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  1. And I'm not happy with one.

    Exam Marks (out of 100)

    English Language-75


    Further Pure Mathematics-38

    Mathematics B-58




    If I drop Pure Maths, would it have any drastic effects for me in the future?
    What options are avilable for me if I do continue Pure Maths AND get good grades in the process?
    (By options, I mean job oppurtunities)
    What options are there if I DONT continue Pure Maths?

    I was thinking maybe something in programming would be... nice, but it seems that requires a good knowledge of Pure Maths.

    What do I do? Drop it or keep it?

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    2. Voros


      I'm asking on whether I should keep on going with Pure Maths or not.
      I got 38 out of 100, its pretty bad and I'm afraid it'll leave a scar in my life if I keep going with it.

      My skills don't seem to be improving much, as I rarely get above 40.

    3. Springy


      Put it this way, what do you want to do for work in your life? Would it be an advantage to have this pure Maths to get to where you want in life? You say it'll "leave a scar in my life" but in what sense? I wouldn't see it as a decrease and prevention of achievement, if that's what you're getting at. Personally, I don't see why asking would help as it's your life and potential work future and the only person that should be sculpting this life should be you.

      Personally, having the credentials doesn't prove shit as to whether or not you have the knowledge. Hell, you'll forget a lot of it as you get older so they'll be redundant anyway. If it did, I wouldn't be in a networking job, as I said. I would advise though that you research heavily into what you want to do and then decide if you need this subject or not.

    4. Voros


      I'm asking because I'm confused mostly.
      Like I said, something in programming is my goal, be it software, game, etc. And I hear Pure Maths is required for that.