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  1. So I wasn't crazy after all.

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    Long time ago, I loaded up Doom 2 on an EXE I do not remember. And I remember seeing white bars on the first switch of map02.


    a few years later, I've discovered the community and all its awesome content, specifically Brutal Doom and GZDoom. Obviously I was shocked to hear that I can play Doom on modern  systems and with enhancements too. 


    As a test I loaded up GZDoom for the first time, and played till map02. I was using a fresh copy of the IWAD, the one I had before was gone. Upon flicking the first switch, my spidey senses started to tingle. I looked at the switch, and I could feel something was off about it. After taking a peek at the switch locked away by red bars, it hit me. There were white bars.


    I was so confused over this small detail, that I spent a large amount of time roaming around the switch, looking at it at different angles. To this day, I still tell myself that there is something missing here, although I don't waste my tine loitering here anymore.


    Today, I realised that I was correct, and now I'll never see the switch the same way again.


    This kind of confusion also occurred to me with the ending of I Am Legend, where I could've sworn that Will Smith (that's his name IIRC) dies by a grenade, and not drives along unharmed with the two passengers.