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  1. Lets see...

    Small blisters appearing on my chest, back and upper arms.
    Blisters have this ugly liquid in them.
    I sometimes get a sensation to scratch at them too.
    I feel sleepy most of the time.
    Have a small headache.

    Judging from Wikipedia, i do have chickenpox (well in its early stage).


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    2. Li'l devil

      Li'l devil

      Don't worry much about it. Just remember to stay at home and don't go out until you're ok, and try to do your best at not scratching the blisters. Don't even touch them! I myself got a small, but unpleasant-looking scar on the chin after the blister erupted after i merely touched it.

      I was quite lucky with chickenpox as i got it during the holidays, so i didn't miss any days at school.

    3. Grazza


      Of all the "standard childhood illnesses", I remember chickenpox as being the most excruciatingly annoying. Not painful or especially unpleasant in any other way though.

      Yeah, try not to pick at them.

    4. Voros


      Thy massive headache hath begun.

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