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    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Eviternity is a megawad comprised of six 5-map episodes (called Chapters) plus two secret maps. This project exclusively uses OTEX, a brand new high quality texture pack by ukiro. Eviternity's six chapters explore a series of unique and varied themes, each featuring classic gameplay with an interest in making each map hold its own unique identity and personality. The themes are "Medieval", "Techbase", "Icy Castles", "Industrial / Brutalism", "Hell / Gore / Alien" and "Heaven". This project was created as a birthday gift to Doom, which is celebrating its 25th birthday on the day this was released. The texture pack used in this project, OTEX, was also released on the same day - so please do not use Eviternity as a base for your wads & mods. While mostly being a "Dragonfly project", with 24 maps being made or heavily worked on by myself, I present to you a mighty lineup of well-known guest mappers who have crafted beautiful and fun levels. I hope you enjoy Eviternity, thanks for downloading & playing! Eviternity is primarily an MBF format project, intended to be played in either PrBoom+ or GZDoom. This was tested with the latest versions of each during the creation, so please ensure your copy of your respective source port of choice is up to date! dfdoom.com: https://www.dfdoom.com/project/eviternity/ MAP04, MAP09: James "Jimmy" Paddock (MAP04 is a collaboration with Dragonfly) MAP10: Derek "Afterglow" MacDonald (A Dragonfly map with a detail pass by Afterglow) MAP13, MAP18: James "an_mutt" Collins (MAP13 and MAP18 are collaborations with Dragonfly) MAP14: Seongbae "antares031" Park MAP15: AtroNx MAP19: StormCatcher.77 MAP24: Brett "Mechadon" Harrell MAP26: Xaser Acheron MAP29: Tristan "Eris Falling" Clark (MAP29 is a collaboration with Dragonfly) MAP31: Paul "skillsaw" DeBruyne MAP32: Ola "ukiro" Björling All other maps: Joshua "Dragonfly" O'Sullivan In the music department we have some talented members of the community. Some music is bespoke, and others are previously made pieces music that suited the maps perfectly. The music credits are as follows: MAP01: Midnight Call - Mark Klem MAP02: Octarine - Jimmy MAP03: Fluid Motion - Jimmy MAP04: Ancient Sovereigns - Jimmy MAP05: Sacred Light - Jimmy BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP06: Digital Bitchslap - Alfonzo MAP07: Pistons - Jimmy MAP08: Gutter Penny - Alfonzo MAP09: Wheezer - Alfonzo MAP10: Motion Machine - Jimmy MAP11: ice.mid - Dial Up For Murder BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP12: Gemstones - Jimmy BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP13: Polar Expedition - Stewboy BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP14: Frozen Wilderness - Tristan "Eris Falling" Clark MAP15: Restless Restless - Stewboy BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP16: All Systems Agogo - Alfonzo MAP17: Rotted Roots - Jimmy MAP18: Impermanence - Brayden "AD_79" Hart BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP19: Brutal Schism - Jimmy BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP20: Thanatos - Tristan "Eris Falling" Clark MAP21: Everything Explodes - Jimmy EXTENDED / IMPROVED FOR EVITERNITY MAP22: Waves of Intrigue (v2) - Kyle "Nabernizer" Dobson BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP23: Pearlescent - Jimmy MAP24: Ghostgrinder - Jimmy BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP25: Slave - Jimmy - MIDI Rendition of a song by Leprous BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP26: Gonzu - Kniggit MAP27: Imaginarium - Stewboy MAP28: Temporal Tower - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon MAP29: The Godhood Suite (Full) - Jimmy MAP30: Eviternity - Tristan "Eris Falling" Clark BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY MAP31: Land of Able - Mark Klem MAP32: Epitome XIV - Yash Bhandari - MIDI Rendition of a song by Blut Aus Nord - Converted by Scotty CONVERTED FOR EVITERNITY Intermission / End Game Screens: Death's Toll - Stewboy Title Screen: Entering Eternity - Jimmy BESPOKE FOR EVITERNITY Lastly, what large-scale release is complete without some heavy testing? The following people have been testers and bugfixers throughout the project's life span: Joshua "Dragonfly" O'Sullivan Ola "ukiro" Björling James "Jimmy" Paddock Seongbae "antares031" Park Ben "Bauul" Mansell Tristan "Eris Falling" Clark James "an_mutt" Collins Derek "Afterglow" MacDonald AD_79 rdwpa KingDime AtroNx Brett "Mechadon" Harrell Scotty Paul "Skillsaw" DeBruyne Xaser Acheron StormCatcher.77 YugiBoy85 This project has had various assets made for it and/or borrowed from other works. Thanks to the extra support from the following people: Cage M_Doom & TITLEPIC graphics ukiro Multiple requests for OTEX, Tree Sprites CWolf Firestick replacements FuzzballFox Keycard Graphics Bauul & Jimmy general WAD management and double-checking antares031 DeHackEd / DECORATE management Gutawer & josh771 snow scripts for Episode 3 in GZDoom id Software, Raven Software, Wolfendoom Cyber Baron Sprites - Sourced from the Realm667 Bestiary: "Cybruiser" - Edited by Xaser id Software, Blizzard Entertainment, Vader Terminator Sprites - Sourced from the Realm667 Bestiary: "Terminator" - Chaingun sourced from here for the above edits by Xaser Raven Software, Antares031 Arachnotron / Elite Chaingunner Bullet Sprites SD EnterNET (edited by Antares031) Arachnotron / Elite Chaingunner Bullet Sound Amuscaria (Formerly Eriance) Nightmare Demon Sprites & Sounds - Sourced from Hellforged - Edited by Eris Falling Amuscaria (Formerly Eriance) & Vader Astral Cacodemon Sprites - Sourced from the Realm667 Bestiary: "Poe" Raven Software & Midway Astral Cacodemon Sounds - Sourced from the Realm667 Bestiary: "Poe" Jimmy The Font; based on the font 'Voice In My Head' by Chequered Ink Dragonfly Archangelus Sprites - Sourced from Skulldash Raven Software Archangelus Sounds - Sourced from Hexen Chandalier sprites Bauul Archangelus Death Sound GLDEFS Cyano Blugron & Bauul Teleporter particle effects Aquila Chrysaetos Knows his way around a nodebuilder and probably killed 1000+ slime trails! Viewers of Dragonfly's Stream I thank you all for providing me seemingly unlimited motivation! <3 Currently this is not considered the final version. I hope to make the final release in Q1 2019; at which point Eviternity would be suitable for speedrunning, TASes and demo recordings - though you're more than welcome to record RC1 FDA's if you prefer! When this is the final version, I'm hoping we can get some speedrunning action going - I'll list all the record holders here on this thread in the below post. :) Come hang out with the developers on Discord; we're a friendly bunch! :) https://discord.gg/D4Sv5px
  2. Dragonfly

