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  1. Why can't I stop playing this?




    My cousins came over two days ago and stayed for two days. One of them got an iPhone 7+ (what a waste) from our uncle in Finland.


    He doesn't know how to use the iPhone and since I do use an iPhone (sigh) I set him up with basic stuff. Anyway, he wanted a simple game on it. He also used 900 mb of cellular data, leaving less than 100 mb. So, I looked around and found this little thing: 


    Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appsolutegames.minespace


    The screenshots looked promising, and I thought it would make a good alternative to Sky Force. Downloaded it on his new phone, he loaded it up and played.


    I wasn't expecting much, but that bright and beautiful pallete mixes well when things are pixelated, aren't they? And the music is superb. I can't stop humming the song over and over again.


    The day he left, I installed it on my ("my" as in "I use it 90% of the time") iPhone and I can't stop. It's too much fun yet simple. And interestingly, it was made with Gamemaker, and it was featured in the App Store, even though it's not even made by some big company. 


    In fact, I like this better than Sky Force. There's more frantic movement here and the enemies are more "dynamic" and faster whenever they do something.


    I wonder if @Nine Inch Heels would approve this as a great shoot-'em-up/bullet-hell game :P

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Ironically, I have a very hard time passing any judgement on these, mostly because I don't play anything on my phone. That being said, I lack a basis for comparison regarding the medium.


      If I were to point something out then it's probably that small screens don't allow for patterns of a very high density, because you can only see so much, after all. In other words: You probably won't dodge these reliably on a smartphone (Pictures taken in Mushihimesama Arrange training mode):




      So, that being said, if it works fine on a phone, it's probably nicely taylored towards the medium, and at the same time it says something about how shmups are actually a pretty cool and entertaining genre.

    2. DoctorGenesis


      @Nine Inch Heels Yeah I don't play much on my phone either, I think the last phone game I played (and enjoyed for that matter) was Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast. It's actually a pretty solid RPG.