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  1. You want a Clash of Clans in Doom? Not bad.
  2. I got curious turned on Image Loading in my browser. WTF THIS LOOKS BEAUTIFUL
  3. I think it's been three years of Dooming, so probably 2nd gen for me. There's nothing to be proud of though. It's just a game, a good game. No other game has had an impact on me as Doom did. It struck me right through my heart, while others barely penetrated my skin. Why do I enjoy this game the most? This old ass game that's older than me, bleagh graphics, 2D objects, flat architecture (as in floor/ceilings and walls are always at 90 degrees), etc. Why? Because it's perfect in terms of balance and fun. And the community around the game aren't just gamers that chat all day about the game. They're programmers enhancing the engine, mappers bringing out fresh maps, modder creating new mechanics, musicians composing new music for others to use, artists designing new sprites and textures, etc. and everyone's basically active with these things, with a large amount of fresh content being released every year, which gets stockpiled along with all the other stuff in the last 20+ years. Just when you think you're bored, something new comes up and you're back on your feet again, eager to play.
  4. Before I download, can someone explain, in normal non-zalgo words, exactly what is this mod? A mapset? Megawad? Weapons? Gameplay mod? Jokewad? No proper description given.
  5. Funny thing is, I have something like this set up :P and it's awesome. I love using the Mobile Turret mode of the Chaingun against the monsters of Hexen (don't have Heretic). Interestingly, the guns need more damage output than Doom's. Doable. But I'm focused on Doom support right now. As for megawad of my dreams: a Boom-compatible demake of Doom 2016's campaign, along with the multiplayer maps for DM purposes (or not >:D)
  6. First, look up the zombiemen DECORATE info. Note down the sounds used, then the delete the action that plays the sound (should be A_PlaySound). Then open SNDINFO and find the line that defines that sound. Delete the line. Now you can choose to either delete the sound files entirely or be lazy and keep it there anyway.
  7. The plasma rifle! If it didn't have that atrocious sound, I would go with the pistol.
  8. How would I use this to create a execution upon pressing use?
  9. I want to allow players go upto certain actors and be able to press use on them, which will enable a kind of simple execution scene. Help?
  10. Why not write up a small mutator that replaces the Revenant on any normal map with a dummy actor? Boom, no Revenants.
  11. Is Doom really 2.5D? Now that's a a question.
  12. The non-realism is very archaic. That's probably a good thing.
  13. The uncompressed WAD format.
  14. When all else fails, bask in the SSG's glory.
  15. 1. Atmosphere: the game should have a world where the player is totally immersed. The story, the gameplay, the design. It all has to create an impact on the player. I hear Marathon has very interesting story, and people still go gaga over just. 2. Simplicity: the game should not become some full blown simulator, unless that's the objective. Players should only have to deal with a select few necessary options rather than dozens of them. In Doom, you have a 9 weapons, each with purpose (except the pistol, I suppose) and the enemies each with different tactics. "You shoot at it until it dies" is the basic objective, the player chooses how to execute it. If a game has lots of weapons, and most are variations, then what's the point?. I use less than 5% of the weapons when playing them. If you're going to add 58 enemies, make them unique without being OP or annoying. Respect the balance of gameplay. 3: Extensibility: the game should have some form of modding capabilities available, be it small or big (I prefer big-ish), and easy enough for players that aren't tech savvy. Isn't that why games like Doom and Quake still live, even after 2 decades?