maybe it's just the perspective confusing me there then. :)
  16. Dragonfly

    Prodeus Kickstarter (Finished)

    To confirm, Multiplayer is intended to be part of the full release. It won't be present in early access though, the priority is to have a good game as the foundation. :) Regarding performance, if anyone has any issues the go-to change is turning off SSAO and SSR, as these are purely cosmetic but have a large performance impact.
  17. Dragonfly

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Likely 3D floors as a few of the extrusions are on very close but slightly different heights. Unless each portal slice is like 16 map units tall :P
  18. Dragonfly

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Eviternity is a megawad comprised of six 5-map episodes (called Chapters) plus two secret maps. This project exclusively uses OTEX, a brand new high quality texture pack by ukiro. Eviternity's six chapters explore a series of unique and varied themes, each featuring classic gameplay with an interest in making each map hold its own unique identity and personality. The themes are "Medieval", "Techbase", "Icy Castles", "Industrial / Brutalism", "Hell / Gore / Alien" and "Heaven". This project was created as a birthday gift to Doom, which is celebrating its 25th birthday on the day this was released. The texture pack used in this project, OTEX, was also released on the same day - so please do not use Eviternity as a base for your wads & mods. While mostly being a "Dragonfly project", with 24 maps being made or heavily worked on by myself, I present to you a mighty lineup of well-known guest mappers who have crafted beautiful and fun levels. Since the initial release we've worked hard for an additional two months working on the now-final version of Eviternity! I hope you enjoy Eviternity, thanks for downloading & playing! Eviternity is primarily an MBF format project, intended to be played in the following ports: PrBoom+, GZDoom, Eternity & Doom Retro; and is supported in Zandronum when playing multiplayer. This was tested with the latest versions of each during the creation, so please ensure your copy of your respective source port of choice is up to date! /idgames: Download Now ModDB: Download Now DFDoom.com: Download Now Dropbox: Link removed - dropbox disabled link sharing on my account for excessive traffic. Thanks for downloading it so much!! MAP04, MAP09: James "Jimmy" Paddock (MAP04 is a collaboration with Dragonfly) MAP10: Derek "Afterglow" MacDonald (A Dragonfly map with a detail pass by Afterglow) MAP13, MAP18: James "an_mutt" Collins (MAP13 and MAP18 are collaborations with Dragonfly) MAP14: Seongbae "antares031" Park MAP15: AtroNx MAP19: StormCatcher.77 MAP24: Brett "Mechadon" Harrell MAP26: Xaser Acheron MAP29: Tristan "Eris Falling" Clark (MAP29 is a collaboration with Dragonfly) MAP31: Paul "skillsaw" DeBruyne MAP32: Ola "ukiro" Björling All other maps: Joshua "Dragonfly" O'Sullivan In the music department we have some talented members of the community. Some music is bespoke, and others are previously made pieces music that suited the maps perfectly. The music credits are as follows: MAP01: Midnight Call - Mark Klem MAP02: Octarine - Jimmy MAP03: Fluid Motion - Jimmy MAP04: Ancient Sovereigns - Jimmy MAP05: Sacred Light - Jimmy BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP06: Digital Bitchslap - Alfonzo MAP07: Pistons - Jimmy MAP08: Gutter Penny - Alfonzo MAP09: Wheezer - Alfonzo MAP10: Motion Machine - Jimmy MAP11: ice.mid - Dial Up For Murder BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP12: Gemstones - Jimmy BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP13: Polar Expedition - Stewboy BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP14: Frozen Wilderness - Tristan "Eris Falling" Clark MAP15: Restless Restless - Stewboy BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP16: All Systems Agogo - Alfonzo MAP17: Rotted Roots - Jimmy MAP18: Impermanence - Brayden "AD_79" Hart BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP19: Brutal Schism - Jimmy BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP20: Thanatos - Tristan "Eris Falling" Clark MAP21: Everything Explodes - Jimmy EXTENDED / IMPROVED FOR EVITERNITY MAP22: Waves of Intrigue (v2) - Kyle "Nabernizer" Dobson BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP23: Pearlescent - Jimmy MAP24: Ghostgrinder - Jimmy BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP25: Slave - Jimmy - MIDI Rendition of a song by Leprous BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP26: Gonzu - Kniggit MAP27: Imaginarium - Stewboy MAP28: Temporal Tower - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon MAP29: The Godhood Suite (Full) - Jimmy MAP30: Eviternity - Tristan "Eris Falling" Clark BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP31: Land of Able - Mark Klem MAP32: Epitome XIV - Yash Bhandari - MIDI Rendition of a song by Blut Aus Nord - Converted by Scotty CONVERTED FOR EVITERNITY Intermission / End Game Screens: Death's Toll - Stewboy Title Screen: Entering Eternity - Jimmy BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY Lastly, what large-scale release is complete without some heavy testing? The following people have been testers and bugfixers throughout the project's life span: Joshua "Dragonfly" O'Sullivan Ola "ukiro" Björling James "Jimmy" Paddock Seongbae "antares031" Park Ben "Bauul" Mansell Tristan "Eris Falling" Clark James "an_mutt" Collins Derek "Afterglow" MacDonald AD_79 rdwpa KingDime AtroNx Brett "Mechadon" Harrell Scotty Paul "Skillsaw" DeBruyne Xaser Acheron StormCatcher.77 YugiBoy85 This project has had various assets made for it and/or borrowed from other works. Thanks to the extra support from the following people: Cage M_Doom & TITLEPIC graphics ukiro Multiple requests for OTEX, Tree Sprites, Archangelus sound effect voice "acting", various sprite edits CWolf Firestick replacements FuzzballFox Keycard Graphics Bauul & Jimmy general WAD management and double-checking antares031 DeHackEd / DECORATE wizardry and management Gutawer & josh771 snow scripts for Episode 3 in GZDoom Kristus BOSSBACK picture id Software, Raven Software, Wolfendoom Cyber Baron Sprites - Sourced from the Realm667 Bestiary: "Cybruiser" - Edited by Xaser id Software, Blizzard Entertainment, Vader Terminator Sprites - Sourced from the Realm667 Bestiary: "Terminator" - Chaingun sourced from here for the above edits by Xaser Raven Software, Antares031 Arachnotron / Elite Chaingunner Bullet Sprites SD EnterNET (edited by Antares031) Arachnotron / Elite Chaingunner Bullet Sound Amuscaria (Formerly Eriance) Nightmare Demon Sprites & Sounds - Sourced from Hellforged (Edited by Eris Falling) Amuscaria (Formerly Eriance) & Vader Astral Cacodemon Sprites - Sourced from the Realm667 Bestiary: "Poe" Raven Software & Midway Astral Cacodemon Sounds - Sourced from the Realm667 Bestiary: "Poe" Jimmy - The Font Based on the font 'Voice In My Head' by Chequered Ink Clay Archangelus Sprites Raven Software Archangelus Sounds - Sourced from Hexen Chandalier sprites Bauul GLDEFS Eric T Archangelus sound processing & mix Cyano Blugron & Bauul Teleporter particle effects Aquila Chrysaetos Knows his way around a nodebuilder and probably killed 1000+ slime trails! Viewers of Dragonfly's Stream I thank you all for providing me seemingly unlimited motivation! <3 Come hang out with the developers on Discord; we're a friendly bunch! :) https://discord.gg/D4Sv5px
  19. Dragonfly

