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  1. Or use BEX instead, if you're not aiming for vanilla. It'll certainly be neater.
  2. I'm curious.
  3. You can add them yourself, it's quite simple. Edit the file textures.cfg under /lumps/textures at the repo, by typing out the texture definition for the TEXTURE lump(s). Then edit buildcfg.txt at / and write in the patch name under the [patches] section. About the AQLITE textures: Keep them, unless they are really really useless. Others mappers can find good uses for it.
  4. Technically he is an antihero, judging by the intermission text. They show that he just wants to run, get away from AGM, not fight the monsters and save mankind. In fact the text on map30 pretty much implies this.
  5. The flame and bos sounds are OK, should be committed. The pedth sounds are strange since they are based on the door sounds, but v1 is better than v2. Not sure about the bspwlk sounds though. Doesn't sound like steps, more like dragging.
  6. Wasn't it agreed on that the wolf ss sprites will be something from Shadow of the Wool Ball?
  7. "Did I or did I not tell you to get 1206 off the main?" "I asked them nicely." Hint: choo choo
  8. Two things:

    • Uninstalled Google Play services. Good riddance.
    • Found out you can have animated cover photos in your profile. I like that.
    1. Glaice


      What got you to remove Google Play Services? I thought that was kinda necessary in any Android phone?

    2. Voros


      It would always use up my bandwidth in the background. For what, IDK, but I didn't like that.

    3. bzzrak


      Ha, you l00sers with Android. Who the hell uses that crap?

    4. Voros


      If I can somehow install python as one of its commands available without rooting the phone, it'll truly become useful to me.


      command line interface rules, sometimes.

  9. Oh it'll be missed alright. Just not that much.
  10. And you can actually see your health and ammo on that resolution, without squinting or moving your face closer to the screen?
  11. If those 15 textures are barely used, then I believe they shouldn't be added. But if they are reasonable assets that can be used outside Soda's cluster of maps, it won't be problem. Lets wait and see.
  12. https://github.com/freedoom/freedoom/blob/master/buildcfg.txt?#L308 Its included in the IWADs, but it's a placeholder sound. I had no idea this sound is still needed.
  13. The lump limit is set around 4000 (4066 or 4096, not sure which one) lumps. Phase 2 has about 3000 and Phase 1 lower than that. So at best, about 900-1000 lumps available to use. That doesnt mean it should be filled up to the max.
  14. The vanilla lump limit is what Im worried about. That, and bloating the IWADs. Jmickle never gave explicit permission to use the SLDR pack for Freedoom (even if its just a extended version). That pack was also flawed, lacking the animated lump, putting the flats as textures lazily, some more metal variants, etc. Aquatex is pretty much a complete set compared to SLDR. If anything, it's the AQLITE textures that should probably be lowered to a smaller variety. There's over 75 of them IIRC. Didn't you say that your cluster of maps will consist of Aquatex themed maps? So whats the problem? Fraggle showed a very positive response of C1M1's Aquatex usage and even suggested that they use that map as an example of how future maps be like. I 15 textures, is only a few so why not? I assumed you wanted to go overboard given your ambitions :P Of course Im not a maintainer of Freedoom, thats just my thoughts.
  15. Over 300 new custom textures and flats were added to Freedoom last year. Probably best not to add anymore, force mappers to use the textures currently in the IWADs. Unless that one flat is used in other parts of other maps in Freedoom, I suppose it can be added.