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  1. You know HDoom, right?



    Well, I discovered this WIP game based on GZDoom, called Monster Girl Quest 3D. Apparently the original MGQ games are eroge games. So imagine an eroge game in GZDoom, along with HDoom code. This is that.


    Fun fact: A Boy and His Barrel (whatever Jimmy calls his mod) is supposed to be HDoom compatible in the future, where "Violet" gets replaced with a purple googirl thing with big boobs and gooey hands. That same googirl is in this MGQ3D, and possibly the source for the ABAHB's HDoomified "Violet".

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    2. Voros


      I like finding stuff

    3. KVELLER


      The problem is the kind of stuff you like to find :P

    4. GarrettChan


      For some reason, I like monster girls ;P (oh, come on, I should get a life)