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  1. I hate family matters

    (read more I guess)


    I suppose this is an actual blog entry. 


    My father died in February 2016. He left me and my brothers everything in his will. Leaving my mother as a widow. 


    And then this good-for-nothing comes along. Apparently, he helped my father during his time in the hospitals (yes, hospitals). This dipshit (let's just go with this when referencing him) is now "married" to my mother in April this year, apparently. But for a year, they've been together, basically dating. There was no extravagant event or anything for the wedding. Just a piece of paper, some necessary people, all in the middle of the night. 


    This dipshit has no income whatsoever. Not even a damn coin. We have a good income (we have a building and collect rent). The dipshit smokes. He does drugs (or at least, I know he did it once that resulted in him going to jail for overdose or something). He is a parasite, living off our money. The dipshit apparently won over my mother too. I can't believe she's that blind. And I have a feeling, he plans on taking everything we have in future. Not to mention that the dipshit never does anything religious. I don't too, because I find the concept of God and religion hard to believe, but even I know morals. This dipshit is a good example of a shitty human, even if he acts all nice and that crap.


    Under the table, everyone around us is not happy. A man who has nothing, freaking nothing, suddenly coming along for a woman who has a good life and income? Hah. Well, technically, it's me and brother's money, but still same thing.


    The dipshit also hit my mother and my little brother once. My mother and the dipshit almost everyday (literally) argues and fights (verbally). Match made in Heaven? Hah.


    I refuse to stay quiet anymore.


    We are conspiring our plans to get rid of him, but I have to be strong and must speak up our worries. Which I am ready to do, and everyone else, from my relatives in the US to the people associated with us here, will be my support.


    She and the dipshit can leave this place if they decide to stay together, but if they divorce, my mother can come back to us and I can go back to being the guy who doesn't say much and barely goes outside anymore. Or not.


    Things can awry. Let's hope it doesn't.

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    2. Voros


      I'm in the country right next to yours.

    3. MTF Sergeant

      MTF Sergeant

      I understand that. But I should say, even though you are our neighbour, your internal matters are different.


      P.S Sorry for beating you guys on Champion's trophy!

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      Have you tried actually discussing it with your mom? If you're really that afraid that the dumbass will just use her and then discard her, maybe you should try to warn her. She might not see that, really.