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  1. It's an ebook, and the current font size makes it take up 3000+ pages. I'm going to read Physics of the Future, Future of the Mind and Cosmos, and then IT. I also heard something before about a girl who tells her friends to have sex with her (or something) in order to fight against IT. I look forward to it.
  2. Also could you upload this somewhere more stable, like Dropbox? TinyUpload links fade away eventually.
  3. When I turn it off, I can't tell how hard I was hit or if I'm low on health or not unless I check my health or mugshot. When I turn it on, I hate it when the screen turns completely red, blocking my view. At least you can still see something with the Archvile flames, but not this block red.
  4. In all seriousness, I only found out about this IT thing. I haven't watched the movie, but I downloaded the book. Holy cow it's huge. More than 3000 pages.
  5. I thought a survey involved a bunch of questions, not a single question alone. Also, no. I'd rather chase that chick than to have sex/fap with my clone.
  6. 1 basic melee weapon (fists) 1 basic short range weapon (shotguns) 1 basic medium/long range weapon (assault rifle, miniguns) 1 basic explosive range weapon (rocket launchers, grenade launchers) 1 basic ultimate-and-does-not-suffer-from-the-too-awesome-to-use-disease weapon (BFG9000, Unmaker) Fuck snipers. But this is basically what I consider to be the minimum selection of weapons. Adding an extra few won't hurt, but they need to have a significant purpose eg chainsaw always inflicts damage at a very high rate, while the fists need a few tics to wind up for anaother punch again.
  7. Much better :) now all that's needed is including it into Freedoom itself.
  8. E2M2's a great map and has great music. But my heart lies with E1M3.
  9. Ignore vanilla savegames
  10. You could always download the DoomWiki page so you can view it offline.
  11. Doom is only a game and it's your job to enjoy it. If you like playing it, your skills will naturally improve. Keep playing maps, and you'll get better. If you want to be like dem crazy speedrunners, you'll need very quick reflexes, comfortable control and setting configurations, knowledge on the mechanics of Doom and how to abuse them and a fuckton of patience and motivation.
  12. You can still get the Zauberer PWAD though.
  13. Along with BFG Division and Rip And Tear, I've grown to like Mastermind too. That funky beat really amps me up for battle.
  14. If every FPS game was like Doom 2016... Then I suppose the term "Doom clone" will become relevant again :) But sometimes, I want to go tactical, like the Delta Force games, and sometimes I just want to rip and tear.
  15. Doom was made when the team was under the influence of metal. That's all I know.