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    2. Voros


      I decided to have a go with it again and for some reason it came out right this time. Then I see what you posted and it matches mine. Wtf did I do wrong earlier :P?
      But thanks Eris.

    3. Voros


      AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! 1a is impossible to show!

      When i take all the units as centimetre cube, the answer is : [3(pi)(x^3)]/64] {ALMOST the same}

      But in metre cube, the answer i get is basically the same as the above, but 64 becomes 6400(or something like that). I'm not sure if it's a printing mistake either.

      This question is apparently from the Pure Mathematics O' Level question paper of June 1992 :/

    4. Voros


      Head scratched, help needed.

      How in the world am I supposed to use t to form the formula of h? I tried to do a test by using differentiation eg dV/dt x dh/dV to form dh/dV then integrating it to form an equation of h using t (I'm pretty sure I'm on the wrong track here), but the answer i get is like h=(2t/33.3pi) heh.

      Anyone know how to solve this?