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  1. Epic avatar!

  2. I know v1.8.6 was the last to support OpenGL 2.
  3. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/85258-cwolfs-freedoom-sprites-hangar/
  4. This is the main texture pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e6g2kknp6r7k8lf/aquatex_v6_fix. zip?dl=1 It has some additional stuff compared to what's in Freedoom.
  5. I thought the same, but Doom 64 does have larger sprites than Classic Doom. Although the sprites look weird with 16:9/16:10 ratio.
  6. I don't think Fredrik has the time or interest these days. @JohnnyTheWolf, raymoohawk mentioned once about using the Flesh Spawn, I'm not sure what happened though. From what I can tell, raymoohawk is going to use CWolf's flying-drone-head enemy and spice it up a bit to make it look less static.
  7. The extended version definitely gives the player more power in a map. I just use the standard version, because I honestly don't see how the extended version's weapons would help keep the balance of a map. But for shits and giggles, I sometimes load it, but nothing serious, as @ShotgunDemolition said:
  8. I'm pretty sure it's the sounds that make it seem like they deliver higher damage. Can probably be checked by seeing the damage given shotguns' DECORATE files. Even so, there's nothing considerable with a little buff, right?
  9. use ExitText in your MAPINFO. edit: pointing out that you really should have a look at the zdoom wiki. You wouldnt have even asked, as the wiki will have explained everything to you.
  10. The only weapon mods I use for actual playthroughs of Doom are smooth weapons like Smooth Doom, BlackOps, FluidWeapons(beta) and finally: @Nevander's Doom 64 weapons, because damn those sounds pack a punch, and the weapons dont break the balance.
  11. The title screen is unrelated to map. Just make one in an image editor program, taking care of the colors you use are in the Doom palette, save it preferably as 320x200, put the image file as a TITLEPIC lump in an WAD (converting the image first of course). Or are asking for something else? You really should elaborate you question with more details on what you want, have and to achieve.
  12. Maybe 1-10 extra weapons, sure. But more than 10 is ridiculous. I like things simple and straight to the point. Last thing I want are variations of shotguns, chainguns, pistols, etc.
  13. Doom Retro? Didnt expect that. But its looking pretty sweet there! But did you manage to fix that bug in PrBoom+'s OpenGL renderer, where midtex(?) textures dont look right (Doom 2 map01, the chainsaw area)? Actually the whole CFG reverts to the default values not just screenblocks.
  14. If @Jaws In Space doesnt plan on keeping map24, would it not make sense to hand it over to @Jayextee, and possibly transform it into a map17/map20?
  15. That son of bitch. Pedophiles make me sick. If he wanted sexual media, that diaper boy couldve just watched porn involving petite women or something. Worthless piece of shit, that fatty.