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  1. One of the things that make me lol because of how strange they are. A guy I know updated his pic with himself sitting on a chair and looking somewhere, and the caption? "Going up only leaves you behind." wtf does that have to do with the picture?

    Another shows a guy standing while looking somewhere and caption: "Sometimes we go left because we don't know what's right." Idk what's the point here.

    One more: guy looking somewhere, caption: "stars shine much brighter at the dark end of the lane." No clue on what that has to do with the picture.

    My point is why do people add such philosophical lines to profile picture updates, when they have nothing to do with the picture at all most of the time? It's just strange.

    Or maybe I'm strange, because my profile picture is just a white square.

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    2. Decay


      Do you want to be... any of those things?


    3. Voros


      It's not just the captions that seem strange, but this "competition" on getting the highest number of "friends".

      (Thankfully, none of these do that profile picture caption crap)
      This guy has 146
      One guy has 216
      Another has 290
      One more has 407
      I forgot the other peoples, but it's a lot

      I have 7.

    4. Outrageous Videos

      Outrageous Videos

      That river trump guy had 3,000 friends
      I have 0