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  1. Here is my sandbox!


    Please give some feedback, it desperately needs it!

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    2. Voros


      Jaxxoon R said:

      I didn't really get what 2345-J was supposed to be. Was it the Solar Eclipse, a living fax machine, a disembodied entity? All I know is it apparently causes office space disruption. I understand it's a joke but I didn't really pick up on what was being put down.

      SCP-2430 was a can of germs. I'm not really sure what makes it an SCP considering a can of germs is a pretty plausible-sounding thing, really.

      2910 is a thing that looks like a guy and it can teleport. Pretty plain, but I guess with some expansion on the concept it could be pretty interesting, at least. I couldn't really find Document-2910-3 anywhere so I assume it hasn't been written yet. I think the first thing in order would be to explain how they actually contain it, since I think Telekill only really functions on psychic entities.

      The site has a format for these documents:
      1-SCP number
      2-SCP class
      3-Special Containment Procedures

      And extras after that.

      2910 isn't done yet, so it really doesn't make much sense.
      2345-J is an event that occurs in office areas that couses miscommunication with personnel...I should add that, it would make more sense.
      2430 is unfinished, which means the first draft. It is an unknown pathogen, with a container an unknown origin. I still havent made things clear.

      2303 could use some explaining...

    3. Voros


      OK, updated SCP-2345-J's description. Its still pending, but I could use some tips.

    4. Voros


      Bump. Go click that link in the OP