    Doom Members' Website Links

    Here's mine. :) Dragonfly's Doomworks: https://www.dfdoom.com/ Skulldash: http://joshuaosullivan.co.uk/skulldash/
  3. Dragonfly

    Bus Slayer - An AI that plays Revenant Bus

    Very much a 'why not' situation, is it not? It'd be as logical to ask the creator of the revenant bus wad "why". Or "why" does someone watch TV, or play video games? In this case it's a programming exercise which may have developed Marisa's skills as a programmer, and also entertained them for a few hours; with the added bonus that it may entertain others in the process.
  4. Dragonfly

    Doom Streams

    Testing Eviternity RC2 as we rapidly approach release! 100% kill / items / secrets testing - gotta be thorough! Come hang out over on Twitch :)
  5. Dragonfly

    Forcing CCMD's? [Z/GZ/QZ/LZ DooM]

    Then kindly ask them if they can reupload it.
  6. Dragonfly

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Since you're clearly working in GZDoom, consider using the PK3 format instead - It makes organising large projects much easier in my honest opinion.
  7. Dragonfly

    Websites you go to, but not very often

    ^ This. The worst bit isn't necessarily what you post, but what others post. Through the posts of my family you could probably work out a LOT about me without me ever having said a word. What food I like, what places I've been, where I live, who my friends are, what music I like, etc. As for sites I visit semi-regularly, this thread made me realise my browsing habits are very limited in this day and age. Doomworld for the most part, with the occasional visit to Stack Overflow when I'm stuck on a dev job, heh.
  8. Dragonfly

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Wow, That looks incredible Elend! Looks like the hours of effort are going to pay off!
  9. Dragonfly

    Game Engine Black Book: Doom

    Just got my copy in the post. I'll leave it at my office and read it (slowly) during lunch breaks, heh. Looking forward to it!
  10. Dragonfly

    Three Questions

    For question one, see here: https://www.dfdoom.com/tutorial-easy-way-make-sloped-archways/
  11. Dragonfly

    Doom Streams

    About to stream with @Liberation and @Bridgeburner56 - coop sunlust. :) Come hang out. https://twitch.tv/dragonflyos
  12. Dragonfly

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Impressive work. Sadly one downside to such HD resources is how noticable texture misalignments become.
  13. Dragonfly

    How to Deal with Mapping Sadness

    Since many people seemed to like my response to the OP, I've 'immotalised it' over on my website. Just thought I'd drop a note here. Thanks Obake, for a topic that got a lot of people talking positively and trying to motivate eachother! https://www.dfdoom.com/staying-motivated-as-a-doom-mapper/
  14. Dragonfly

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Looks good for the most part, but those stretched/distorted pentagram symbols really are distracting. :P
  15. Dragonfly

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Perhaps Sadistic is another good candidate? :)
  16. Dragonfly

    Post your Doom textures!

    It's amazing how 'off' that last texture feels with the dirt streaks being horizontal. I could see it being really useful though! :P
  17. Try posting on a forum dedicated to quake players, or better yet, prearranging a time with a few people who are available. This kind of stuff's better organised on chat applications such as Discord.
  18. The themes are selected at random from the list and you'll be told what the themes are 15 minutes (typically) before the session starts. :)
  19. Suits me. Good themes! Surprisingly fond of theme 2, the rest of the themes are also good picks. I hope to make an appearance. :)
  20. I personally dislike it. I feel the music is very much part of the map and it's personality, to have that become watered down by sharing it with other maps makes it feel weak to me. Example: Doom 2 MAP15 using D_RUNNIN.
  21. Dragonfly

    Doom Streams

    Live now with some artwork faff for Eviternity. Come hang out. :)
  22. I missed the bit about theme suggestions. 10sector, make it happen <3
  23. Dragonfly

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Extended nodes is the first that comes to mind, and is required for at least 1 or 2 maps... I can't remember the others, I just remember ZDaemon not being a happy port when I threw Eviternity at it during early testing. :P It's perfectly compatible in Zandronum though, if that helps. I've even added coop monsters etc. :)