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  1. I finally decided to check out if any updates were for Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter.

    The update is amazing.
    The new night mode truly is night mode (before you always had night vision goggles).
    That Revolver is badass.
    The water is much more neat.
    There is a SUN/MOON now.
    The Coelphysis or something now moves around when idle (before it would just stand in one place and squawk, shakes it head, eat grass lol, etc and not move single step)
    The Iguanodon is finally selectable for hunting (before it was a "secret" dinosaur, usually 2-3 spawned on a map)

    But best of all: loading time. My phone is crap. Its so damn slow. Sometimes it hangs. When i start up CDH, i had to wait... 3-5 MINUTES for the menu to appear. And 2-4 MINUTES to start the game :/ (i always thought it was my phone's fault, so i got over it).

    After the update: 1-2 SECONDS for the menu and 2-3 SECONDS to start the game :O, and this is a shitty phone we're talking about here. Not only that, the menu gfx looks way more clearer and sharper than before (i like!).

    Overall, this has to be the best update I've ever seen. This may not seem like much to you but it is to me. Try this game out!

    Oh wow, there's even a reload animation for each weapon!