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  1. Who needs MUS2MIDI?
    (Read more)

    I just discovered something amazing. I was looking up some console commands on ZDoom Wiki, and several caught my attention. One of them was


    Reading its description, I was a bit confused on exactly what it does.

    So I loaded up GZDoom via D-Touch. I loaded up TNT's map05 along with it.

    In the console, I wrote

    writemidi tnt05

    And nothing that big seemed to happen. The music track on the map just restarted. So I quit the game.

    Looking inside the folder where D-Touch is managed, I found a file called "tnt05" out of nowhere. Renamed it to "tnt05.mid" and opened it via a music player, and it works! The music player was playing the exported midi of TNT's map05!

    The size of the mid file is about 1kb (or less) bigger than the MUS2MIDI converted one I found on Doom Depot's website. I wonder why. We'll see.

    Too bad I can't check out what


    would be like on D-Touch's GZDoom...

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    2. BigDickBzzrak


      Oh wait.

      writeopl [songname] <filename>

      If the currently playing song is a MUS/MIDI song being played through the OPL synth emulation, then you just need to specify the filename. Otherwise, you need to provide the songname (such as D_E1M1) as well. The resulting file can be played with RDOSPlay or AdPlug. If the given filename has a .dro extension, then the DRO v1.0 format will be used, otherwise the data will use the RAW format.

    3. Voros


      Well I just compared an old MUS2MID Freedoom track with a fresh writemidi version just now. Loads better than the MUS2MID version.


      Did the same for TNT05, the writemidi sounds better. The writemidi version has acoustic guitar (steel), viola, overdriven guitar and standard set (drums) as its instruments. The MUS2MIDI version has 2 acoustic guitar (steel), 1 overdriven and 1 standard set drums. Interesting.

    4. Voros


      Another interesting thing. If the track in the WAD is in MUS format, writemidi creates a MIDI in format 0 and for some reason, tracks is always 1, even if there are more than 1 track.