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  1. Reactron

    My Favorite Doom Memories...

    Hmmmm ;) Who Is Sparky ?? You Got Me Again BBG... Please Dont Ban :( Im Sorry
  2. Reactron

    My Favorite Doom Memories...

    It Must Have Been About 94 Or 95 I Rented The SNES version, Id Say That Was The Time When i Got Interested In Doom Or Any Type Of FPS Game I Remember e2m2 (which is e2m3 in the pc version) the dark part with the imps Near The End Of The Map And E1M8 With The Barons And Where You Had To Die To Exit i did have some nightmares too, one where i was playing doom as the player himself :) I Was Only About 5 Or 6 At The Time... YES 5 !! Than I Played Doom2 On A PC When I Was About 7 Or 8 Cant Remember what Kinda Of PC Though, It Was Old For Its Time It had Windows 3.1 I Think I Beat The Game To About Map28 From Map02 Without Saving One Day, I Wanted To Save The Game Than But I Had Went Into Load Game And I Had Loaded The One From Map02 Where I Last Saved Then I Found The Cheats And Start From Map28 Again, I Than Got To Map30 I Had No Clue What To Do I Was Just Blasting Monsters Till I Ran Out Of Ammo Or Died... I Never Did FInd Out How To Beat Untill Way After That :P
  3. Reactron

    Update on the next release...

    Randy Says It Is 100% But Its In "BETA" For Now He Is Still Finding Lots If Bugs With It
  4. Reactron

    Update on the next release...

    Sounds cool :D Why Not Make It 0.8 ? You Want To Make It So Its "NOT" Beta By The Time Its Ready For New Features Right :)
  5. Reactron

    ZHexen (and Zeth)

    Try http://sparky.suhost.com/pub/doom/zdoom_pre_25.zip I Guess He Uploaded An Updated One :)
  6. Reactron

    Why not ?

    Really ? I mean, As A Official Zdoom version
  7. Reactron

    Why not ?

    Why not Combine zdoom, and zdoomgl to creat one so the opttion to have software and opengl can be change in zdoom it self rather than to exe files /me thinks timmie and randy should work together, randy has zdoom and timmie adds to the opengl Kinda Like Legacy :)
  8. Reactron

    zDoomGL start up

    Well First Of All, You Might Want To Get The New Zdoom Version http://sparky.suhost.com/pub/doom/zdoom_pre_19.zip
  9. Reactron

    Finally! Doom!

    try the newest version of zdoom Zdoom Pre 19