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  1. I finished Strife today!

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    When I found out that I don't have to deal with the scanning crew/team of Acolytes that appear upon breaking the power coupling, I loaded up Strife again. After successfully finishing the power coupling mission, it felt like I just took a breath of fresh of air. All the other missions were much more easier to handle.


    I love how the the levels get more and more difficult, while leading up to the bosses, which were just as cool and well-played. 


    Things that made me go "fuck":

    • Meeting the Templar: When I met this guy and charged, the Templar fired its Mauler and I died right there. I never expected that and assumed they would be my worst nightmare throughout the game. They weren't.
    • The Stalkers: Everytime I see 'em, my mind sets off a bunch of alarms in my head. These things are small and have low health, sure, but they're so damn good at ambushing you. The moment they touch you, you lose health. Keep touching them, and you're dead in seconds. It's like the perfect version of the Pinky. I despise them.
    • Macil's "info" on the Programmer: When I told Macil to lay it on me, I thought there would be more text describing the Programmer and stuff. Instead, I'm greeted with a picture of a cloaked guy ripping off the skin off his face and with eyes that suggests he's crazy. I was genuinely surprised by that. The other images were gruesome too (but not as much).
    • The INQUISITOR: People have said before how they stared in awe as the Cyberdemon appeared, but holy shit, this thing looks a lot more menacing. You can't hide from it very well. It walks, flys over walls, shoots some kind of rocket/grenade-like projectile that instakills (from my experience) and who knows what melee attack it has? Never went near those things. With nothing to lose, I showed no mercy and brought out the Sigil. And still died. A lot. But its death sequence is really enjoyable to watch, to see it flailing around then explode.
    • The Castle takeover: Really fun battle. Rebels beside me, robots and acolytes ahead, my assault gun in my hand. 
    • The Mauler: During my hunt for the Richter, I never thought about getting the Mauler or even trying. So, I ran back to the area where the Warehouse was (pretty far if you think about) and descended into the Warehouse, and kept roaming around inside, looking for it. I spent way too much time in there, but I got my hands on it. Now that felt great.


    I admit I "cheated" two times, one for my blindness, the other for the map's damn puzzle. I didn't notice a switch in the Sewers level (which has this amazing midi) and the other was that final teleporter in the Proving Grounds (damn this map was a pain, and the next map was even more painful), which I had forgotten about. But after that, I'm pretty happy.


    The thing I truly disliked was the ending. I expected some kind of end level, where I would travel back to Town on foot, while seeing various things like the Tarnhill beggars coming outside, the people fighting off the last Acolytes here and there, etc. Instead, I get a slideshow of Strifeguy kissing Blackbird. Anticlimatic for a game, but not for a movie. Talk about the James Bond thing going on :P


    On a sidenote, the Loremaster battle and everything else after it felt rushed to me. Sure, I had to deal with two Inquisitors and lots of Acolytes, but still. The Inquisitors were more fun to battle than the Loremaster. Would've been cool to find out that a Spectre was in control of an Inquisitor-like robot >:D


    Overall, the game was fun, puzzling and challenging. I died countless times, but it was worth it.

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      I like the "(


      I have no idea about strife... So...

    2. Voros



      "If only we could talk to the monsters" -Edge Magazine


      FPS and RPG in one, running on id Tech 1, released in 1996, underrated game.


      You can get it on Steam and GOG.

    3. Dragonfly


      I beat Strife for the first time about 3(?) months ago. Very inspirational game honestly. I feel like I agree regarding the game being rushed at the end - it has a very interesting texture set in this alien area and it's used in what feels like the last 2 - 5% of the game only.