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Everything posted by dio

  1. dio

    Anyone heard that vinesauce got hacked?

    What's Vinesauce? Is that like vines with the 7 second videos?
  2. dio

    Warcraft The Movie

    I'll give it a try, but the more I think about it the more I'm not into medieval fantasy movies so much as medieval fantasy video games. Maybe with games I'm just immersed in my own story that I can't put up with someone else's.
  3. dio

    Warcraft The Movie

    I remember when people were up in arms about the Spiderman movie looking 99% CGI maybe 15 years ago. Then when the movie came out it was maybe 10% CGI. It was all the trailer that was cgi. As it turns out trailers aren't movies.
  4. dio

    Warcraft The Movie

    Orc baby Jesus? Can players watch things in theaters? I know nothing about Warcraft.
  5. dio

    The most overrated games you've played

    I've never played Bioshock but stupid people love flashy glowy shinny things.
  6. dio

    The most overrated games you've played

    People brag about the hundreds or thousands of dollars a month they make. I laughed when I read one random profile saying he bought his car from TF2 trading.
  7. dio

    The most overrated games you've played

    About the hype culture. I've avoided it maybe 3 years now and its been easy to do so. I don't watch trailers for movies or games. I'm completely blind when going into something.
  8. dio

    The most overrated games you've played

    Usually Russians and Serbians they can make money flipping buds to keys to metal and back again. When the Steam market came out that slowly killed it. Metal is worthless and regenerates for free. I have a lot of friends with idle accounts and a few friends with 400 - 500 idle accounts. With the market killing the trade for money, one friend with 500 accounts said he switched to a different business model... you pay him $5 per account and that an account a copy of a game, he idles the game for X number of hours and writes a 1 paragraph recommendation. There is another TF2 trading game called the warehouse game or rather there used to be. The TF2 warehouse used to stabilize prices, because they'd pay you a higher price of metal to sell to them. Then the person that takes it out would pay an even higher price. Then scrap.tf came out. Then warehouse they changed their formula where they pay lower and sell lower. So it works in reverse you need to get stuff out and sell it yourself. Kinda killed the warehouse game. As for the rest of us, just play it. Don't get sucked up in the trading game.
  9. If this is a SJW thing why is Psylocke not targeted? Because her outfit isn't known as "slave?" Psylocke and Leia were part of package deals.
  10. I also remember when people were pissed off at JJ Abrams for having someone strip on screen for no apparent reason in Star Trek: Into the Darkness. JoeyJoe Abrams defended it with something like Kirk takes off his shirt all the time. Too bad she didn't have a slave outfit so it can become merchandise. People aren't happy unless they're complaining.
  11. dio

    How has Doom affected your psyche?

    Ever since Doom I go to the firing range waiting for the day the invasion finally happens. I've been buying rockets looking at tech blogs for portal technology and killing their inventors. It won't happen on my watch. Sometimes I visit haunted houses with an unloaded gun. It's so dark no one sees it but me. Click. One demon down. Strafing through hallways. I punch medical skeletons and cadavers while reciting doom lore. Rip and tear. Big guts.
  12. The Internet is like a zoo. A fun place to watch all the animals, but if you don't watch out you could have feces thrown your way.
  13. dio

    Quake Live Update

    Must be the mods taking up all the space.
  14. dio

    Quake Live Update

    Quake 3 Arena works fine on my Windows 7 PC.
  15. dio

    The most overrated games you've played

    While its not the most overrated I've ever played A Story About My Uncle is overrated. Game looks great, plays good, but its a game based on first person platforming with a grappling hook that has no conflict. Without conflict its dull. Reviews of other games complain about how floaty a jump is oh but not A Story About My Uncle. Its float city. What's awesome is that its so floaty you can bounce off rocks like you're a pinball. Maybe its the suit you're wearing. I'm not sure what's worse; It manages to make a feature out of everything that Rayman 2 had for granted 15+ years ago or that its still a step above better rated games like Dear Esther.
  16. You have an insertable avatar.
  17. dio

    Quake Live Update

    Stats and profiles deleted? Ouch. Just make people pay money for it. Maybe that's because of having Steam workshop stats would become useless on farm maps. I remember people harvesting kills in Team Fortress 2 it was sad. No guys you're doing stats all wrong. I did see what I thought was a price increase from nothing to $10. People don't work for free and as many free games are on Steam, I hear they want their money more than the developers. Plus well no company buys another company to make money slow. You need that money back right away, so you release HD versions of old games or start increasing the price of pills. I like stats. There are some servers I play on exclusively because of their stat tracking. I'm happy with loadouts, but you know there should be two mode. Classic and loadout, but then it just splinters an audience. The update for Halloween should have been more Halloween.
  18. I thought the costume was spray painted plastic.
  19. dio

    Doomguy and Doomgal?

    It would also be cool if samus pulled off her helmet after beating the next matroid game to reveal its not her at all. Instead its Doomguy. Mind blown.
  20. Desni Prenzesses belong in gowns not slave bikinis. When will Layha git her own animated movie musical?
  21. Yeah its a pretty typical costume and catwoman and batman. Other than that its like Team Fortress 2 hats there are so many its tough for any costume to get a percentage. Its really just a gamble on what makes money. Star Wars geeks love the costume. Its impossible to erase it after 30+ years. Even if its never officially sold again, people will make their own. 40 oz knows how it works.
  22. I remember reading that in Popular Mechanics or Science maybe 25 years ago. Even as a kid I thought well first of all that costs money second of all how would you change lanes or pull over to the side of the road? Third of all like the driverless car... who gets sued for an accident?
  23. dio

    What could make a turn-based RPG much more fun?

    Yeah and I keep saying turn based rpgs are just a simpler game of chess. Less stressful cuz the game is designed to let you win... If youve grinded enough. Well depending on the enemy logic and abilities. I think it was dragon quest 8 that had random battles that would last 15 minutes rather than let you button mash through it.
  24. dio

    This is now the official skeleton thread

    I say this as a complete compliment when I say this. That could be the lord of post hell.
  25. Way too many companies make money on land based vehicles. Plus then there's a safety issue. I know you made a joke but sadly there's not going to be a common hover car.