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    To add to this, anyone tasked with making such a thing possible will tell you to go away and mod the source code yourself to include whatever arbitrary extras you want. :P
  20. Dragonfly

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    What a disheartening thread to read. Why whenever DOS / vanilla EXE becomes the subject does the discussion turn into a semi-hostile shitshow? Pack it in, jeez. To the OP, there's only one metric you need to worry about and that's fun. Will you enjoy yourself if you put in the hours exploring the potential of this and working on mods that use this ACE method? One motto I live by is "Time enjoyed is not time wasted", just do what makes you happy and ignore the turbo-nerds lol.
  21. Dragonfly


    I'm short of time so can't be spending what little spare I have writing mundane essays about this already drawn out debate - but this one part stood out to me. That's exactly my point, just flipped. You've taken the stance of being angry until given reason to be happy; just be apathetic towards it until either some good or some bad comes from the deal. No need to be all hot-headed on the interwebs just yet, eh?
  22. Dragonfly


    All this linux talk... might be worth it's own thread given how off of the OP topic it's gone. :P The point still stands, if your concern is a company being above id and stifling their creativity, you should have been angry since 2009 when Zenimax got their grubby hands on id. MS's history shows much less meddling than Zeni ever did. And no, the 20th Century Fox aquisition didn't bother me in the slightest because I don't care much for cinema. *shrugs* Dude it's early days, they've done what's necessary to imply that exclusivity won't happen. I don't get why you and an irritatingly vocal handful of people want it written out in the clearest definition. Why not save yourself the stress and only be angry once there's something to genuinely be angry about? Currently MS's aquisition has done absolutely nothing to negatively affect your ability to enjoy these games and services, and honestly it's quite unlikely it ever will.
  23. Dragonfly


    Genuinely surprised so many people are donning their tin foil hats and face-smashing the panic button over this. What is going to really be different to you as the consumer? Plausible outcomes from this aquisition: - You can get these games for much cheaper via the game pass now - The games may have larger financial backing - Some old and loved games may see future installations now that licensing may not be as much of an issue (Looking at all the prayers for fallout new vegas on twitter here) - etc. What actual negatives are there aside from bullshit "I don't like thing" responses? That means I'm ignoring crap like unfounded hatred for 'ol Billy G 'cause that was the cool thing to hate in 2001, or people who despise anything with more money than oneself. Arguments I've seen: Oh noes, megacorps r bad id Software were already under the grip of a so called "megacorporation", now that's owned by a bigger one, big whoop. They better not make doomguy befriend masterchief I personally don't like halo a great deal but I also wouldn't be offended like some people appear to be about the concept of a "Doom Chief" crossover game... Ugh they're just gonna make everything xbox exclusive No, they won't, this has reportedly been confirmed They better not 'consolise' my games, bleugh ...More than they already have with _extra_ features such as weapon wheels? Practically impossible. Anyone who can say with a straight face that the existence of consoles made Doom '16 / Eternal worse games is probably talking through their arse anyways. What else? 'cause I genuinely can't think of a single thing that will actually affect id Software and their games negatively. So far I've not seen a convincing reason to be upset about this, just the usual internet mob-mentality and a bunch of people screaming "I don't like thing", as usual. Full disclosure - This thread so far has probably been one of the most optimistic toned things I've read on this subject, which is somewhat refreshing.
  24. Dragonfly

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    I think it's a bug; sorry about that.
  25. Dragonfly

    [WIP Standalone] Supplice

    Seconded; and honestly given how it doesn't look like it uses any stock doom assets at this point, it would be an incredible missed opportunity imho.